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CynAq t1_jdhmwiw wrote

So is this called micro-nationalization?

Edit: Jesus Christ people, I was asking a technical question as to what do you call the action of making a municipal property a state property. That's all there is to it.


solomons-marbles t1_jdhoj9v wrote

Great idea. Should have been given to the state or NB years ago.


Bruins125 t1_jdhqz6m wrote

So why did Hartford own the property to begin with? Was this an old reservoir for the city?


Bruins125 t1_jdhwj8e wrote

It doesn't border Hartford though, it's entirely enclosed by New Britain and Farmington and about 4 miles driving from the Hartford border. It just seems odd that the City of Hartford would own the land, unless this was originally a reservoir for the city.


ertebolle t1_jdhyycq wrote

They named a park after the kid from Shazam?


jdloyola t1_jdi1ds3 wrote

This is the park I always wanted to go to but the gate has been closed for a while. I resort to Stanley Quarter Park


kingdom_tarts t1_jdi8owq wrote

I mean, it's not really "free" since we pay a fee when we register our cars that gives us access to all state parks.


No-Cardiologist6790 t1_jdid5cr wrote

This is good, I’ve paddle boarded there but there is definitely some pollution that needs to be cleaned up. So much potential with the beach area. Will definitely go there more often


TheDudeMaintains t1_jdj7m3n wrote

I worked in close proximity to native black bears for years and have plenty of photos and videos of bears within spitting distance or less. Even the most grizzled, battle-scarred boar I've ever stumbled upon never even so much as gave me reason to pause. They are to be respected, but fear is generally unwarranted.


ThatsALotOfOranges OP t1_jdj9ar1 wrote

Neither of those links involve "adults getting eaten alive by black bears."

One of them is about a kid getting non-life-threating injuries from a black bear and the other is about an incident where some hikers were frightened by a bear but no one got hurt.


fraxinus2000 t1_jdjjay3 wrote

I’ve never been there – how is it actually closed? is the entire place fenced? People can’t wander onto it?


Justinontheinternet t1_jdjozpj wrote

And no one is saying black bears are out to get you. But if it’s between a human life vs a bear life apparently the state chooses the bear. And remember no one bothered these bears and they chased defenseless people and the bear were behaving aggressively. Amazing that the state (and reddit) cares more about bears than tax payers lives or their families. They need to teach human empathy in class.

You’ve never stood toe with smokey the bear he’s definitely juicing like Dwayne Johnson.

You mean apex predators because that’s what house cats are. You don’t get vermin mice rats bugs or spiders when you have a cat because they’ll kill anything in sight.


Justinontheinternet t1_jdjp3so wrote

I choose protecting human life over bears. Bears don’t pay taxes. Super cool creatures but if the state is going to prohibit and limit my rights in a state park then they need to provide people with bear mace or protection.

Imagine you walk into a park and lose your constitutional right to free speech? It doesn’t make sense with any other amendment but it’s okay for the 2a? Weird. Seems almost discriminatory or like an infringement on constitutional rights.


sburger42 t1_jdk1l4b wrote

It’s been closed in title but it’s accessible from both sides of Batterson park pond. I’ve fished there quite a few times and even played basketball on the dilapidated court.

As a neighbor to the park I’m pumped. It needs to have 3 to 4 old buildings demo’d before opening and a lot of tree work / maintenance, it’s gonna be awhile before it’s “open”.