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jtherese t1_je2tyv8 wrote

Idk why people are obsessed with the false idea that if you are Catholic because you believe that Jesus is the Eucharist that also means you condone the sins of everyone who also calls themselves Catholic. Besides, by and large CPS/DCFS and even public schools have more significant rates of sexual assault and misconduct, yet no one accuses people who send their kids to public school of willful neglect or of turning a blind eye to the way these corporations can harbor and even enable predators. I know you’re making a joke but grossly oversimplifying things to assert one’s moral superiority just gets… old.


DummyBill t1_je3e7cm wrote

if you donate to the church you are donating to cover its attorneys fees to defend against suits by victims and funding their lobbying efforts—including to roll back the statute of limitations for child abuse suits (which they were trying to do here in CT just a few years ago…if not more recently)


NoHopeOnlyDeath t1_je4dalq wrote

If you're a Catholic in good standing, you tithe 10% of your income to the church.

That means that 10% of your income directly supports an enterprise that condones and covers up child abuse.

You have no moral ground to stand on here.

Edit- I feel for the ethical plight of good people who worship Yahweh, but at some point, the institution is no longer what it was meant to be.

Would the Christ who flipped the tables and chased out the moneylenders stand by for the abuse of the helpless?


GlamorousBunchberry t1_je3449m wrote

Hard to be Catholic and anti-Pope…


jtherese t1_je35f41 wrote

There are more than enough Catholics who don’t agree with the incumbent pope and there always have been - including canonized saints like St Teresa of Avila and St Catherine of Siena - both of whom chastised popes in their lifetime for misconduct or neglect of duties.