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B6304T4 t1_jd68z83 wrote

Used to work at home depot in college. The amount of times someone would order a pallet of concrete and show up with a garden trailer or a Tacoma or an suv was insane. Id turn the forklift around and tell them to figure it out. But there was one guy that I will never forget who I made an exception for. Guy had a second gen prius. He was a one man show flooring guy. Tiles, hard wood, you name it. I came out with a full pallet of lvp which is about 2k lbs and see his car. I tell him to rent a truck or come back with something else and he waves me over. This dude had modified the car and outfitted it with overload springs from a quarter ton pickup front end, and modified the trunk lift gate to open 90 degrees. I said hell why not. Dropped the pallet half way in, and pushed it and slid it into his prius. Fit damn near perfectly and with the payload the car sat barely lower than stock. Dude would roll through several times a month and he was the only guy I never turned away. Always makes me laugh and I always wonder if his "truck" is still chugging along.


pastafaz t1_jd6lstf wrote

Guy wouldn’t have a chance in a wreck. And the brakes aren’t made for that weight either.


WhittlingDan t1_jd6t6vz wrote

I had a regular car tire on a rim in my trunk and hit a tree head on. When I retained consciousness the tire was on my passenger side seat.. Sort of. I climbed out and ran away as there was smoke. The tire broke the headrest and the seat and cracked the dashboard and wedged itself between the floor and seat. Its a bit blurry but I remember clearly seeing how close to death I was and the friend I just dropped off having been even closer.

Stuff in hour trunk can kill you.


ThePermafrost t1_jd7hduz wrote

I had the nearly the exact same experience with my Gen 2 Prius at the HomeDepot in Manchester. I ordered a pallet of flooring, the forklift operator brought the pallet outside and saw my Prius, and then refused to load it. So I took a case of flooring one at a time off the pallet, and filled up the entire car with it. The forklift operate just stared in disbelief as the Prius absorbed an entire pallet of flooring. Then I drove on I84 just fine.


B6304T4 t1_jd86bn4 wrote

Its remarkably comical how well a whole pallet fits perfectly.


CaptServo t1_jd65d5g wrote

They should put this picture on the van or truck you can rent from them.


NahImGoodThankYouTho t1_jd7qob6 wrote

They should also have more than one truck available to rent and some kind of reservation system.


Observant_Neighbor t1_jd5vvlu wrote

two weeks ago I saw a brand new refrigerator fall off the pack of a pick up on 95 in milford. Looks like those folks have friends!


NATO1092 OP t1_jd5zhuf wrote

Guess the pick up wasn't available today


Soliden t1_jd653no wrote

Pretty sure they could have rented a pickup for the day for like $50, but then you wouldn't get a photo like this, would you?


gromit266 t1_jd5l2ah wrote

Jesus... Did you stick around for the "After" photo?


NATO1092 OP t1_jd5lajf wrote

That video is going up for auction later tonight


pgm_01 t1_jd65ezz wrote

U Haul is really cheap and you can find rentals all over the place.


AConnecticutMan t1_jd6qs1x wrote

Wait, do they not have rear glass? Where is the rest of that box that's laying on the trunk?


[deleted] t1_jd784x0 wrote

Spend $50 to rent a truck to transport / risk many thousands of dollars of damage to my primary vehicle…decisions, decisions.


behaved t1_jd79o7c wrote



GonzMed420 t1_jd7c5tc wrote

These are the same people that go into the car dealership and complain about why their cars have problems. Lmao. UHHH ma'am we have a picture of you loading it past its recommended cargo capacity, which is like a carton of milk. But you have enough material loaded to finish Trump's wall. Lol.


PauseAmbitious6899 t1_jd8eus7 wrote

Saw some shit like this everyday at Obi in Poland.

It was like being in the land of “there I fixed it”.


WengFu t1_jd6t6cl wrote

Can afford rims but not delivery fees.


Avarice21 t1_jd71onc wrote

Jesus just rent a uhaul or something


brando294 t1_jd7c8x1 wrote

Folks will do anything to avoid the delivery fee


Maximum_Acanthaceae6 t1_jd7fm0b wrote

I work LP so I figured these ppl just stole all this stuff and then couldn’t figure out how to get all of it into their car when they got outside. But then I realized this is just CT


guesthost1999 t1_jd7ghm5 wrote

Handicap spot to boot. Wonder if they are on any kind of workers' comp


Ziggy1433 t1_jd7h7am wrote

I wonder what their handicap is?


Idek_h0w t1_jd7i79h wrote

And handicapped?!!


GetHyped85 t1_jd7jhau wrote

As long as they paid for it, thats a lot better than some people...


littleA1xo t1_jd7si7u wrote

just sitting in the home depot parking lot and watching people try to fit large purchases into their car is pretty entertaining


marxianthings t1_jd855x7 wrote

Kudos to this person for not buying an SUV.


ryandva t1_jd93vnc wrote

Nothing screams secure anchor point like the wheel well


Ancient_Elderberry13 t1_jd9aw4n wrote

I drove tractor Trailer for a while and I had it out with the employee where I was delivering who was going to let this older woman (75ish) drive away with a full pallet of mulch w/o straps in her f150. It was squatted. But that's not the worst part. If you know anything about pallets of mulch they tend to be significantly higher than a regular pallet making them VERY top heavy and they are only plastic wrapped together. BIG PROPS to you my friend.


TheDudeMaintains t1_jdahbkm wrote

I did this once. Coulda put a charcoal briquette in my ass and made a diamond, but I drove carefully and made it 2 towns over without incident.


burnout524 t1_jda9apf wrote

I used to work in receiving at Sears and this sort of shit would happen all the time. I’m sure one of my old coworkers still has a pic of the Prius with a new full sized washer and dryer loaded “in”/on it. I also remember the idiot who took his wife’s Infiniti to pick up his new Craftsman tool box, while his 3500 dually truck was parked at home.


goofy_grape62 t1_jdamfu4 wrote

A future installment of Idiots in Cars?


rysimpcrz t1_jd5o9o6 wrote

Aside from the obvious ct license plate, there's no other valid info here.