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Justinontheinternet t1_jdj104d wrote

Okay khabib send us videos of you fighting bears. I’ll wait.


ThatsALotOfOranges OP t1_jdjg49r wrote

My dude, no one is denying bears are big and strong. But the black bears aren't out to get you.


writtenbyrabbits_ t1_jdjlvqz wrote

Who needs to fight when you just need to stand up and they run away. Are you afraid of house cats too?


Justinontheinternet t1_jdjozpj wrote

And no one is saying black bears are out to get you. But if it’s between a human life vs a bear life apparently the state chooses the bear. And remember no one bothered these bears and they chased defenseless people and the bear were behaving aggressively. Amazing that the state (and reddit) cares more about bears than tax payers lives or their families. They need to teach human empathy in class.

You’ve never stood toe with smokey the bear he’s definitely juicing like Dwayne Johnson.

You mean apex predators because that’s what house cats are. You don’t get vermin mice rats bugs or spiders when you have a cat because they’ll kill anything in sight.