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Traditional_Ad7474 t1_jdeej18 wrote

I’ve been a pharmacist in CT for almost 30 years and I have always done my best to help people. I’ve spent time collecting syringes from parking lots of stores and facilities I’ve worked in because I don’t want anyone to have an accidental needle stick. (Many times on my own time) I’ve collected used syringes at work from “drug users” and never judged. I’ve tried to educate. A safe site like this isn’t JUST about a physical location to inject drugs. It’s also about educating people and keeping the community safe. If having safe sites leads to even 1 accidental needle stick being prevented it’s worth it. Please imagine a little kid in sandals who perhaps gets stuck in the foot while walking in the Chucky Cheese parking lot (I’ve seen needles in real life is this exact location). Imagine infection or disease results??? By promoting safe use and disposal without stigma we can decrease accidental sticks, help the environment, reduce overdose, and help heal the community. Maybe I’m just trying to say that safe sites offer more than just a place to “get high”.


Adventurous-Aide664 t1_jdfc2bb wrote

Thank you for your informed and considerate response. A lot of people in this sub can't get past their emotional response to the subject to see the logic in this.


Justagreewithme t1_jdgepze wrote

Why don’t we worry about non-drug users first. Why can’t I get syringes for the medicine I was prescribed, while we are setting out tables for drug abusers. Both my wife and I have had issues where we are given our medicine, but not the syringe to take the medicine.


bluethread32 t1_jdhg3in wrote

Our healthcare system is broken.

Helping one set of people does not diminish the need to help another.


ParkingHelpful2690 t1_jdjnztf wrote

Open Injection sites have an extremely low rate of rehabilitation. Using drugs isn’t healthcare.


bluethread32 t1_jdjpvy2 wrote

They prevent death, and disease. That's healthcare.

Source for the low rehab rate?


Viligans t1_jdga3tf wrote

Assuming they work like they have in other areas (which I believe they will), some possible impacts:

Health system: Fewer emergency calls & OD responses, meaning fewer people using ambulances & ER beds.

Finances: Save folks from the bills for emergency treatment (or reduce the state's burden if they're on state aid). Lack of hospitalization also cuts down on their sick time use and/or stops them from getting fired for missing work, helping their financial stability.

Personal health: Fewer ODs = more people alive, less scattered needles, fewer needle-transmitted diseases, greater access to resources to get clean.

Ethics: Regardless of your stance on drug use, someone who's using is gonna use. If these places stops some overdoses, it saves whoever would've found their body from having that trauma or discomfort burned into their brain.


All in all...not a bad idea to explore.


Soup5665 t1_jdhjxvl wrote

I lost someone close to me to an OD that would be alive today if they were at an injection site.

That being said, is this the route we want to go down? Heroin use isn’t a “trend” that’s going to “phase out”. All the statistics and maps prove that use is on the rise.

Could very well be your kids at an injection site. Take the money for this and put it towards prevention/rehabs/education/methadone. We should get high schoolers to volunteer at rehabs and outreach programs so they can get a glimpse of what happens. Just my two cents.


drollchair t1_jde8pof wrote

Meanwhile Hamden schools have to start earlier because they don’t have enough bus drivers. Couldn’t we pay bus drivers more money to attract people to the work instead of helping people get doped up? I get harm reduction and saving lives, but I can’t be the only one conflicted about this.


lazy-but-talented t1_jdekieh wrote

while we're expanding the scope of the issue just start taxing churches and you could have recovering addict bus drivers making $30/hr transporting your kids in a gold Mercedes


Jawaka99 t1_jdeyijt wrote

Or not fund abortions for people from other states


lazy-but-talented t1_jdhoqc7 wrote

i don't think all defunding all 10 people that may apply to would save our state


Luis__FIGO t1_jdib83n wrote

you should be mad at First Student (the school bus company), they're a terrible company who overcharge tax payers and under pay their employees.


obsoletevernacular9 t1_jdix3kw wrote

Where are they proposing putting them ? I'm guessing in the cities?


cool_zu t1_jdhx4zy wrote

While I think this is good option, I cannot stop to think how differently we treated the Crack epidemic compared to the Opioid epidemic. For crack users the best option we put forward was long harsh prison sentences. I wonder what the difference is.......but we all know.


ParkingHelpful2690 t1_jdjns84 wrote

the prison to crack pipeline isn’t really comparable to the hundreds of thousands of people who have died from opioid use.


cool_zu t1_jdjw54j wrote

Maybe they need longer jail sentences for opioids. We can make excuses but treatment was not really a big thing with crack. Also gun violence associated with crack killed thousands too.


houle333 t1_jdddoww wrote

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that when people say

"we need to find creative solutions to the housing shortage which has been caused by new yorkers fleeing the shthole that NYC has been morphing into"

they didn't mean

"follow the NYC playbook".


ThatsALotOfOranges t1_jde2bru wrote

If you don't like safe injection sites you're welcome to not use them. But they're one of the most effective policies for reducing overdose deaths, as well as helping stop the spread of diseases like HIV.


[deleted] t1_jdexnjm wrote



Badgercakes7 t1_jdhm43g wrote

By extending the problem do you mean extending the lives of people who would otherwise die from overdose? Cause it sounds like your solution is to simply let people die preventable deaths.


1234nameuser t1_jddmzwx wrote

We're still in record budget years.

Wait untill next budget accounts for the stock market crash / credit crunch and we're surprisingly in deficit territory.


2PlenTiful4U t1_jddn0vq wrote

Sounds about right.

Donkeys do dumb shit.

It's Axiomatic.


1b1situacion t1_jdews9t wrote

Thank God I just moved out of CT. Beyond embarrassing it’s copy catting anything being done out of NYC


Badgercakes7 t1_jdhmarl wrote

Good riddance. Why bother visiting our subreddit then if you don’t live here and have such strong negative emotions about it?