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kevinxb t1_j8e233f wrote

Someone from another street recently decided the center island in my court was their dog's designated poop spot and they don't have to clean it up. So obnoxious.


Rashaverik t1_j8e6pp1 wrote

'Islands' are County property. Let them know who it is anonymously on Tell HoCo.


kevinxb t1_j8e9ijw wrote

We don't know who it is. No one's doorbell cameras are positioned to see the area. Hoping someone eventually sees them in the act and asks them to stop.


Rashaverik t1_j8egt38 wrote

Trail Cameras.

I bought one some years ago for a similar issue. They're way more advanced now with wifi and bluetooth, but you don't need all that tech. They're easy to hide in a tree, just make sure it's on your property or someone you have permission from.


ravens40 t1_j8f1qgr wrote

You know what I can’t understand? The idiots who put their dog shit in a bag but just leaves the bag on the ground.


spuriousfour t1_j8fk2ay wrote

At least it isn't thrown into the woods. There are lots of colorful bags of dog poop in the woods behind my apartment, slightly torn open from getting stuck in branches. I don't like seeing poop hanging from the trees, so in the winter I go out there with latex gloves and collect them all up.

It's sometimes a challenge to dis-entangle the bags caught in thorns without tearing them open. Since some have been hanging out there for weeks, the poop is rancid so if they tear open it smells really bad.


FineWinePaperCup t1_j8fc8h0 wrote

I am not excusing, because it would drive me batty. But in our old neighborhood (not Columbia) our nightly dog walk routine involved passing a poop station, walking down to the water, the turning around and coming back. If my dog pooped once we passed the poop station, my husband would set the bag on the ground/curb to wait for his return. He did always grab it on the way back up.


Ghostnevadies t1_j8fnxpc wrote

I had a lady do this shit once before, dog did its thing in front of my house (not in my yard though) the lady bagged it and left it in front of my house and went on her little walk but forgot to pick that shit up coming back. I was pissed, i thought someone did it on purpose.


FineWinePaperCup t1_j8g1n78 wrote

Please know, I wasn’t defending it. I discussed this with my H many times. And I’m just using the word discuss here so as not to discuss our fights online.


PamperedPotato t1_j8ekwtf wrote

There's a big dog leaving massive turds in my neighborhood & I haven't been able to pinpoint who it is. It's super frustrating, and must be a huge dog judging by the size of them. I'll never understand why people think it's ok to leave poop especially when it's such a large quantity.


maavaa OP t1_j8els1i wrote

Once or twice if they ran out of bags or something and they come back, I get it. But yeah, constantly leaving them is just wrong. I lived in the city for a while and in the building I was at people started letting their dogs shit literally in the hallways and not cleaning it up. It was so disgusting and I ultimately learned and decided it’s a respect thing. People who don’t understand it or are selfish and only care about themselves can’t comprehend that it’s a moral and respectful thing to clean up after themselves

We have a hunch who it is here. There’s one owner who has no control over the dog and lets the dog go on everyone’s front lawns instead of curbing it and it really made my dog territorial so now they’re sworn enemies. One day we saw on our camera the dog got off the leash and ran up to our house and jumped all over the windows and into our flower beds and damaged the shutters and plants. The owner also broke a lantern on our walkway trying to control the dog. Once she got control they just walked away without saying anything to the camera or cleaning the broken items and debris up. Just left it all there. So messed up


DeltA019 t1_j8f6aav wrote

My neighborhood has two dispensers with free poop bags and a dedicated poop bag trash can. People still leave their dog's poop on the ground, and they can't even use the forgotten poop bags excuse. People just suck.


Tattte t1_j8gadld wrote

There’s a woman in our neighborhood with a massive brown dog that we have seen in action before. We were about 100 years away from her, saw her let the dog take a poop in a common area and then walk away. My plan was to say something to her once we were close enough but she saw us when she finally looked up from her phone and slipped in between some homes so we couldn’t. So frustrating because we have tons of kids who play in our neighborhood and I’m sure one of them stepped in it.


Wx_Justin t1_j8dq728 wrote

I can think of a few neighbors that desperately need this


anxiousoryx t1_j8gdgxw wrote

I don’t understand this. I’ve run out of bags before and used a stick or something to mark the spot so I can come back. I’ve also done the tie up the bag and leave it on the edge of the street until we loop around it it’s icy or something and I need my hands. My hubs and I both use the flashlights on our phones at night to make sure the paths are clear of any “evidence”.

But to just let your go on the grass and leave it?? I don’t even let my dogs do that in my yard…

Dog poo and chewing gum do not belong where people walk & play.


AntcuFaalb t1_j8igcu1 wrote

I had to put a huge trail camera on the front of the townhouse I'm renting out because one of the neighbors was just letting their elderly dog shit everywhere, daily, and not picking it up.


Substantial_Job3331 t1_j8fq8t0 wrote

I no longer pick up my dog’s biodegradable poop due to the HoCo bag tax. The reusable bags tend to stink when I then take them to the grocery store. /s