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PlayerOneDad t1_jdqm5bh wrote

Stamford yacht club might be too big a venue for what your looking for, but check around the Harbor Point neighborhood in Stamford. There's several places on the water. I just don't know their availability.


mynameisnotshamus t1_jdqmkxg wrote

That’s a good thought. OP may want to check out other yacht clubs. They may rent out for private events.


coastal_girl14 t1_jdqsonv wrote

Riverview Bistro, Westport The Boathouse, Saugatuck The Whelk, Westport Harbor Lights, Norwalk Rive, Westport La Plage, Westport L'escale, Greenwich


gorpee t1_jdreera wrote

Rive Bistro in Westport has an entire upstairs room you can book, on the Saugatuck with a great little patio.


sixfloorsup OP t1_jdsppsd wrote

Thanks all for the ideas! I’m gonna check them all out.


bogotol t1_jdtxzix wrote

Try the in. At silvermine