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Bruins125 t1_jdhqz6m wrote

So why did Hartford own the property to begin with? Was this an old reservoir for the city?


stinkstankstunkiii t1_jdhvs5y wrote

it borders Farmington & New Britain. It was a park, with a lake for swimming, trails and picnic area.


Bruins125 t1_jdhwj8e wrote

It doesn't border Hartford though, it's entirely enclosed by New Britain and Farmington and about 4 miles driving from the Hartford border. It just seems odd that the City of Hartford would own the land, unless this was originally a reservoir for the city.


stinkstankstunkiii t1_jdhwxre wrote

Ty for the correction. it definetly is odd that Hartford owns Batterson. edit to add - you are right again! it was a reservoir for Hartford!