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b33r_engineer t1_je2dvvo wrote

He appears to be Catholic, based on the “pray the rosary” sticker.

I wonder if he would be offended if he were asked how many molesting priests he’s hunted down?


CTNotPC t1_je2j39e wrote

You can be catholic and be opposed to pedo criminals. I havent been to church in decades but still pray the rosary, im pro choice, and hate pedos.


Mascbro26 t1_je4nt87 wrote

Yup, you sound like you're from CT and not this lunatic from TX.


jtherese t1_je2tyv8 wrote

Idk why people are obsessed with the false idea that if you are Catholic because you believe that Jesus is the Eucharist that also means you condone the sins of everyone who also calls themselves Catholic. Besides, by and large CPS/DCFS and even public schools have more significant rates of sexual assault and misconduct, yet no one accuses people who send their kids to public school of willful neglect or of turning a blind eye to the way these corporations can harbor and even enable predators. I know you’re making a joke but grossly oversimplifying things to assert one’s moral superiority just gets… old.


DummyBill t1_je3e7cm wrote

if you donate to the church you are donating to cover its attorneys fees to defend against suits by victims and funding their lobbying efforts—including to roll back the statute of limitations for child abuse suits (which they were trying to do here in CT just a few years ago…if not more recently)


NoHopeOnlyDeath t1_je4dalq wrote

If you're a Catholic in good standing, you tithe 10% of your income to the church.

That means that 10% of your income directly supports an enterprise that condones and covers up child abuse.

You have no moral ground to stand on here.

Edit- I feel for the ethical plight of good people who worship Yahweh, but at some point, the institution is no longer what it was meant to be.

Would the Christ who flipped the tables and chased out the moneylenders stand by for the abuse of the helpless?


GlamorousBunchberry t1_je3449m wrote

Hard to be Catholic and anti-Pope…


jtherese t1_je35f41 wrote

There are more than enough Catholics who don’t agree with the incumbent pope and there always have been - including canonized saints like St Teresa of Avila and St Catherine of Siena - both of whom chastised popes in their lifetime for misconduct or neglect of duties.


mattibbals t1_je2ig40 wrote

Honestly, it makes me suspect that the driver is a pedo. I mean, what else would possess someone to virtue signal so strongly?

For instance, It’s always the most anti gay evangelical preachers and politicians who are caught tapping their foot in the public bathroom at a truck stop.


realnrh t1_je2y5gp wrote

What virtue signal? The driver of that truck is proudly declaring that he is a pedophile who is also a hunter.


mattibbals t1_je59nu7 wrote

Could be a cop who works on those types of crimes perhaps? Like their job is literally to hunt down child molesters.


Darkling5499 t1_je31xi2 wrote

By that logic, the most vocally pro-LGBTQ people are transphobes / homophobes.


BankshotMcG t1_je38ezs wrote

Nah, no transitive property on proudly proclaiming what you are vs. loudly denying you could be. See the landmark case of He Who Smelt It Dealt It.


Dingareth t1_je2dquk wrote

Person who owns the truck in the picture: "I'm so tired of people asking me my stance on murder, so I bought a big sticker to make sure that wherever I drive, everyone knows that I want to murder people so bad!"

/u/timmahfast: "How do you know they want to murder people, have you had a conversation with them?"


timmahfast t1_je2einv wrote

They said "Pedophile Hunter." Google the definition of hunt on Google. They're literally saying they want to kill pedophiles. Couldn't be any clearer.


Dingareth t1_je2f1ne wrote

> If you went and had a conversation with the person then you'd know for sure. But right now you're doing nothing other than making assumptions.



timmahfast t1_je2fgs4 wrote

Are you okay? Did I upset you somehow?


Neither-Touch-7753 t1_je2goea wrote

I mean there’s a decal of a dude about to execute someone so perhaps we can make a few reasonable assumptions?


CallMeSkii t1_je2e65f wrote

Pretty ironic having the "pray the rosary" sticker right next to it given the catholic church shields all their pedophiles.


SirSteg t1_je34qmn wrote



DGJellyfish t1_je2o2l4 wrote

These always make me think they are compensating for something.


thegreatterrible t1_je2xf5g wrote

Yeah, it’s a weird and tacky sticker, but me and my unresolved trauma are ok with the sentiment.


LiamBrad5 t1_je2yc0d wrote

There’s nothing wrong with this sticker or hating pedophiles but it’s too edgy for me to not see it as a red flag


polyworfism t1_je3fvdw wrote

No, it's a massive red flag in every sense. It's a movement that thinks that drag queens are pedophiles, instead of, you know, the priests and Republicans that keep getting arrested for pedophilia


HectorSharpPruners t1_je4h7y3 wrote

Most Catholic’s I know are Democrat. But a pedo is a pedo is a pedo. Why change the definition? If you’re an adult who is sexually attracted to children you are a pedo.


wango55 t1_je3g65a wrote

I would agree with their stance on pedos but I just can’t take it seriously when the sticker is so crookedly applied.


iCUman t1_je4a7iq wrote

I don't know what we can do to make our state less appealing to Texans, but I consider it a legislative priority.


tantrumbicycle t1_je2sni8 wrote

Do you suppose he had the Pedo Hunter decal custom made, or is that something generally available. What in the actual hell.


polyworfism t1_je3fqfi wrote

It's widely available. The whole movement was started by QAnon which, spoiler alert, was >!founded by pedophiles!<


Content-Bathroom-434 t1_je2y2nk wrote

I hate pedophiles, but I also hate pedophile hunters. They do it all for clout and break rules in the process making it difficult for authorities to properly bring someone to justice in our legal system.


Shad0wF0x t1_je39cev wrote

So other than the stickers what's up with the amount of Texas (usually paper) license plates on the road?


NoHopeOnlyDeath t1_je59zaf wrote

I believe Texas is one of the loophole states where you can get temporary plates online. People use it to get around CT's ridiculous DMV prices.


CatSusk t1_je3ayu1 wrote

I saw a guy at my gym wearing a t shirt saying that with similar graphics


PeloquinsHunger t1_je3563f wrote

Fuck, what a total badass. You better watch out.


[deleted] t1_je46oh3 wrote

His “pedophile” sticker is crooked


sunlight_terrace t1_je33gzg wrote

Wait where? I live out here and haven’t seen that one yet haha. Fucking slightly trashy


MyDogIsACoolCat t1_je533q5 wrote

He said with a CATHOLIC CHURCH STICKER on his back windshield. Fucking lol.


BankshotMcG t1_je380d6 wrote

When I pray the Rosary, is it considered gauche to ask the Virgin mary to guide my sites to true aim for the pedophile target?

Also, how many beads should I devote to landmarks that fill the ER symbols in my bumper sticker?


apraetor t1_je3gotv wrote

Looks like they need a NAMBLA bumper sticker to complete their look.


NoHopeOnlyDeath t1_je4dhkm wrote

Hopefully this true patriot took his Texas plates and continued his hunt for pedophiles in another state. What an idiot.


UniqueCartel t1_je4tln9 wrote

Oh good. Now the children are safe /s


SonnyNYC t1_je6h4eg wrote

Is it possible to use your vehicle to get from point A to point B without making a statement?

So instead of hearing how the kids day was, I need to explain what a sick pedo is and how the brave man in front of us spends his time dreaming of how he wants to commit a murder.


Neowwwwww t1_je2s6xl wrote

Must be on the trail, tracked them all the way here from Texas


oodja t1_je32z76 wrote

I guess his CT Terrorist Hunting Permit must have expired.


fuzzy610 t1_je4jk5l wrote

Good cover for a pedophile


sgtpepper220 t1_je4tlqm wrote

This dude definitely likes em young


CTLFCFan t1_je5lu1l wrote

Stay classy, GOP.


gamerongames t1_je2oxu5 wrote

He got a go fund me ? Lol


lublinj2 t1_je394zw wrote

There should be more people like the owner of this glorious Ford. If there were, less kids would go through the trauma of inappropriate sexual interaction. Anyone who looks at this different is flat out incorrect and should keep their opinions to themselves.


bdy435 t1_je58fsl wrote

If a kid wants to avoid inappropriate sexual interaction, statistics say he should avoid churches and boy scout groups.


lublinj2 t1_je58w1o wrote

Take a second, breathe in and pause to reflect on what you just said. “If a kid wants to avoid inappropriate sexual interaction.” Do you know any humans, infants, teens, children, adults, senior, etc, who would welcome inappropriate sexual contact towards them? The answer is NO, CLEARLY NOT. Now that you realized how god awfully stupid of a comment that is, let’s move on with ridding of pedos

Jesus Christ


bdy435 t1_je5bnjt wrote

> Do you know any humans, infants, teens, children, adults, senior, etc, who would welcome inappropriate sexual contact towards them? The answer is NO, CLEARLY NOT.

That statement does not invalidate my statement. Try again.


lublinj2 t1_je5bvp1 wrote

You’re statement has been made without a lick of brains. Statistics show if pedos are locked up, or dead, they can’t molest children or anyone. Get a clue.


bdy435 t1_je5c5wr wrote

Were you home schooled?


lublinj2 t1_je5ccfk wrote

Certainly not I have 2 degrees from state Schools. Also know a handful of people from family to acquaintances who have had the misfortune of situations like these. Perps have led to ruined lives and they deserve a bullet. End of story


timmahfast t1_je20ifu wrote

Are you offended by someone saying they want to kill pedophiles?


HectorsMascara t1_je2cu0l wrote

Hunt and execute without trial? For sure.

Simulate the execution on your car for some reason? You betcha.

While claiming to love God and liberty. Meh, par for the conservative course.


Badgercakes7 t1_je2ay8t wrote

Given that the conservative crowd has spent the last several years painting the entirety of the LGBTQ crowd as pedophiles/groomers, ya I’d say that’s problematic.

Not to mention I can’t possibly see how allowing people to murder others without due process could possibly have negative consequences. Nope, never heard of the Salem witch trials.


timmahfast t1_je2c90s wrote

I supposed it depends who this person would consider a pedophile. I don't associate LGBTQ with pedophiles. Maybe this person does. We wouldn't know without having a conversation with them.


Badgercakes7 t1_je2hlh8 wrote

Or you know, don’t call for the extrajudicial murder of any group no matter what? Let our legal system do it’s job?


jtherese t1_je2uk9y wrote

I understand this sentiment but whatever side of the political spectrum you are on sexual predators of every kind are grossly under-sentenced even in very public cases. I don’t support the extrajudicial murder of almost anyone - but that opinion has nothing to do with believing that our legal system will deliver them to justice and I would never encourage someone else to believe that either.


Badgercakes7 t1_je2x1us wrote

Do you have any stats to back up what you are saying, because “grossly under sentenced” is a pretty vague statement.

Regardless though, your alternative is, rather than change the laws to create stricter sentencing for sexual assault, is to empower random people to murder people in the streets, without a trial by jury?


jtherese t1_je2xci9 wrote

Bro literally read my comment. I said I do not condone “the extrajudicial murder of almost anyone”. Also have you ever watched the news ever in your life? Or known someone who has been sexually assaulted? Give me a fucking break. Do a simple Google search if you can actually read.


Badgercakes7 t1_je2yw4k wrote

Ya that “almost” is doing some REAL heavy lifting in that sentence.

And let’s say you’re right, that sexual assault is under sentenced. Fine. What is your plan? Because you are commenting here in support of someone with a “pedophile Hunter” sticker.

Do a simple google search yourself on how often vigilante / mob violence targets innocent people, often members of marginalized groups. Research the Salem witch trials. Hell, research Germany in the late 30s. Can you really not see why people might be hugely concerned by people claiming all members of the LGBTQ community, not to mention all liberals who support them, are groomers/pedophiles in one breath and calling for the murder of pedophiles in the next?


jtherese t1_je34fjt wrote

Again learn how to fucking read. I was replying to your comment and how relying on our corrupt legal system is not a sufficient argument against vigilante justice. You’re literally attacking me for no reason.


Badgercakes7 t1_je36h9c wrote

I never said relying on our legal system is the argument against murdering people in the streets, I’m saying it is the alternative. The argument against murdering people in the streets should be self evident to anyone who is not a violent sociopath.


British_Rover OP t1_je27ukp wrote

I am assuming this is some QAnon bullshit.

The signs point to it and I think everyone should be concerned about that.


timmahfast t1_je29exi wrote

If you went and had a conversation with the person then you'd know for sure. But right now you're doing nothing other than making assumptions.


grayson_greyman t1_je2ch1d wrote

OP’s just mad because they see the truck everywhere they go and the owner is walking around behind them dressed like Elmer Fudd.

Seriously though, we can all agree… it doesn’t matter if you’re fringe right or left, kiddie diddlers are bad.

Go ahead and park that truck outside <insert diddler haven> and see who doesn’t show up for work that day…


Gloomy-Guide6515 t1_je2i3qo wrote

Strangely, murdering defenseless people is wrong and illegal, even if they are bad. Advertising your desire to track and slaughter those people isn’t illegal but it’s still disgusting.

As wrong as this may seem, life isn’t a video game.


[deleted] t1_je2i9ps wrote



Badgercakes7 t1_je2pie0 wrote

They aren’t being downvoted for being “anti-pedo” they’re being downvoted for being pro-murder. We have a criminal Justice system in this country, with is basis in “innocent until proven guilty” for a reason. If you can PROVE someone has committed sexual assault of a minor, by all means arrest them. But there’s a really good reason why vigilante “justice” is illegal; it is just as likely to hurt an innocent person as a guilty one. Read about the Salem witch trials if you want a geographically close example.


[deleted] t1_je32iam wrote



Badgercakes7 t1_je35vlh wrote

Look at the post you’re commenting on again and reread that sticker. I’ll wait.