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Badgercakes7 t1_jdhul58 wrote

  1. Do you have a source for your claim that most violence against Jewish people is committed by the black community? I tried searching and can’t find anything besides some random people on Twitter saying it.

1a) Even if it were true, what’s your point? Is violence against the jewish community better or worse because black peoples are doing it? Are you somehow justified in attacking jewish people because black peoples are doing it too?

  1. I don’t really see how that’s “propaganda” unless your saying that glorification of murder DOESNT set a bad precedent. Regardless of whether rittenhouse was legally justified in killing those people, or not, it was still one person killing several others. You can make an argument to justify it but that doesn’t mean we have to GLORIFY it, which is what that quote is saying.

ethantremblayyy t1_jdi4dwy wrote

no one dare criticize the ultimate victims


Badgercakes7 t1_jdi4saj wrote

No one has ever said Jewish people are above criticism. Do you have any specific criticisms you wish to be made or are you just mad that they are Jewish?