Submitted by Whole_Environmental t3_123228t in Connecticut

I’ve always been fascinated by the old school coffee house environment, especially those in the 60s and 70s: talking about art, philosophy, and the general mixing that occurred. I don’t know about any place like that existing today.

Ive been to some coffee houses, but there’s only really been old people, which is nice, but I want to meet likeminded individuals my age.

For context I’m 18, does anyone know about cool hangout spots similar to that in which I’m describing?



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PangolinPizzaParty t1_jdt1pxh wrote



Whole_Environmental OP t1_jdtv4qc wrote

I’m in college right now and there really isn’t much of a free exchange of ideas. Almost everyone kind of thinks the same way


Badgercakes7 t1_jdxouk1 wrote

Sounds like you’re looking for an exchange of a specific kind of ideas. Not very free thinking of you


silasmoeckel t1_jdsuvq6 wrote

Maker spaces could be a fit but different ones can have vastly different age groups.


Whole_Environmental OP t1_jdtupam wrote

Ill look into it. I’ve been trying to find events and clubs related to my interests


asspirate420 t1_jdy87k0 wrote

So you are asking for places and events that relate to your interests without stating your interests?

I’ll assume you like getting fucked in the ass and mouth eiffel tower style from two homeless unhoused men in desperate need of warm water and soap, in which case i would suggest a parking garage off the green past 2:14 AM on weekdays monday to wednesday


Whole_Environmental OP t1_jdyuqly wrote

I didn’t ask for places or events directly related to my interests, try re-reading it and paying closer attention. Are you married and do you have children?


asspirate420 t1_je0kjgw wrote

yes, to your mother

hello son get your ass inside it’s time for your daily belt whipping


Gil_V t1_jdt1sv8 wrote

Why throw shade on us old folks? Did we yell at you to get off our lawn one time too many?



Strong_Suit_ t1_jdsxpjm wrote

I’m Moving to CT Middletown and I have a project like this to open ….


haddamhussein t1_je0168p wrote

The coffee shop Klekolo in Middletown kinda has this vibe sometimes when I visit. Little more on the older side tho


Strong_Suit_ t1_je37fjj wrote

Some interesting to gather some ideas . But I think we need something that make us feel alive again .


sicknaban8 t1_jdtctus wrote

You are literally exchanging ideas. Currently. As in, like, your idea now has been exchanged.