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jtherese t1_je2xci9 wrote

Bro literally read my comment. I said I do not condone “the extrajudicial murder of almost anyone”. Also have you ever watched the news ever in your life? Or known someone who has been sexually assaulted? Give me a fucking break. Do a simple Google search if you can actually read.


Badgercakes7 t1_je2yw4k wrote

Ya that “almost” is doing some REAL heavy lifting in that sentence.

And let’s say you’re right, that sexual assault is under sentenced. Fine. What is your plan? Because you are commenting here in support of someone with a “pedophile Hunter” sticker.

Do a simple google search yourself on how often vigilante / mob violence targets innocent people, often members of marginalized groups. Research the Salem witch trials. Hell, research Germany in the late 30s. Can you really not see why people might be hugely concerned by people claiming all members of the LGBTQ community, not to mention all liberals who support them, are groomers/pedophiles in one breath and calling for the murder of pedophiles in the next?


jtherese t1_je34fjt wrote

Again learn how to fucking read. I was replying to your comment and how relying on our corrupt legal system is not a sufficient argument against vigilante justice. You’re literally attacking me for no reason.


Badgercakes7 t1_je36h9c wrote

I never said relying on our legal system is the argument against murdering people in the streets, I’m saying it is the alternative. The argument against murdering people in the streets should be self evident to anyone who is not a violent sociopath.