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Bruins125 t1_jee9bvx wrote

If for whatever reason a move doesn't work out, I found that forcing yourself to go outside during the daytime, even in colder weather, helps out immensely with SAD. I get that with working a full time job it's difficult, but I found my seasonal depression goes down when I do this, and now I only really get it between late November to the end of February.


[deleted] OP t1_jee9rpl wrote



LMJKZ t1_jef7vuj wrote

Totally agreed. I even picked up winter sports (snowboarding, ice skating) to allow myself excitement for something fun during cold months. I hate the idea of disliking my living space for a third of the year while during warmer months life is great. The most difficult part is taking the step toward actually doing things that will make you feel better !


Money-Measurement961 t1_jee9f9m wrote

I plan on moving, I do like the stats like I said but I’m meant to be in warm weather year round ☀️ the only thing that’s been keeping me here is my family


Amaliatanase t1_jeek8ur wrote

I moved away from New England and one thing I learned is that the only places where it really doesn't get cold and depressing East of the Mississippi are the Gulf Coast and Florida in general. Everywhere else is gonna have some degree of winter. I live in Nashville and I would categorize the weather as you need a jacket and it looks sad outside as being about four months of the year. Atlanta and Charlotte are pretty similar. If the only weather you like in CT is June-August, Florida, southern MS, AL and LA and Texas are your only options where you will like the weather all year. If you include the west coast you get more options (most of California, southern Nevada, Arizona and southern New Mexico)


AdministrativeYak859 t1_jeekyoc wrote

I agree, from ct, lived in SoCal for 12 years and then to Atlanta thinking the winter was similar to SoCal. It was cold and grey from nov - to April. Gloomy.


Lost_city t1_jeet58w wrote

I moved from CT to Atlanta a number of years ago, partly due to the weather. I found the Atlanta climate to be quite nice. Days are longer in winter. And it ends pretty quickly. Spring comes early and is often quite warm. Summers can be hot, but are a lot milder than Florida. Eventually, I moved back due to my job situation, not the weather.


Why-R-People-So-Dumb t1_jeeqn5f wrote

I actually don’t think there is an east coast solution, gotta go to the other coast. I would venture to say that CT is desirable from an east coast weather standpoint because you can almost always be outside year round and manage it; this year aside after you acclimate to the colder weather being in the 20’s and 30’s on a sunny day is not unpleasant. If you prefer cooler summers go a little north or warmer winters go just a little south. When you go south of Jersey you start to have the opposite problem. In Florida you stay inside all summer just like we do all winter, it’s too hot and rainy.



CatSusk t1_jeeo42l wrote

I lived in CO for 12 years - Denver is Warner and sunnier that you would think. I learned that #1 - I burn way too easy at altitude #2 - I need to be near water.

There’s usually a trade off with whatever you’re seeking.


Metalocachick t1_jeerzo1 wrote

Similar situation here! Born and raised in NJ, currently living in Bend Oregon, and the winters are much less cold and much sunnier than New Jersey winters, which you wouldn’t expect. And that IS nice. But I can’t be land locked like this. 4 hours minimum to the coast, and you can only get there if the mountain passes over aren’t completely buried in snow, which they often are November-April.

And there are no cities around to visit, or even many other towns for that matter, unless you count Portland which is over 3 hours away, or want to make it a 3-4 day trip to go to Seattle or San Francisco which are both 6-9 hours away. It’s very isolating. So, yeah. It’s been fun for a couple of years but we’re moving back to the east coast to Connecticut in 2 weeks and I’m honestly very excited lol


CatSusk t1_jefbv3k wrote

I know what you mean about not being close to anything. In Denver it was like… ok, other than the mountains (2 hour drive one way on weekends), where can you go? 2.5 hours to Cheyenne WY? 5 hours to Sante Fe NM? No thanks.


Significant-Win97702 t1_jegx9e9 wrote

Just checking your history and this is EXACTLY us. We thought that living a few hours from Portland, OR would be like living a few hours from Boston & NYC. NOOOOO

We feel so claustrophobic and land locked here and while some of Oregon is undeniably beautiful, a lot of it is ugly and brown. Everyone heads to the beautiful places and they all get over crowded.

Don’t get me started on the food. Most restaurants here have exactly the same “pub” menu, even the upscale or “ethnic” places. We used to live in a small town in New Hampshire within a half hour of a Michelin starred restaurant and 2 dozen restaurants of all kinds that are better than anything we’ve had since moving here!

We just spent 2 weeks house hunting in NH & Maine (and making sure we weren’t crazy or romanticizing things) and we’re more excited than ever to leave Oregon. We didn’t see a single homeless person, our kids got to play with other well behaved children with attentive parents and we ate our faces off. Can’t wait to leave Oregon behind.


2wheelzrollin t1_jeejz04 wrote

Don't let family tie you down. Unless they literally can't survive without you, you shouldn't have to be responsible for them as they are all adults. You can always visit them. It's not like a forever thing unless you make it one. With video calling and whatever, it's so easy to keep in touch.


hillarysabortedson t1_jeejz00 wrote

Florida is calling your name. Enjoy your 8% pay increase.


dietchaos t1_jeektkf wrote

In what field lmao. Gator hunting?


hillarysabortedson t1_jeem1mi wrote

I don’t know, probably whatever Florida does that gives them an economy 4X the size of Connecticut with an unemployment rate 1.4% lower.

And it was reference to no state income tax btw. Lol.


Itsmoney05 t1_jeemghx wrote

Oh yeah, Florida is of comparable population to CT. Let's compare economies! How about overall well being? Education? Let's compare those.


hillarysabortedson t1_jeen8ig wrote

Oh…so with 21 million people they DO have a more diverse economy than gator hunting?

Go ahead and compare. I never said they were perfect. If you want to pull up some actual stats on education and “overall well being” then go ahead and do some fucking legwork.


dietchaos t1_jeepg8v wrote

Seeing as home insurance rates are sky high in Florida or in some cases just not even purchasable you can't afford to tax home owners out of the state. Florida is death by 1000 cuts the state.


UhaRugger1 t1_jeeqtya wrote

I live in florida. It has become more expensive than CT. My homeowners insurance is insane. I have 5 different insurances on my house alone. The pay down here is awful. The housing prices are through the roof.


Itsmoney05 t1_jef35mr wrote

Florida is a cesspool. I dont need to go digging to know that CT bests Florida in just about every metric.


isthereapurposehere t1_jeej5i0 wrote

Totally agree. It helps to get out even when it’s cold. Just walking in nature, feeling the cold air in your lungs and saying an occasional hello to your neighbors helps.


Bruins125 t1_jeenlh2 wrote

I try to go for hikes daily when possible, where I live there's a lot of options so I switch it up to keep things fresh. If I can't or don't feel like driving, I take walks through downtown/along the CT River (live in Middletown). Honestly, even that helps combat SAD, and this past winter, I really wasn't that depressed apart from late December/January.


ThemesOfMurderBears t1_jeen69w wrote

I've been doing that lately. I'll try and have my lunch thrown together before I start work (not always easy). I eat that at my desk, then I spend my half hour lunch outside walking.


Meeganyourjacket t1_jeebuaz wrote

Honestly, I used to feel this way until I started doing outdoor winter activities. Snowshoe, hike, ski/snowboard. Just getting outside and active gives your brain all the good chemicals. I look forward to winter every year even though my main hobbies are warm weather hobbies.


Parking_Goal_3301 t1_jeeh9xh wrote

Same. We go to some pretty dinky ski hills (Mohawk etc) most weekends from December to February.

And even those improve my mood tremendously.


HockeyandTrauma t1_jeeexv4 wrote

Just was gonna say this. Having things to look forward to in the winter make it as fun as any other time. Have so many cold weather activities that even now in April my family and I are trying to squeeze a little more winter the next week or so by going north.


parsonsparsons t1_jeek1l7 wrote

Especially when there is snow on the ground, you get blasted with sunlight during those hours lol.


Syncharmony t1_jeeiwfu wrote

I cannot understand why someone wouldn't like September and October in Connecticut. They are the best two months of the year here. I definitely understand hating the Winter grind but Autumn is absolutely phenomenal.

If you are only happy when it's hot, then you really need to live closer to the equator.


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeeizx6 wrote

You’re right September is okay. But towards the end of September I get depressed knowing it’s about to be cold again soon


bunkerbash t1_jeet8e4 wrote

I agree with you OP. I find nothing pleasant about fall. It’s just a harbinger of winter.


mPORTZER t1_jeej1pa wrote

I think being depressed 75% of the year goes past the "seasonal" prefix


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeejfjd wrote

well yes I am always depressed 😭 but the cold makes it worse lol


oreosandlettuce t1_jeel2my wrote

Gotta kind of agree with OP. April/May are starting to get warm, and lately October-December are much more mild/fall weather. It’s only bitterly cold from January-march lately (although probably more so in the northern part of the state). if you’re really only happy june-august then maybe there is a more serious problem to try to address with professional help. I’d hate to think you’d move all the way across country (presumably away from family and friends) and find that your depression traveled with you. Just food for thought, hope you’re doing well!


bunkerbash t1_jeet3uc wrote

It’s doesn’t need to be mental health related. Some of us just hate winter. ‘Milder temps’ meaning it’s in the 30s does not make it pleasant or agreeable to people who hate winter. It’s still grey and dark and depressing for months on end. It grinds your soul down and so every spring your worse off than the last.

I totally get what OP is saying. If I could I afford to move I wouldn’t just leave CT I’d leave this thrice damned country. As it is, I’ll probably just leave this plane of existence instead. It’s the only way out.


oreosandlettuce t1_jef5882 wrote

Yeah, but it’s not in the 30’s in April, may, oct/nov/dec. at least most of the time. If you’re seriously considering “leaving this plane of existence” please get help. Life is worth living, if you really feel that way some professional help may be what you need. Hope that your feelings improve and it all becomes more manageable!


bunkerbash t1_jefdjyj wrote

We toss out that rhetoric because we’re taught to. I have a therapist. But in the last month I have watched runaway capitalism and corporate greed all but kill my little sister and ruin my family forever. So yea, maybe actually life as we exist in this godawful oligarch run country isnt worth living.


wherehaveubeen t1_jeeade4 wrote

February and march are brutal here. Endless grey gloom. They should move Christmas/winter holidays to March so at least we’d have something to look forward to.


i_poke_smot420 t1_jef3eny wrote

I am the same way I always tell people I am fine until after New Year’s, and then everything kind of slow down and you’re stuck with winter


CTdadof5 t1_jeeawoh wrote

Try getting a ‘sun’ light. Also, try to get out side during the day or definitely on weekends if you work during the week. Both will make a huge difference.


Burwylf t1_jee95zw wrote

IDK, I kind of like winter, although it's not as fun when it's too warm, slush and mud isn't as pretty as icicles and snow covered landscapes


ZippittyDooBlah t1_jeef2u0 wrote

The problem with moving south is living with southerners.


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeef7n9 wrote

Yeah I guess so. Florida would have been my choice years ago but it’s to pricey now. I do have family in the Carolina’s who enjoy living there


midmodmad t1_jeeaxhe wrote

I have SAD but I don’t want to live anywhere else. Get outside and walk/exercise no matter how cold it is. The temperature doesn’t matter—it’s about getting sunlight. You can buy a lightbox. Be sure to take a vitamin d3 supplement and consider going on anti depressants for a few months. Honestly, I would be much more depressed living in a red state.


Masty1985 t1_jeebsrm wrote

Why the hell do you mention red state? The OP didn't bring politics into this.


midmodmad t1_jeeelcw wrote

Because most of the states with abundant sunshine are red.


Masty1985 t1_jeef1kx wrote

California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, New Orleans s, Austin, Atlanta, parts of Florida, specifically Miami. You were saying? If you wanna fit in it's not that hard to find a place.


Fappiness-isawarmgun t1_jeedpuy wrote

Because politics constantly comes up on this sub dog. People can't help themselves. Gotta bash the red folk as often as they can because if you ain't blue you aint liked round here. This sub is an echo chamber of Rpolitics


Masty1985 t1_jeee4l5 wrote

Ohh I see ... Well I ain't blue or red, burn them both to the ground... I'll see myself out.


Fappiness-isawarmgun t1_jeeehuu wrote

That's cool friend. On this sub someone could post a picture of a dog and someone would be like "cute dog but if it lived in Idaho it'd be the ugliest dog ever. I HaTe rEd StAtEs I WoUlD nEvEr LiVe iN sUcH a PlAcE" lol no lie man thats Rconnecticut for ya. That's how insane these Gen Z kids are


Masty1985 t1_jeeepaq wrote

That's hilarious. What a bunch of losers. Meanwhile all the people in red states say the exact same shit about them! LoL and a round and round we go. No one will ever convince me the horseshoe theory isn't reality.


TunaTacoPie t1_jeea385 wrote

I've wanted to my entire life but life had other plans.


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeeaai3 wrote

Yeah it’s hard to pick up and move. Expensive too


isthereapurposehere t1_jeej08r wrote

Unless you are planning to move to CA, most other warmer places (am thinking TX, FL) can turn out to be relatively cheaper compared to CT


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeej4sz wrote

Florida would be my pick


isthereapurposehere t1_jeekojn wrote

I took a vacation during summer specifically to see if I could take FL weather and the summer heat beat that desire out of me. Not sure if you get used to it… but it’s worth making sure you can take FL heat in summer . I realized I could not


Beneficial_Look_5854 t1_jeede48 wrote

Cold and lack of connections, being stuck in a small farm town for 22 years sucks. I barely see anybody under 40 when I go to the grocery store. Can’t wait to leave in August.


satansdebtcollector t1_jeec3d5 wrote

I've been dreaming of moving to California 🌞 🏄‍♂️


An_Atheist_in_heaven t1_jeef1tc wrote

I was born and raised a nutmegger and moved to SoCal a few years back. I miss the sunny weather but the people were strange and they didn’t get my New England sense of humor. Now I’m back living in Connecticut again, people are rude af here but it’s comforting & normal for me.


othermegan t1_jeejar7 wrote

Glad I wasn't the only one to experience that. I did 6 years in North Hollywood and couldn't do it anymore. Like you said, they're just cut differently on the west coast and I got fed up with it. Sure it's colder and I do miss the food scene but I'm happier here on the East Coast. One day I'll go to San Diego for a vacation.


satansdebtcollector t1_jeefit3 wrote

I always wanted to check out the Baja 1000, and swim the beaches on the coast line of the Big Sur. But I also always wanted to see NorCal, like Yosemite, Shasta, Tahoe, the Redwoods, Sequoia, looks so awesome.


MaybeImNaked t1_jegg8ov wrote

Go do it, it's worthwhile of a week-long summer trip. Fly into SF and drive over to Yosemite/Kings Canyon/Sequoia for a few days, and then drive back to the coast (maybe San Luis Obispo area) and drive back up along the 1 through Big Sur to SF before flying home. You likely can't fit in Shasta/Redwoods unless you prioritize that over the Yosemite area or take a 2 week trip.

Just know the water is freezing all along the CA coast basically all times of the year.


Metalocachick t1_jeeuqi4 wrote

People think my husband and I are crazy for moving back to the east coast. We’re originally from NJ and moved out to Bend Oregon 2 years ago. We miss the east coast waaay more than we expected to and are moving back to CT in April and we can’t wait.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place and the hiking and outdoor activity possibilities are endless. But that’s not everything in life, for us anyway. I don’t get people out here. Not nearly sarcastic enough for me lol. I miss family, good food, being around different cultures, being around people who aren’t just completely dumbfounded when trying to pronounce my Italian name, the beaches, being able to go to NYC and Philly, old buildings and a sense of history… the list of things I miss is long!


MaybeImNaked t1_jeggt8s wrote

Bend is beautiful but a little too isolated. How much of your dissatisfaction do you think is due to that aspect? Vs living somewhere in the Portland area, for example, where you still have decent access to the outdoor activities but also more people / other things to do.


Metalocachick t1_jegl8lx wrote

Certainly a good portion. There are many weekends where my husband and I will go to brunch and then literally can’t figure out what the hell else to do with our Sunday. If we aren’t in the mood for a hike and there are no interesting events going on in town, there’s little to nothing else to do. We usually end up going to Target… like that’s an attraction lol 🤦‍♀️

I think another big part of my dissatisfaction is that I miss my friends and family, and east coast energy in general. And the food. Aside from some good Mexican good, I don’t like the food scene here.


HeightInternal t1_jeef7tt wrote

Been there, done that...grew up in CT, moved to Santa Monica. Everyday sunshine, no umbrella needed (then), on the beach on Valentine's Day, no mittens, or scarves needed. Try it.

It drove me crazy after 5 years. The whole fake snow/electric lights on palms for two months, etc.

Left CA, went to Hudson Valley, now back in northwest CT.

One sometimes comes home to die?


satansdebtcollector t1_jeegbq8 wrote

I was thinking NorCal.


Zombiewski t1_jeekuo5 wrote

Northern California can be quite rainy/overcast during the winter. I lived in Davis for a year and it got cold and rainy in like October and stayed that way until May.


Keisar13 t1_jeee22d wrote

It’s roughly as expensive as it is here. I keep telling myself, if I’m gonna be poor, why not be poor in nice weather? But then, since I’m poor, how do I find housing so I can apply for jobs across the country? Real catch 22 situation


MaybeImNaked t1_jegm4zc wrote

It's much harder to be poor out there, I've found. Minimum rents are a lot higher.

So the solution is to find a good remote job before moving out there. It's never been easier to relocate due to the advent of remote work.


OneCrewOneScrew t1_jeedbm1 wrote

Don’t ever move to the Seattle area…….

The only solution is to move to Hawaii, I lived there for 5 years, best weather of my life.


CaptServo t1_jeefs21 wrote

Literally the mildest winter ever.


0xCUBE t1_jeegemg wrote

I’m the opposite. I want to move to a colder place. I hate simultaneously barely having any winter and also having people complain about how “bad” it is all the time.


Momma_BearE t1_jeefd9a wrote

Planning to leave as soon as I retire. Headed south for warmer weather, mostly because of my arthritis, but also because going to work in the dark and getting out in the dark almost six months out of the year gets me so depressed.


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeeff15 wrote

Yeah it’s rough! Where down south are you thinking?


Momma_BearE t1_jeegeq1 wrote

Currently favoring Florida. I have a lot of family on the east coast - Vero Beach and Stuart. But North Carolina is definitely also in the running.


NLCmanure t1_jeee977 wrote

I think if it snowed more often the winter blues wouldn't be so bad. with snowfall comes snow clean up. you're kind of forced outside. The work of snow clearing gives a sense of satisfaction when it is complete plus the exertion is a form of exercise.


JG-Wentworthh t1_jeegsiz wrote

Yup. Moved to Miami 2 years ago. I feel better, exercise more, and spend more time outside. It’s improved my quality of life 10 fold


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeehkft wrote

Yeah some of my family just moved to fort myers, the other side moved to Georgia near the Atlanta area. They love it


JG-Wentworthh t1_jeei7mq wrote

My in-laws moved to fort meyers and they love it too. I definitely recommend trying the move if you can. CT will always be there


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeeie3w wrote

Yeah, I can’t go on the Florida subreddit and say how I’d like to live in there state, they will attack me and tell me exactly why I shouldn’t 😭😂


JG-Wentworthh t1_jeeivo7 wrote

Screw them. Reddit isn’t real life. Take a trip down and look around at the very least.

Fort meyers is pretty county tho. Not much to do


Walbeb24 t1_jefp4vq wrote

In my experience, the (FL)ocals are a miserable group of bastards.

A lot of them haven't traveled or really experienced life outside of their town so to them they just don't understand why people are moving in droves.

If you have a decent career that can transition to Florida and won't have to live in a shithole, very few states can beat it IMO. Granted there are probably only 8 people in this world who hate the cold more than me. If it's below 60 I whine like a child without a nap.


EuphoricPop3232 t1_jeejfv7 wrote

I lived in places with seasons my whole life including CT and then moved to SoCal... warm weather and sun all of the time. It was great, but for me, also weird. I needed seasons (and for other reasons) moved back after several years.


Metalocachick t1_jeevv0o wrote

It’s like Groundhog Day in some places out west and it freaks me out. Oh okay it’s calm and sunny today, nice! But then it is again the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day… found out quickly after moving away from the east coast that i need variety!


EuphoricPop3232 t1_jeews19 wrote

Yeah, when it was hot and sunny on Halloween, it really weirded me out. There were things like that that were hard to get my head wrapped around.


ucbmckee t1_jeemm5f wrote

I moved here from London at least partially because the weather is SO MUCH better here than there. I love how much sun we get in Connecticut. Over 60% more hours of sun, on average! Over 200 days a year with at least some sun! Even compared to other American cities, we compare pretty well. In general, SAD is driven more by lack of sun than temperature, but everyone is a bit different.


Banana_Havok t1_jeed6ee wrote

I can’t say it was SAD that pushed me out of CT but the weather was a big factor. I got so sick of the snow and we were living in apartments that always had draft windows. Trying to keep the windows sealed for winter was a huge pain in the ass. We moved to Texas about two years ago and now I miss CT lol.


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jeeemml wrote

Of all the problems someone might think we have in CT, the weather is the least of them. We usually get 4 seasons, and they extremes aren't as bad as other states. Not as hot as the south or midwest, not as cold as midwest or upstate new york, etc.

Tame winters like this one actually makes me want to move north a bit. Spring is more exhilerating when you've been getting your ass kicked by winter.


One-Awareness-5818 t1_jeefe1w wrote

I plan trips for Jan and Feb to a cheap warm place, best time to go Spain Italy or Portugal, not as many tourists and enjoyable weather. Now that I have kids, I take them for walks in the afternoon and the sun and movement has really helped. During my college years when I was working part time and didn't see the sun all day as I am in a windowless classroom and office, it was brutal.

Now I take 6000umg of vitamin d as well. I will probably do winter in Thailand or Malaysia during retirement


Blackberryy t1_jeeh4g7 wrote

The cloudiness bothered me more then the cold. Northern VA is pretty liberal, if you need suggestions. And much sunnier, even in the winter.


LeftHandedFapper t1_jeehf0t wrote

Haha you feeling that seasonal depression after yesterday's cold reminder? I'm in the same boat but the way my brain works is I don't realize how much the cold/lack of light really have effected me until it's over.

That being said yesterday was one of the worst type of spring days to me. Just when you think we're over the truly chilly threshold


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeehi3i wrote

yes! I wasn’t expecting my car to be covered in snow/ ice. And then this morning it was just freezing. I hate ittttt lol


interiorcrocodemon t1_jeeikk0 wrote

I feel this. I hate everything outside may-august and maybe some days in April / September.

I get so depressed on Oct / Nov knowing it's over.

I have small sparks of joy during the first few snows.

February through April is mostly just cold, and sometimes rainy, but mostly a grayscale hellscape of mud and ice and dead plants.


2wheelzrollin t1_jeejqy4 wrote

Sounds like you're a future snowbird lol.

To be fair, humans were always nomadic up until we invented agriculture.


QuantGeek t1_jeeplkp wrote

Google “Vitamin D for winter depression”. Less exposure to sunlight causes lower levels of vitamin D which has been linked to the winter blues.


AutomatonComplex t1_jee8jfd wrote

no the answer to your question is that i do not live in luxury it's just 8 months of suffering followed by 4


Walbeb24 t1_jeeapp7 wrote

I didn't leave because of seasonal depression but I left because the cold sucks balls and I hated it (despite being someone who plays hockey all year).

Weather splits a lot of people, I know plenty of people who would rather eat dirt then live in a place with no seasons and I have people who live vicariously through me during the winter months up North.

Leaving family and friends can be tough but unless you have the personality of a gently used toaster strudel you'll find new people to click with.


[deleted] OP t1_jeeded1 wrote



BluenotesBb t1_jeee5jx wrote

If only that were true.....chemical imbalances are far from bring a choice my dude.


jaredsparks t1_jeeef9e wrote

No argument here whatsoever on that. but you said you are unhappy because of the cold weather. Do your chemical imbalances change from season to season?


Money-Measurement961 t1_jeeeu8u wrote



jaredsparks t1_jeef2km wrote

Then move. Seriously. Why be unhappy? I'm not trying to be callous. Like I said, your happiness is on you. Find that place where you're happy. Move.


Ok-Banana-7777 t1_jeee4w9 wrote

I moved to Eastern NC last year in part for the warmer climate. I wore a winter coat twice this winter & that was early morning. It is blissfully sunny here most of the time & I absolutely love it


wafflehabitsquad t1_jeeft3q wrote

Yes absolutely. I am in Tennessee and excited because the winters are so mild.


Betorah t1_jeefv4i wrote

Had SAD for 50 years, before they even recognized it. I went to school at the University of Vermont, 250 miles north of here in Burlington, VT, the second cloudiest city in the country. Now that was bad. I would never move out of CT for “better” weather because every place that has “better” weather has worse politics.


nutmegryder t1_jeei2ku wrote

Sounds like you haven't taken up skiing or snowboarding yet. It's the ultimate way to make you anticipate and appreciate cold days.


Brewitt1 t1_jeeijyn wrote

Have you tried snowboarding or skiing? Seasonal depression becomes a distant memory once you fall in love with a winter sport


djln491 t1_jeeikv3 wrote

I’m in the minority I guess- I’m heading north. I like to ski and I like lakes and mountains in both winter and summer and CT just doesn’t cut it. Not too mention it’s too hot for me here in the summer.


phantompenis2 t1_jeeisr2 wrote

only happy june through august? september in new england is what i imagine is behind the pearly gates of heaven. i can't imagine anyone not absolutely fawning over september connecticut


DonutsNCoffeee t1_jeekmum wrote

I struggle with this! I'm originally from a place with a Mediterranean climate so the cold and dark winters really do a number on me.

It helps to get outside during the winter and to stay active. That's really the only thing that keeps me going. I despise the mornings when I have wake up even earlier for work to scrape ice off my car. It makes me question why I even live here lol. I dream of moving back to Australia one day.


Dizzy_Panda99 t1_jeesa44 wrote

It’s most likely due to lack of vitamin D, which comes from the sun. Winter days are shorter meaning less sun. I’m assuming you don’t get out a ton which means you’re getting even less light. It’s just shit weather


mrnyeah t1_jeetsu6 wrote

You’re not alone.

I love it here summer - fall. Being outside sucks Nov-April sometimes even May - oh yeah and cost of living is expensive here. I’m just not happy cramming all my favorite outdoor activities into a measly 3 months - I love outdoors.

I do enjoy skiing, but I don’t waste my time skiing the east coast bc west coast / mountain west is so much better. The winter here is unredeeming in the sense that I can’t do any of my favorite winter activities here. Examples: lucky if you get 1 day of pond hockey during winter, we get little snowfall so there’s not many east coast pow ski days (and when we do-a bad day on a west coast mountain is almost always better than a great day on east coast), if you want to snowshoe you have to wait for snow, which this year hardly even came.

It’s cold and boring for majority of the year sans summer and early autumn.

Also, I am moving to South Florida this year (queue the haters). Parents staying so I can see my fav seasons in CT without the bad.


thehopefulsquid t1_jeeall4 wrote

Really not a fan of the "cold months" which are for me November - April heh. I generally go south 5 weeks in January/February because I work on a farm and we have that time off. The weather is pretty much my least favorite part of living in CT, but my family is here and I could not stand to live in any of the warm states except maybe Hawaii.


maxims_damndboi t1_jeee1kj wrote

I love the winter, since I’m off the seasonal work I started going to the gym. It’s helped w keeping a healthy mind and not being sad. I know some ppl tan to get they’re vitamin D up.


MrLeHah t1_jeeekkp wrote

I'm the complete opposite. The summer months and that ugly humidity is terrible. At least in the winter you can bundle up with some blankets.


Hippydippy420 t1_jeeeq14 wrote

Have you tried artificial sun light? Tanning beds are like getting a warm hug from the sun.


jarfin542 t1_jeefax7 wrote

I've lived here for most of my 52 years, and I thrive on October through February. Late April/early May can be nice too. I hate,hate,hate summer here. Maybe it's because I work outside all year round. But, then again, everybody's different.


LeftHandedFapper t1_jeehrgo wrote

> I hate,hate,hate summer here.

I don't hate it as much as you, but damn that humidity makes me an instant sweat box! Not many places in the world that have dry heat summers though, compared to humid continental


Mycatreallyhatesyou t1_jeefvpg wrote

I stay here for the autumns. If I ever move it will be north.


jarfin542 t1_jeeg86r wrote

When it's cold, you can always put on more, or better layers. When it's hot and humid, you are screwed.


rnmba t1_jeehp62 wrote

I used a daylight lamp at my desk this year. I think it helped!


zulhadm t1_jeeif37 wrote

September and October are my favorite months here. Nothing like our foliage and that crisp autumn air 🍁


polyrhythmike t1_jeeimi3 wrote

Nahhh I hate the heat, thinking of moving north.


linzy t1_jeeinlr wrote

If you want to move, move, but try some other things too, like those sunlight lamps. I'm originally from SC and knew plenty of people there who suffered from SAD, despite the all-around warmer weather.


P45t3LPUnK t1_jeeivdv wrote

Let the sadness wash over you like a mountain stream after a long cold winter


Strict-Locksmith-531 t1_jeejd8b wrote

My daughter suffers as well. Tanning beds are bad but the light helps so put on the lotion and join the planet fitness. Once a week in the blue light helps.


Emergency_Shift_2474 t1_jeemklw wrote

If weather is your issue then it will be wherever you go. Florida too hot hurricanes insects gator etc. happiness is a state of mind. I agree going outdoors is good for you but happiness would not walk in.


Harmon_Cooper t1_jeemmmk wrote

Those are the months I'm least happy here (June-August) XD


FBU2004 t1_jeemwk4 wrote

Weather and the shift in amount of daylight are factors that affects all of us differently. There are ways to make the cold enjoyable such as getting outside regardless of weather. Check out this article:

If your budget allows, spend some time at REI or LL Bean and get the right clothes for the different parts of the seasons.

But if you are the type of person that just doesn’t like the cold, the only way to escape it is to move permanently or even temporarily to a much warmer climate area. I do see a lot of Florida plates in CT in the Summer, just like I’ve seen a lot of NY and Ontario plates in Florida in February. Maybe this is why “the van life” and RVs are so attractive to some.

Do what feels right for you.


Outrageous_Ad_4388 t1_jeen33o wrote

I agree with a few other people here. Getting outside for a hike or walk around the neighborhood multiple times a week even in the winter months helps a lot, even on the overcast days. This winter it was pretty easy considering how mild it was. Don't get me wrong I have days where I think about visiting my in laws in Florida but for the most part getting outside helped a lot. I also increased the lighting throughout my house to make things brighter when indoors.


Edited to add, its not bad getting outside in the winter with proper layers. Base, mid layer, outer layer. Try not to wear cotton. Stick to Merino Wool, synthetics, fleece and a decent outer layer and you'll be comfortable especially once you get moving.


TheLonelyOctober t1_jeenklh wrote

I moved down to Florida for a few years and then came back. I also can't stand the cold and the long, dark days. It's different down there though. I won't get into politics and all that, but there are some major ideological differences that I just didn't vibe with. The labor market was also abysmal.


lindenberry t1_jeentub wrote

Get a dog. It forces you outside plus unconditional love. :)


WingmanZer0 t1_jeenwyq wrote

Seasonal depression wasn't the only factor in my move, but it was a consideration. By February/ March of each year I was usually in pretty bad shape from being stuck inside during daylight hours. I went the complete opposite direction and moved to San Diego.


SarsaparillaDude t1_jeeo4mv wrote

I moved to Denver from CT about a decade ago. Out here we've got more than 300 days of sunshine, which you'd think would be great, but I'm starting to really miss gray, rainy days, and I'm finding the near-constant sunshine almost oppressive.

Boo hoo for me, I know. But I think what I most crave is variety in my weather. Too much rain and cold OR too much sunshine and dry air can really affect my mood. In fact, we're considering a move back to New England specifically for the drizzly days and foggy deciduous forests.


jakemathai t1_jeeoclh wrote

Going outside and getting sunshine is key.☀️


Mental-Job7947 t1_jeeoehj wrote

Yup went farther north, It was great until a season pass to a local mountain cost 1k+


knockinforthesugar t1_jeeou6r wrote

Honestly unless you move somewhere without four seasons that’s tropical, you’re going to have to deal with this to some extent. I moved to Atlanta and the winters are indeed shorter and milder, but it still gets grey and depressing. Definitely easier than New England but it’s very hard to escape completely. I would evaluate how much of a change you need and go from there.


Mellon_Collie88 t1_jeep94z wrote

Wouldn’t it be easier to go to therapy than uproot your life and move?


GhostJokers t1_jeepm71 wrote

I wish I could be back in Connecticut. Currently residing in Minnesota during a record breaking Winter with snow that’s still going into spring. I hate it.


ClickPsychological t1_jeeqbxg wrote

I have taken up the habits of the nordic environment and embraced coziness during the colder months. I built a faux fireplace with electric heater in each bedroom. I have cozy lighting, and soft heated throws and i have to say it had helped switch my mindset considerably


Dabasacka43 t1_jeeqf92 wrote

Yes it’s a big problem in the northeast. Give yourself reasons and excuses to go out often helps.


Sugaree36 t1_jeeqhci wrote

Not yet but eventually plan to. Hate the grayness here.


5Dprairiedog t1_jeequx5 wrote

That's the only thing I can't stand about living here, but it's the everything else that keeps me here. This state does a pretty good job with the laws we pass. I feel safe here as a woman. I'm proud of the prison reform CT has accomplished. We have good food (pizza), legalized weed, people here are the right amount of friendly, we're close to NYC and Boston (and therefore have access to lots of awesome things, museums, exhibits, concerts, etc). We have good schools, access to top notch health care, we are one of the few states that has paid maternity leave. You can drive 30 mins and be in the city or the country. You can also get to pretty much anywhere using backroads (I love our backroads). The quality of life here is really good. I'm sure CA has many of the same benefits, but the cost of living is significantly higher. You can still buy a decent SFH in CT for under 250k.


chiastic_slide t1_jeerbx2 wrote

Cost of living and and my hatred of winter have me thinking lately. I don’t see myself growing old in this state


HuckerDisc t1_jeerdvb wrote

I’ve met lots of people from this area that moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and said they’d never move back because of the weather here. I just moved here from there. I met them being an Uber driver in SF.


SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_jeerkbz wrote

I tend to leave CT for the winter unless I have to be here. Summer is too hot in Charleston and winter is just kinda miserable here but I was enjoying 75 degree weather in January.


wileyakin t1_jeerwld wrote

It’s only January-February that I find really dispiriting


Welcome2FightClub t1_jees3xm wrote

I am a weirdo and like the cold, gray, dark period of the year. Honestly I like all four of the seasons and as each one progresses you start to look forward to the season ahead of it.


Own-Tomato4335 t1_jeesg1s wrote

For me the SAD is the combination of the cold AND the lack of sun. It seems our January and Februarys are full of gray days where we rarely see the sun.

I do love living here and enjoy all 4 seasons. I try to make an effort to do more activities in those tougher months to get me through. It’s not always pretty but it works for me.

As an anecdote, a friend moved to LA years ago and the weather there definitely helped his SAD significantly. But moving to a whole new part of the world brought other challenges - making friends as an adult isn’t easy - and I think it amplified other forms of depression.

The devil you know is sometimes better than the one you don’t.


psu1989 t1_jeess4b wrote

Happy light, Vit D, exercise, and hydration. Get out side as much as possible.

I found it helps a lot.


mywordswillgowithyou t1_jef2d22 wrote

I moved to California and then moved back to Connecticut. I hate the winters. So yeah. I’m happy we had a very mild winter. But it’s still not warm enough. Maybe this week.


rubyslippers3x t1_jef2dfa wrote

I've lived in a few places in CT. Currently in NW part of the state and seasonal depression is noticeable. When I lived near the water in Stamford, I did not have SAD. I lived in RI before that, did not have SAD.

I get through it by having lots of cups of hot broth, hot baths and making fires. This winter was mild so going out for hikes was helpful too. It is a huge challenge and my goal is to be a snow bird (go down south for 3 months) when my husband and I retire. That's nearly 2 decades away, so I'm in it for the long haul. If you can move, you should. It will be life altering.