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tangtang1028 t1_jdrvnvd wrote

Stop voting Blue. It’s really not that hard. CT continues to add gun laws in this. But the offenders with guns are violent felons who get released right away back on the streets. That’s the democrats. Look it up if you don’t believe me.


coastal_girl14 OP t1_jdrxyng wrote

Do your It's the Dems! The Democrats encourage street racing and all sorts of crime. Nonsense. CT has one of the highest standards of living in the country.


tangtang1028 t1_jds4jii wrote

You people will never actually get it. The richest parts of CT are “democrats” but are the most white, most policed, taxed the least, have the best school, have no affordable housing. Does that sound very blue? Idiot.


WhittlingDan t1_jdts0zs wrote

You don't get it we don't want racists, bigots and talibangelists in office.