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ThatsALotOfOranges t1_jd2rnlc wrote

Cancel culture has gone too far. We need to protect these statues that preserve our history and culture.


Bruins125 t1_jd2vkfp wrote

Nah all Massachusetts based businesses should be canceled until the notch is rightfully returned to Connecticut.


danathecount t1_jd3420e wrote

don't stop there - lets reclaim the CT western reserve. Northern Ohio is our god given right.


solocupjazz t1_jd3is6g wrote

Let's just shove our way through the entire country until we touch the Pacific.


zackdag83 t1_jd45pip wrote

Eww, as a proud Michigander-turned-Nutmeger, you don’t want the stink of Ohio anywhere near ya.


coastal_girl14 t1_jd4rqax wrote

Yes, I've seen some older insurance maps that showed the Connecticut River Valley stretched all the way to Newport News, VA.


TheDudeMaintains t1_jd6siae wrote

My brain isn't accepting this for several reasons, but if you look at a topo map of the east coast and squint, it kinda works


Xcasinonightzone t1_jd4ozek wrote

Does every /r/Connecticut thread just turn into an argument about the notch now? I’m not mad I’m just sayin


Bruins125 t1_jd4p5l8 wrote

No, but every thread that somehow relates to Massachusetts yes


nepatsfan1974 t1_jd4ih7s wrote

Don't worry we already kicked CT out of New England. You can be a part of the Tri-State Area from this point on :P


Bruins125 t1_jd4j8gx wrote

Shhh, if you can keep a secret I'm a Medford raised masshole double agent assigned to live in Connecticut. Trying not to have my cover blown and fit in with the New Yorkers... and thwart this attempt to steal land from the glorious utopia of Massachusetts.