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The ADL tracked 68 incidents in Connecticut last year, up from 34 in 2021. The 68 incidents included 55 cases of harassment and 13 cases of vandalism, according to the report. Connecticut ranked 11th out of all the states for these occurrences. According to the ADL, 34 communities in Connecticut saw antisemitic incidents. That's one out of every five towns in the state.-



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Specialist-Lion-8135 t1_jdhaefx wrote

It’s time for more education and less complacency.

If someone you know talks ‘racism light’ - you know them- the “I’m just saying” or ‘telling it like it is’ people, shut them down. You know who they are at parties, at church, in your family. The time for tolerating bullies is over.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhwpym wrote

I grew up with a lot of racism light. Unfortunately calling them out doesn't always work on its own merits. You get a lot of "I was just kidding!" or "No one can joke around anymore!" I have found the most effective way to counter this is to attack their maturity. I tell them that poopy jokes are funny to little kids, then they grow up and make sexist/homophobic jokes during puberty, and racist jokes in hight school. It all about being edgy to higher and higher degrees. More mature kids don't even need to make these jokes, it's just the ones with with lingering insecurity, needing to take someone else down a peg to feel better about themselves.

Just a joke? Grow up and learn that there are consequences for not being a responsible adult.

This does not work for the hardcore adherents though. Those are the ones that don't cite humor as a retort but start reciting "facts" about certain races or gender identity, etc. I would recommend The Alt-right Playbook on YouTube and street epistemology for the fully brainwashed. The best you can do is learn their tactics and how to dismantle them.

Edit: Seems I triggered a lot of people with this comment. Did I strike a nerve?


Specialist-Lion-8135 t1_jdi22uh wrote

Well said. Thanks for adding context and resources. As Mr. Rogers said, look for the helpers. It’s nice to know you are here to help.


vitalvisionary t1_jdi2f86 wrote

I've seen Connecticut make some amazing changes since I was a scared little kid being tormented for being different. I would like to continue that work so no one has to grow up like I did.


Welcome2FightClub t1_jdh9e96 wrote

The recent rise of antisemitism in this country is alarming.


katiejim t1_jdhdudj wrote

Wonder which sort of people are so focused on George Soros and New World Order conspiracy theories?


poboy212 t1_jdhoo7d wrote

It’s almost as if an entire political party is openly endorsing bigotry and anti-semitism ….


flatdanny t1_jdhb3mf wrote

Alarming, but not surprising, considering the makeup of today's republican party


dfeld1989 t1_jdhdzrs wrote

Antisemitism is unfortunately prevalent in both party's. This is not a political matter IMO. (See MTG on one end and your Rashida Talibs and Ilhan Omars on the other)


DisgruntledDiggit t1_jdhgbdz wrote

What did Talib and Omar say or do that was antisemitic? I know they publicly decried the state of Israel, but am not aware of. Anything explicitly anti-Jewish from them.


FFPatrick t1_jdhjff5 wrote

Omar: or just google Ilhan Omar antisemitism. Her own party has called her out multiple times

Talib: again, called out by democrats


DisgruntledDiggit t1_jdhl18o wrote

So Talib was called an antisemitic for calling Israel an apartheid state. I’d have to agree with her, and I am Jewish. Again, criticizing Israel is NOT criticizing Jews.

And Omar was called antisemitic for saying that US politicians pushing for pro-Israeli policy at the expense of the United States was showing allegiance to a foreign state. Again, I’d agree.

You k ow what’s antisemitic? Conflating Israel with all Jews.


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dfeld1989 t1_jdhj7rn wrote

Google it... ("it's all about the benjamins" "getting a calming feeling about the holocaust"..) and I'm sure you've heard about jewish space lasers at the other end of the political aisle. The point is can we for once not politicize something? This isn't a party politics issue.


DisgruntledDiggit t1_jdhkfut wrote

No, I won’t google it. You made a claim, you back it up with a source.

If you turned in a paper and the bibliography was just “google it”, you’d fail that class.


[deleted] t1_jdhlko5 wrote

I did b/c I didn't believe a good faith argument was incoming. One was way out of context and the other was commentary on politicians and lobbying groups that blindly support the state of Israel.

I will capitulate, though, that the holocaust comment was clumsily said and Talib probably should have though a bit more before speaking.


[deleted] t1_jdhkbpd wrote

>"getting a calming feeling about the holocaust"
>"it's all about the benjamins"

The first is being taken out of context, although clumsily said. The second has nothing to do with Jews and all about the people who blindly support state of Israel.


Jackers83 t1_jdhiwea wrote

Lols, they did nothing to disparage the Israeli citizens. They criticized the state.


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdho4dr wrote

So funny....liberals and democrats only think anti-semitism exists from white christians. Muslim or black anti-semitism doesn't raise an eyebrow.

Because in reality, they don't care about anti-semitism, they just care about politics and trying to make themselves feel superior to the other side.


EarthExile t1_jdim0kr wrote

Black antisemitism isn't doing Kanye any favors now, is it?


vitalvisionary t1_jdhxazx wrote

If Omar is antisemitic for what she said than so is Bernie Sanders for agreeing with her.

There's a big difference voting for someone who happens to criticize Israel and voting in someone who thinks Jews control the weather with space lasers.


Pruedrive t1_jdhj21v wrote

It's not just antisemitism too.. so much hate going around for other minorities and folks in the LGBTQA community as well. I don't believe it's a swelling of ranks in hateful people, rather they feel more emboldened to act out.


IndicationOver t1_jdj621g wrote

> I don't believe it's a swelling of ranks in hateful people, rather they feel more emboldened to act out.

Exactly this right here. Blame social media platforms.


1234nameuser t1_jdi7s7a wrote

is it recent or has it not been kicking around since the 2014 Gaza War?

I recall a big spike that year


Raynosaurus t1_jdhehgh wrote

Discrimination is wrong - living in a big society does however come with the challenge of having some extreme viewpoints that are going to be lingering around. To put it into perspective, if there were 68 incidents (and let's assume each incident was 5 unique perpetrators) then once every 5 days 0.0094% of the population of CT decided to discriminate against a Jewish person, objectively bad but not alarming imo. Fund education!


mlassoff t1_jdhq6cz wrote

Harassment is not discrimination. Intimidation is not discrimination. Don’t conflate them in an effort to excuse antisemitism.


Raynosaurus t1_jdhr90w wrote

Lmao don't be semantic about my usage of 'discrimination', I'm agreeing that unjust treatment of people based on something about them is wrong and you are still trying to paint me as saying something bad. Fuck off.


Coincel_pro t1_jdhsiya wrote

I bet the numbers on probability of a micropenis are even lower yet here you are.


Jackers83 t1_jdhir8f wrote

I don’t really know why people are downvoting you for this. Not like it means anything tho.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhu58k wrote

He's mollifying hate crimes as "discrimination." Discrimination is not letting certain people in your business, not seeking out people to victimize. There's a difference. Not knowing that difference is ignorance. Plus he's trying to downplay it as a "diversity" problem and not that big a deal per capita. These are common tactics of people like fucker carlson who then slip in more extreme rhetoric over time.


Jackers83 t1_jdhwc4x wrote

Do you think it’s possible this person just used the word discrimination instead of “hate crime?” Also, they’re not downplaying anything. This person is clearly acknowledging that there is always some amount of perpetual racism, bigotry etc. in no way or form is this redditor defending incorrigible behavior at all. They may be guilty of using an inadequate word. That’s it.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhyc5i wrote

>This person is clearly acknowledging that there is always some amount of perpetual racism, bigotry etc.

Ok but that wasn't all he said. Taken as a whole it's excusing it as just a byproduct of society. That's an awfully convenient thing for people who don't care about or support racism. Like hearing rape statistics and saying "Oh well, boys will be boys!"


Jackers83 t1_jdhylg8 wrote

It is though. To say there isn’t racism, and prejudices in society is just naive. We can’t make people stop being racist assholes. There is always going to be hate in the world.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhz1gf wrote

That's defeatist, lazy, and no consolation to victims. I suppose you think we shouldn't do more about rape because there's always going to be rape in the world? Why have cops of people are going to commit crimes anyway? Society will never be perfect but we should always strive for a more perfect union. Kinda the point of the whole thing IMO.


Jackers83 t1_jdhzhhm wrote

Ya, I don’t think I said or alluded to anything of that nature whatsoever. You really shouldn’t assume too much, or put words in people’s mouths. It’s not cool.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhzq0u wrote

> We can’t make people stop being racist assholes. There is always going to be hate in the world.

How did I put those words in your mouth? Perhaps you need to work on what you actually mean by that.


Jackers83 t1_jdi09my wrote

Lols. Would you like me to shoot my racist neighbors?? Or maybe I should burn their house down. I’m certain my children will feel better about me being in prison because I solved racial problems injustice. Cmon, what’re we even talking about here??


vitalvisionary t1_jdi1aic wrote

How was I advocating for any of that? There are plenty of nonviolent ways to deal with racism. I even made suggestions here in this post. If those are the only options you think there are to racism than you obviously haven't done much research. Maybe start by reading some of MLK's work. He had a lot of good suggestions.


Jackers83 t1_jdi32ps wrote

Lols. This is absolutely exhausting trying to communicate with you. Have a great day.


Jackers83 t1_jdi3in3 wrote

No, you’re just making the giant assumption that I condone this kind of shit. Which is absolutely ludicrous.


vitalvisionary t1_jdi4axb wrote

Hey man, I'm not the one defending the mollifying of racism, you are. I never said I thought you condone it, but you obviously have some things to learn about how racism works in a society. It's a lot more complicated than just someone hating someone who looks different.


Jackers83 t1_jdi5w2f wrote

“That's defeatist, lazy, and no consolation to victims. I suppose you think we shouldn't do more about rape because there's always going to be rape in the world? Why have cops of people are going to commit crimes anyway? Society will never be perfect but we should always strive for a more perfect union. Kinda the point of the whole thing IMO.” You said this to me.

Ya, again I’d love for you to point out where I mollified anything. Please enlighten us.


vitalvisionary t1_jdi6cxt wrote


>We can’t make people stop being racist assholes. There is always going to be hate in the world.

This is mollifying racism. You may be right, you may not be. Declaring this true undermines the efforts of being trying to solve the problem. Even if futile, it is a noble sisyphean task.


Jackers83 t1_jdi6js1 wrote

No, no it doesn’t. It means I’m being realistic, not idealistic as well as simplistic. You’re a child If you say otherwise.


vitalvisionary t1_jdi7d9w wrote

And it's not more simplistic to write the problems of the world off as unsolvable? You come off as craven, too afraid of complicated issues and finds ignoring them more convenient. If that's not how you feel you might want to work on how you share your opinion.


Jackers83 t1_jdi7fxp wrote

Lollls. Craven?? I have a feeling you don’t really know what that word means.


vitalvisionary t1_jdi7w23 wrote

I'm quite aware. Notice how I used the phrase "too afraid." Maybe I was being redundant. If you think it means something else I suggest googling it.


Jackers83 t1_jdi7znx wrote

Lolls. I’m still a little unclear how you surmised that I just turn the other cheek to injustices. Now, if you could point that out fir everyone. Thanks


vitalvisionary t1_jdi8mqj wrote

Dude, come on

>We can’t make people stop being racist assholes. There is always going to be hate in the world.

Imagine applying this logic to the Nazis during WWII. Do you see the issue yet?


Jackers83 t1_jdi9324 wrote

Are you kidding me??? It is truly amazing the sheer distance that you stretched to reach this conclusion. I’m honestly impressed by it. Haha, are you a contortionist by any chance?? Omg


vitalvisionary t1_jdi9u48 wrote

Hey how about explaining how this isn't a problematic statement instead of making a silly metaphor about it? Seems like you're trying to distract from explaining yourself beyond a shoulder shrug emoji. If you think bringing up Nazis and WWII isn't relevant in a discussion about antisemitic hate crimes on the rise than I think you're just obtuse.


Jackers83 t1_jdidcgg wrote

I’m sorry but can’t do this. I’m gonna give myself a lobotomy after going back and forth with you.


vitalvisionary t1_jdie4q1 wrote

Sorry man, understanding is hard, change is even harder. Even though I disagree with you, you seem like an alright guy. Maybe you took some things I said too personally but this is a subject I am passionate about and know I can come off forceful. I sincerely wish you well.


jlevnhv t1_jdilxws wrote

As a sort-of Jewish person, the way people casually say anti-Semitic things is weird. Like if I get a good deal on something, someone has said to me "You're such a Jew."

OK??? Who doesn't like saving money????


jankyperson t1_jdj43w1 wrote

Is decent ppl shouldn’t stand for this fight back


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdhovu7 wrote

The ADL exists solely to find instances of anti-semitism. Don't believe their statistics. Like most special interest groups, right and left, they have an interest in sensationalism.

To believe that there have been more anti-semitic acts in 2022 than in the 1980s nationally (per the article 2022 was the 'worst year' since they began tracking) is comical. People just report them more because if increased overall sensitivity to racism/bigotry/etc.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhutkt wrote

Or maybe because we have celebrities on the news spreading their hate and being excused by people like you.


Pruedrive t1_jdhys0g wrote

Also a president/political culture who emboldened folks to come out from under their rocks and act like peices of shit, as well as normalized the behavior more.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhzg8i wrote

Yup, all those "great people" were told to "stand down and stand by"


Pruedrive t1_jdi2zhp wrote

In retrospect that like the tip of the iceberg.


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdi222d wrote

Or, more likely, anti-semitism hasn't gone up since the 1980s, but the ADL has an interest in portraying it as having gone up, and people like you want it to go up so you can virtue signal and pretend that you are better than others.


vitalvisionary t1_jdi3j07 wrote

Oh boy, here we go. Using buzzwords you don't even know the meaning of like "virtue signaling" (utterly meaningless on a site where you're anonymous).

You know what that tells me about you? It says you think everyone is just like you but are lying. I'm sorry if you feel insecure so you need to project your crap on everyone else to make yourself feel better. Maybe stop and think about why people might disagree with you instead of calling them liars?


ethantremblayyy t1_jdh4oh5 wrote

adl is a joke now.


nuttmegganarchist t1_jdhd7ss wrote



Darondo t1_jdhji9g wrote

The most common criticism is that ADL equates Palestinian sympathy or anything critical of Israel’s government as anti-semitism. On their own website they patronizingly explain how “free Palenstine” is offensive and anti-Semitic. Historically, they also are disingenuous about their “rising anti-semitism” updates. But in OP’s post they stick to actual incident quantity instead of results from surveys with leading questions, so that’s an improvement.

Other criticisms include participation in CIA and FBI psyops and intelligence gathering operations but I won’t get into that.

All this doesn’t change the fact that anti-semitism is on the rise, and it is scary.

ADL deserves criticism and skepticism. Other people hate the ADL because they’re antisemites. And of course some people like to conflate ADL criticism with anti-sematism which is dumb.


ethantremblayyy t1_jdhdj5a wrote

ADL is literally a paid liberal propaganda machine.


nuttmegganarchist t1_jdhe016 wrote

Do you understand why what you said is antisemitic? Or are you parroting someone else’s words without understanding them?


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdhpawb wrote

This post is an example of why there have been an 'increase in anti-semitic' incidents.

When you expand the definition of 'antisemitic' to criticism of ADL, then yeah anti-semitic incidents are going up. I also question the ADLs motivations and also the validity of their statistics. I guess that's yet another anti-semitic incident to add to the tally.


nuttmegganarchist t1_jdhsq2o wrote

There is a difference between legitimate criticism and spouting off about something being a liberal propaganda machine. Criticizing Israel for acting as an apartheid state is a legitimate criticism but accusing the Jewish community of having a space laser is antisemitism. You can can call things out without using antisemitic terms


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdhuw8z wrote

According to your definition, saying ADL is a liberal propaganda machine is anti-semitic, but calling Israel an apartheid state isn't. I don't know what to tell you. Your definitions are arbitrary and biased, and your views regarding the topic should be irrelevant to any reasonable person.


vitalvisionary t1_jdhxont wrote

Well see one is true and one isn't. It's quite obvious to this reasonable person.


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdi1sr8 wrote

Sounds like something an unreasonable and biased person would say.


vitalvisionary t1_jdi3shy wrote

Well then you need to work on your empirical evidence evaluation and learn the difference between unsubstantiated opinions and provable facts. Ya know, reason it out.


nuttmegganarchist t1_jdhzpud wrote

But why are those definitions arbitrary and biased? Is it because you say so or are there hard facts I’m missing in my life?


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdi1p6u wrote

Can you point to a hard fact that saying ADL is a liberal propaganda machine is "anti-semitic"?

No, you can't. Therefore your definition is arbitrary.


nuttmegganarchist t1_jdi3uzl wrote

Yes I can. The ADL is an organization defending the Jewish community and was founded by a Jewish person. It’s a Jewish organization. Saying a Jewish organization is a liberal propaganda machine is parroting what known antisemitic organizations have been sayings since the 1930’s and well before that. I can give you a really good list of primary sources


Coincel_pro t1_jdhspv7 wrote

Can you show us where the doubling of incidents this year is due to criticism of the ADL then?


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jdhuji5 wrote

No, because sadly the linked article only gives a number and the ADL hasn't provided a detailed list of all incidents by year so readers could understand the context and validity of their claim.

However, specifically by nutmegganarchist's standards, there have been at least 2 more anti-semitic incidents in this very thread.


ethantremblayyy t1_jdhe9u3 wrote

are you saying it’s anti-semetic to criticize the ADL??


nuttmegganarchist t1_jdhhx7l wrote

No not inherently. It’s about how you criticize them. Criticism from a factual basis is not for the most part unless you’re using facts but leaving key information out on purpose as a way push forward antisemitic ideas. If you’re wondering why your statement is antisemitic and not a valid criticism I would definitely recommend looking into how long people who are antisemitic have been accusing the Jewish community of being some sort of “propaganda machine” and what effects that has had.


ethantremblayyy t1_jdhi33o wrote

almost like you can go back to any point in history and people have a problem with the jews.


Badgercakes7 t1_jdhke62 wrote

Is that supposed to make you attacking them now more ok?


ethantremblayyy t1_jdhkzbv wrote

the ADL isn’t “jewish people”


Badgercakes7 t1_jdhljqw wrote

> almost like you can go back to any point in history and people have a problem with the jews.

I’m pretty sure “the Jews” are “Jewish people”


ethantremblayyy t1_jdhnyff wrote

you conflate the two and try and differentiate. circular behavior.


Badgercakes7 t1_jdhoc73 wrote

So attacking the ADL for helping Jewish people shouldn’t be conflated with you attacking Jewish people??


ethantremblayyy t1_jdhpvsy wrote

doesn’t minimize the fact that the ADL is a literal paid liberal propaganda machine


Badgercakes7 t1_jdhs0ii wrote

Do you have evidence for this claim? What have they said specifically that you take exception to? Or do you just hear “violence against Jewish people is on the rise” and immediately assume that’s bullshit?


ethantremblayyy t1_jdhsroe wrote

well most violence against jews is coming from the black community but that’s another conversation. as far as the propaganda front?

“Right wing extremists have been praising Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who is charged with murdering 2 men at a social justice protest in Kenosha, WI.

Glorification of murder in any form sets a dangerous tone.”


Badgercakes7 t1_jdhul58 wrote

  1. Do you have a source for your claim that most violence against Jewish people is committed by the black community? I tried searching and can’t find anything besides some random people on Twitter saying it.

1a) Even if it were true, what’s your point? Is violence against the jewish community better or worse because black peoples are doing it? Are you somehow justified in attacking jewish people because black peoples are doing it too?

  1. I don’t really see how that’s “propaganda” unless your saying that glorification of murder DOESNT set a bad precedent. Regardless of whether rittenhouse was legally justified in killing those people, or not, it was still one person killing several others. You can make an argument to justify it but that doesn’t mean we have to GLORIFY it, which is what that quote is saying.

ethantremblayyy t1_jdi4dwy wrote

no one dare criticize the ultimate victims


Badgercakes7 t1_jdi4saj wrote

No one has ever said Jewish people are above criticism. Do you have any specific criticisms you wish to be made or are you just mad that they are Jewish?