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drollchair t1_jde8pof wrote

Meanwhile Hamden schools have to start earlier because they don’t have enough bus drivers. Couldn’t we pay bus drivers more money to attract people to the work instead of helping people get doped up? I get harm reduction and saving lives, but I can’t be the only one conflicted about this.


lazy-but-talented t1_jdekieh wrote

while we're expanding the scope of the issue just start taxing churches and you could have recovering addict bus drivers making $30/hr transporting your kids in a gold Mercedes


Jawaka99 t1_jdeyijt wrote

Or not fund abortions for people from other states


lazy-but-talented t1_jdhoqc7 wrote

i don't think all defunding all 10 people that may apply to would save our state


Luis__FIGO t1_jdib83n wrote

you should be mad at First Student (the school bus company), they're a terrible company who overcharge tax payers and under pay their employees.