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satans_toast t1_jef7fvm wrote

Soon state governments will start sending free doses of Soma to every household.


kne_1987 t1_jefxp3i wrote

love it. hurry up. support this across the board but especially medically- there are a lot of people with various PTSD scenarios who may be averse to various pharmaceutical options that a controlled setting and dose or series could really help 🙏🏽


pond_minnow t1_jeg8qm5 wrote

Psychedelics will be mainstream in our lifetimes. It's going to be beautiful. It's going to help heal so many people.

I'm happy our state is doing its part to make this a reality.


pond_minnow t1_jeg8y9a wrote

There's little that unites the likes of AOC, Gaetz, Crenshaw, Rick Perry together.. psychedelic-assisted therapy is one of those issues. I'm very hopeful it will happen. I believe treating veteran/first-responder PTSD will lead the way.


No-Coast-Punk t1_jegk04u wrote


Mushrooms are why I'm not yet another veteran suicide statistic


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_jegm7lp wrote

Ok, but they're not part of the lawmaking process as far as I know. I suppose they are just voting on whether to bring it to the floor for a vote in the first place.

These committees are useless in my opinion. If you have a bill , you should be able to introduce it and let people vote on it. I mean, that is their job after all.

Oh well, I'm certainly no political authority. Just someone that knows a committee doesn't have to be part of the law making process.


MondaleforPresident t1_jegnnhk wrote

I'm not in favor of legalizing drugs but criminalizing simple possession of mushrooms is pretty ridiculous. I'm fully in favor of this bill.


OpelSmith t1_jegonqm wrote

If you're going to decriminalize one major psychedelic, I think it should be LSD. But a W is a W


ChefChesterCheese t1_jegoqu1 wrote

Absolutely. Too many people suffer with ptsd and trauma while being pigeonholed by our broken mental health system. I’m glad we’re on the right track to completely legalizing this phenomenal natural medicine.


ryebreadinq t1_jegrk45 wrote

Your values oppose eachother. You cannot say you don't want drugs legalized and then at the same time say you think possession should not be a crime. The only way to make anything not a crime is to legalize it.the only way to make anything illigal is to write it into law and criminalize cannot act like there is no answer when there is one right infront of you.


Okay_Splenda_Monkey t1_jeh1oys wrote


Remember how they used to call Connecticut "The Nutmeg State"? I have an idea for a new name to bring the state renewed social media clout.


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_jeh1wja wrote

Always wanted to try mushrooms but I never have anyone that I trust to do them around