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ThatsALotOfOranges OP t1_jdityim wrote

I don't what you're on about but black bears are not eating people in our state parks. They're like the most skittish animal ever. You can make a loud noise and they'll run away. The number of people who have died from black bear attacks is tiny.


TheDudeMaintains t1_jdj7m3n wrote

I worked in close proximity to native black bears for years and have plenty of photos and videos of bears within spitting distance or less. Even the most grizzled, battle-scarred boar I've ever stumbled upon never even so much as gave me reason to pause. They are to be respected, but fear is generally unwarranted.


Justinontheinternet t1_jdjp3so wrote

I choose protecting human life over bears. Bears don’t pay taxes. Super cool creatures but if the state is going to prohibit and limit my rights in a state park then they need to provide people with bear mace or protection.

Imagine you walk into a park and lose your constitutional right to free speech? It doesn’t make sense with any other amendment but it’s okay for the 2a? Weird. Seems almost discriminatory or like an infringement on constitutional rights.


TheDudeMaintains t1_jdjpb11 wrote

Then please support a bear hunting season. There's nothing wrong with well-guided conservation.


Justinontheinternet t1_jdj0xbr wrote

Read the links.


ThatsALotOfOranges OP t1_jdj9ar1 wrote

Neither of those links involve "adults getting eaten alive by black bears."

One of them is about a kid getting non-life-threating injuries from a black bear and the other is about an incident where some hikers were frightened by a bear but no one got hurt.


Justinontheinternet t1_jdjphnv wrote

So injuries to humans are okay as long “as the bears are safe”?

I like dogs more than people but bears? Hmm 🤔