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Kolzig33189 t1_je1bxb7 wrote

As someone who worked in HH until 2017, there isn’t enough parking right near the hospital to support the massive amount of staff such a huge complex requires, as well as patients/visitors. Several times when I would go into the hospital as a civilian to visit someone, I would have to park maybe 9-10 blocks away. That’s fine for me, but many people can’t do that (patients/people coming in for treatment) or don’t feel safe walking 10 blocks through Hartford at night. And those times weren’t even peak hours.

The whole premise of your argument is wrong. I can’t tell you how many patients I had complained that they either had to sit and wait for someone to leave and hope they got to the spot first or had to walk a half mile or more.


bomgd3 OP t1_je1eee0 wrote

$47M is over $20,000 per employee

Hypothetically: What if they gave each employee $5000 but then charged each employee $200/month to park on site, or the employees could park for free or nominal cost at a more distant lot served by a shuttle?

The congestion going to and from the hospital is already insane. Hartford needs more modern, thoughtful transportation solutions.


Kolzig33189 t1_je1gpe0 wrote

So once again, why is that HH responsibility to fix what the legislature of Hartford can’t do? You already failed to answer that when I asked before on why it’s HH’s responsibility to grow fresh fruit for the towns populace among other things you mentioned.

Your laughable solution is only geared towards the employees. Wouldn’t do anything about visitors and patients who also need a massive amount of parking spots.

Not to mention how does charging employees to park out of an extra stipend solve the perceived problem you have of there’s too much parking? Nearly all employees will still continue to commute because lack of buses (especially for 2nd and 3rd shifters) or the convenience of having a car where you can do other errands after work, not waiting for a late bus, etc. You clearly haven’t thought any of this through other than being very passionate about it.

Edit: just read on another post you claim to have went to UConn med…come on man, based on your illogical responses you’ve given to everyone and lack of even the slightest common sense, that’s really hard to believe. Also that a doc would have no problem with making kids on crutches, coming in for various treatments, or temporarily disabled people having to walk half a mile to get to the hospital. Bringing a child to the hospital or even routine treatment is stressful enough; the last thing those parents need is to fight for a parking spot or walk a far distance on the street. That’s a big F You to patients.