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Kolzig33189 t1_je1aoge wrote

Reply to comment by Dinglemeshivers in Rentschler Field by bluenephalem35

They did host bigger concerts there for a number of years, I saw Springsteen and Rolling Stones there at two different shows circa 2005 or so. No idea why they stopped because now I don’t think it gets used much outside of a rare event during football offseason, seems like it would be a boon to local economy to get people in for concerts.


LorenzoZoil11 t1_je1bsef wrote

neighbors complained about noise levels. The Police played there in 2007 i think that was the last show.

it’s a good stadium really not a bad seat in the house ample parking pretty easy in and out just needs some upkeep which i believe is in process of securing funding.


Kolzig33189 t1_je1cas6 wrote

Makes sense I guess that people around complained but it’s kind of one of those things where “what did you think was gonna happen buying a house next to a stadium?!” I have more understanding if they were there before the venue was built I guess.

At least to me it doesn’t seem like there any houses immediately next door and it’s way off from the street so who knows.


Dinglemeshivers t1_je2pxge wrote

It’s also one of those situations where ,if you were a neighbor, you should see some benefit to your town with the influx of money from the venue plus the really close people could get $$ from yard parking and the stadium isn’t covered so it’s only during warm months there would even be a concert there


srh99 t1_je32dgw wrote

I went to that show. It was the only show I went to there, and I was on the floor, but I thought the sound was excellent.