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grayson_greyman t1_je2ch1d wrote

Reply to comment by timmahfast in Spotted in New Milford by British_Rover

OP’s just mad because they see the truck everywhere they go and the owner is walking around behind them dressed like Elmer Fudd.

Seriously though, we can all agree… it doesn’t matter if you’re fringe right or left, kiddie diddlers are bad.

Go ahead and park that truck outside <insert diddler haven> and see who doesn’t show up for work that day…


Gloomy-Guide6515 t1_je2i3qo wrote

Strangely, murdering defenseless people is wrong and illegal, even if they are bad. Advertising your desire to track and slaughter those people isn’t illegal but it’s still disgusting.

As wrong as this may seem, life isn’t a video game.


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Badgercakes7 t1_je2pie0 wrote

They aren’t being downvoted for being “anti-pedo” they’re being downvoted for being pro-murder. We have a criminal Justice system in this country, with is basis in “innocent until proven guilty” for a reason. If you can PROVE someone has committed sexual assault of a minor, by all means arrest them. But there’s a really good reason why vigilante “justice” is illegal; it is just as likely to hurt an innocent person as a guilty one. Read about the Salem witch trials if you want a geographically close example.


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Look at the post you’re commenting on again and reread that sticker. I’ll wait.