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Light_of_the_Star t1_jdr0jus wrote

The story said this was all happening in a parking lot? I have heard of street takeovers maybe in Wethersfield?

Social media is probably getting large groups of people together like this.

Sometimes I think if THAT many people are interested in doing this sort of thing, maybe we should offer official track type places for them to use/compete in. It might keep them off the real streets.

New sports seem to crop up every so often. I remember when we had no skateboarding parks. Now it is an actual Olympic sport.


ZaggahZiggler t1_jdr2n0o wrote

That is on them to make plans with venues that are able to host them, not on society to make concessions for assholes with a car fetish.


Light_of_the_Star t1_jdr360d wrote

I totally agree. Sometimes I think people do things because it is unlawful? Maybe they love an element of danger? Like even if we did offer some place for them all to go to show off or compete with their cars, ATV's or motorcycles maybe they wouldn't even use it.


Justagreewithme t1_jdtehb3 wrote

Yes and no. When government restrictions become so overbearing there is no possible compliance. Look at limerock. Track has been there forever and people are still moving next door and complaining. Nobody is going to approve a track, no matter how willing and able someone is to build it. Lawmakers should really be mandating tracks, like they have been with bikelanes. Sure, a minority use them, but it will improve the safety of everyone to have the racers in a designated area.


WhittlingDan t1_jdtplup wrote

I bike lane doesn't require the same amount of maintenance, oversight, insurance etc.. People also bike to work, the store, appointments etc. A track is purely entertainment. Perhaps they should look for sponsors? Or perhaps these people couldn't afford to use a track or simply wouldnt.


Gooniefarm t1_jdsa73g wrote

Almost all the tracks got shut down as people built homes next to them and then complained about the noise. Nowhere to take your car and have fun, nowhere to legally ride off road on an ATV. So they use the streets


WhittlingDan t1_jdtpfuj wrote

How many do you think could afford a track car and road car? The majority of these people do it on the street because they want to show off. 20 hears ago it was a bunch of idiots doing shit on the Berlin Turnpike. I say take their licence for 10 years and confiscate their car... Even better if they have a loan on it.


Light_of_the_Star t1_jdtrxdy wrote

I am old enough to remember the Berlin Turnpike dingdongs lol. I think today it is leaning more towards ATV/Motorcycles? Maybe a dedicated ATV type park? I am just trying to think of a way to get these knuckledraggers OFF the real roads lol.


fprintf t1_jduwqcu wrote

I ride off road motorcycles on private property. Believe me when I say it will be impossible to get anywhere to ride in CT for a couple of reasons. First we are fairly densely populated and no one really wants any kind of organized motorized sport anywhere in their town because of the noise and dust. Second, people don't like inviting any kind of motorized enthusiast "element" into their town. We are a rather uppity NIMBY state. Third, CT already has laws in place that exempt property owners from lawsuits for anyone using their private property along established trails, however in the 70s these laws were changed to specifically exclude motorcycles and snowmobiles. I would presume ATVs would now fall into this exception. Finally, can you imagine the scene all the hikers and nature lovers would make? They already think any patch of woodland is theirs and pitch a fit when you try to ride mountain bikes or horses or do anything other than walk. Literally you cannot do anything other than hike and bird watch according to this group, they just don't like human activity.

CT, RI and Delaware are the three states who are exempt from Federal law ensuring there is off-road access and entertainment spaces with federal highway funds. This is why there are trails and other places to do off road motorized recreation in Western Mass, New York, Vermont, New Jersey etc. Everyone who has off-road vehicles in CT has to go on private land or out of state. We are taxed for these vehicles but provided no spaces to use them.... oh, and in one town they tried to prohibit kids from riding quads on their own land.


Light_of_the_Star t1_jduz4dv wrote

GREAT points! You should post that in a main comment or something. Hidden under my paltry comments it might not get any visibility at all lol