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cornonthekopp t1_j9v7xkx wrote

This would have saved me a lot of stress and tears if they had done this several years ago lol


mysteryweapon t1_j9vc88o wrote

Nice, I was wondering when we would finally start to implement policies that acknowledge things we've known about for 30+ years...


fivefolds t1_j9wnnmf wrote

Frustrating to have kids in middle school and elementary school start at the same time. Makes for some added complexity.


crabbypage t1_j9ygd2l wrote

Originally (like ten years ago) this was supposed to flip the start times, right? Elementary schools going earliest, with high schools starting late?

That would have been good. Older siblings could have helped with younger kids, then gotten themselves to school.

But no, that would make too much sense. Let’s just slide every start time back.

Starting elementary schools at 9:15 is a giant middle finger to working parents. This county loves to proudly wear “PROGRESSIVE” on their shirts while quietly screwing over anyone who’s not a country club member with a main nanny and a spare nanny on call.

Make sure you have child care for random Wednesdays and half Fridays, but that federal holiday you have off? Your kids will be going to school that day because we don’t agree with that holiday. We hope your child care budget can handle our principled stand.

Have “Dr.” Martirano and the BOE set aside money to pay for before care for parents who need to be at work by 9? Does this county want to actually be progressive or just keep wearing the T-shirts?


i_live_in_maryland t1_j9ysuin wrote

I don't disagree with you, but I also want to point out that HoCo already has elementary schools that start at 9:15. (And, yes, it is a giant middle finger to working parents.)


christian-mann t1_j9yttoj wrote

When I saw this headline I was excited but now I'm just astounded.

High school started at 7:20?? Mine started at 7:50 and they recently changed it to start at 9, putting it later than the elementary school so that teenagers can actually sleep.

This is an improvement from HoCo I guess but they could go much further


justify_k t1_j9wp2d7 wrote

I am very happy about these changes. More sleep for teens and pre-teens is a very good thing. 👍🏻