Submitted by Few-Competition-8195 t3_11uqp0d in Connecticut

From Western Mass! I am currently trying to figure out what are good things to do for my girlfriends birthday, who is 21. We don't drink, so I don't recommend any bars.

I currently have Berlin Batting Cages on my list, but I might ditch that for Hidden Valley Mini Golf. but I would like more than one activity. Is there anything else that is fun/activity based? Any good painting classes? Any good hotels, or should I AirBNB? I'd appreciate the advice and recommendations!



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coastal_girl14 t1_jcphase wrote

Mission Escape Games, A murder room game in West Hartford.

Axe It axe throwing in Newington.


JasJoeGo t1_jcq6goa wrote

Wadsworth Atheneum and the Mark Twain House


timmahfast t1_jcs3v01 wrote

Claypen in West Hartford. Plenty of good restraunts within walking distance from there


TriStateGirl t1_jczv3z0 wrote

Check the XL Center in Hartford for events. The Hartford Athletic soccer team should have games then. Hartford Yard Goats baseball team as well.