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Badgercakes7 t1_je90gcs wrote

Seriously this is 6 grand a year. That’s a fraction of what we would pay if they DO wind up recidivating. This is money well spent if it keeps any amount of people from having to go back to criminal acts to survive.


1234nameuser t1_je9a5x8 wrote

"Criminal acts to survive"

Are we still talking about US here? Nobody has to crime to survive in this country.

edit: people seriously expect those living in poverty to commit crimes? you people lack respect for those trying to climb the ladder in areas of concentrated poverty


Unfair_Isopod534 t1_je9jk9d wrote

Would you hire people with criminal record? Would your job,if u have one, hire people with criminal record?


1234nameuser t1_jea3nav wrote

If you're proposing pilot programs in which we pay / offer tax credits to companies that employ them,

then yes, I agree that sounds like a more effective option.


Unfair_Isopod534 t1_jea3wbe wrote

That's not what I said. I asked you if you or the place you work at would hire criminals?


Downtown_Feedback665 t1_jea0uy8 wrote

You have clearly never been in enough poverty to do something you’re not proud of. Everyone that has been there knows.