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danathecount t1_jd3420e wrote

Reply to comment by Bruins125 in Goodbye giant DD cup by realbusabusa

don't stop there - lets reclaim the CT western reserve. Northern Ohio is our god given right.


solocupjazz t1_jd3is6g wrote

Let's just shove our way through the entire country until we touch the Pacific.


zackdag83 t1_jd45pip wrote

Eww, as a proud Michigander-turned-Nutmeger, you don’t want the stink of Ohio anywhere near ya.


coastal_girl14 t1_jd4rqax wrote

Yes, I've seen some older insurance maps that showed the Connecticut River Valley stretched all the way to Newport News, VA.


TheDudeMaintains t1_jd6siae wrote

My brain isn't accepting this for several reasons, but if you look at a topo map of the east coast and squint, it kinda works