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SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_jdsnsyt wrote

The cops can't assume they know who is driving without getting a video of the face of the driver I'm pretty sure. Even with plate numbers they can't actually issue a citation to the owner of the vehicle unless they can prove that it was the person behind the wheel. If this many people are involved, I'm sure they also know this information which is why they refused to be pulled over.


mpd5281 t1_jdtc8zb wrote

Incorrect. Connecticut has owner liability laws which apply to certain offenses such as evading responsibility, reckless driving, engaging in pursuit, speeding, etc. The registration number is prima facie evidence that the owner was the operator at the time of the offense. Ideally, if the owner was not operating their vehicle, they would tell law enforcement when questioned, but if they refuse to, they can be held criminally liable under CT law (C.G.S. 14-107).


WhittlingDan t1_jdtovjs wrote

And you better hope you can prove someone else was driving or that they own up to it..


F__kCustomers t1_jduum6h wrote

Why is this happening?

  • Because CT is boring. It’s doesn’t want to enhance itself and change to attract youth, brains, and wealth.

Will it keep going?

  • Yes. Dirt bikes and ATV groups will continue. Racing will continue. I plan on getting an ATV myself. The annoyance will continue until CT decides to make tracks for ATV, Dirtbikes, and Cars. They can fit dozens across the state, but refuse. Technically they could section of a portion of a city or town each night and have a regulated racing event. They refuse. Taxpayers are telling you they want a place to express themselves and their vehicles because they pay taxes. This problem could be solved in 6 months, yet the Boomer Brigade refuses.

Why hasn’t this problem been solved?

  • The same reasons grid lock on i95/Merritt has not been solved. The same reason Trucks still find their way on the Merritt - Laziness. This is why I hop Work From Home dismantles this ridiculous tax and spend infrastructure. A death spiral is needed to force Government to be efficient. CT taxes the hell out of everyone and gives it all to pensioners, police, welfare, government programs, and government schmucks that should be replaced by a computer algorithm. The roads are horrible. Use the tax money to make tax payers happy!

snorkelbagel t1_jdv0h8c wrote

Dollars to donuts the individuals wanting to “express” themselves are vastly fewer than the participation required to justify the costs of making ATV parks or whatever it is you are suggesting.

There’s already an insane number of dirtbikes / quads ripping by the hospitals in new haven. Even if you added areas for taxpayers to “express themselves”, how would they get there? Would they again use the same roads as cars, minus insurance and vehicle registration, while popping wheelies?


WhittlingDan t1_jdtoqzh wrote

If the car isn't stolen the owner should be responsible as its their car. They can eat the fine/charge or tell police/courts who drove it. If they can't trust someone to own up to their criminal acts in their car then they shouldn't have let them use it.

If someone let someone borrow their gun (not stolen, different circumstances) and then that gun is involved in a crime with no evidence of another driver what should happen to the owner? Are they responsible for their gun?