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kne_1987 t1_jefxp3i wrote

love it. hurry up. support this across the board but especially medically- there are a lot of people with various PTSD scenarios who may be averse to various pharmaceutical options that a controlled setting and dose or series could really help ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ


pond_minnow t1_jeg8y9a wrote

There's little that unites the likes of AOC, Gaetz, Crenshaw, Rick Perry together.. psychedelic-assisted therapy is one of those issues. I'm very hopeful it will happen. I believe treating veteran/first-responder PTSD will lead the way.


ChefChesterCheese t1_jegoqu1 wrote

Absolutely. Too many people suffer with ptsd and trauma while being pigeonholed by our broken mental health system. Iโ€™m glad weโ€™re on the right track to completely legalizing this phenomenal natural medicine.