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elkb0y t1_jdcai0b wrote

Don’t jinx it bro


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdcao4h wrote

hehe the best winter we probably had in a while for snow storms.


GatekeeperTDS t1_jdclq9r wrote

A winter this warm is really, really not a good thing.


wizardofoz420 t1_jdcly92 wrote

I’m originally from the south. The ticks and insects are gonna be bad this summer. Didn’t get cold enough for long enough to kill them.


GatekeeperTDS t1_jdcm25b wrote

I believe I read somewhere that ticks are now a year round problem because of the temperatures.


catsmash t1_jdcmroi wrote

i promise they are. i was pulling them off my dog in january. not ideal


Chumpatrol1 t1_jdcrink wrote

They certainly are! The only time my dog wasn't infested with ticks this year was when it snowed this month


Newyorker0023 t1_jdd65d4 wrote

Can confirm. Found ticks on my dog almost every single time we went hiking this winter.


Vast-Government-8994 t1_jdfdl0o wrote

Definitely gonna be bad, already found some on the doggo....Seresto works best


SoKool71 t1_jdgvpn3 wrote

Def Seresto! Time to put down tick killer on the lawn that’s for sure.


ShowOff90 t1_jdcpn6d wrote

It’s due to the volcano that erupted near Australia in 2021. Next year is expected to be about the same (but a little more snow is expected).

And then we’re supposed to be back to normal in 2024.

Edit: volcano was early 2022, thought it was end of 2021. Happened in Tonga, South Pacific.

the weather Channel article


strippersandcocaine t1_jdczw0a wrote



ShowOff90 t1_jdd368f wrote

The water vapor settled over much of the NE and north into Canada.

Plenty of other sources if you search “Tongan volcano”.


liquidprotein t1_jdebftq wrote

Yeah if you own a snow plow business or something. Otherwise, it's great.


Due_Kaleidoscope7066 t1_jdcfmqv wrote

Nah this winter sucked. It was cold like normal, but without the snow there was no sledding or snowball fights or any of the actual fun that is supposed to come with winter. It was like a Florida winter. Just cold.


Sbarrah t1_jdcja9e wrote

It was definitely not cold like normal


Due_Kaleidoscope7066 t1_jdcrrtk wrote

If it's 37 and rainy it's still cold and unpleasant. That's all I meant.


Nigel_IncubatorJones t1_jdda1ml wrote

I'll take 37 over 97 any day


mkt853 t1_jdcqkv6 wrote

This winter was 3.7 and 5.1 degrees above normal at Bridgeport and Hartford respectively. In this part of the country where the weather and climate are about as stable as you can get, those kinds of departures from normal are pretty crazy for an entire season.


Due_Kaleidoscope7066 t1_jdcrkx5 wrote

Of course, I didn't mean to imply that it was a normal winter or that the temperatures were completely normal. On days we normally would have gotten snow we got rain because it was like 37.

I was only meaning I would have preferred to get some snow days rather than just cold rainy days.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdch2xf wrote

I mean yeah but there was also no shoveling,slipperiness or power outages that come with the snow storms.


madnessdanz t1_jdco7ct wrote

Yeah but food chains might change over the course of the next 10 years, and my crops might not grow, but by all means we get to be lazy and not shovel snow.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdeqqf1 wrote

Who cares about your crops as long as I don’t have to shovel lol we can always import from Vietnam or phillepines 🤗


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdeqxez wrote

Who cares about your crops as long as I don’t have to shovel lol we can always import from Vietnam or phillepines 🤗


madnessdanz t1_jdeybye wrote

Haha? Loser


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdf1qz8 wrote

I am a loser for not wanting to shovel in a 20 degree weather at 05:00 in the morning? 💀 like I am sorry if your crops didn’t grow but I will take this winter over whatever shithole winter we had in 2012-13 where we had 10-15 inches of snow storms. Like my bad but it is what it is 🤷‍♂️


bob-a-fett t1_jddaykg wrote

As the Grateful Dead said, "One man's heaven is another man's hell".


YoSoyCapitan860 t1_jddbad3 wrote

Depends on who you are. For me, this was the most disappointing winter yet. After living in the mountains of Idaho for 12 years, I grew quite fond of massive snowstorms.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jddsx8v wrote

Storms might be good in the mountains but they only bring hassle and loss to the cities.


Kraz_I t1_jdcmb0g wrote

Nah please jinx it. I want some snow. It doesnt feel like connecticut anymore.


Jets237 t1_jdccate wrote

once you bring it in it'll snow again. So be like everyone else and navigate around that stuff until summer


fadinglucidity t1_jdcaemd wrote

Put my shit away yesterday including heavy coats. If I’m wrong oh well but I think this is it.


NKevros t1_jdcbvtb wrote

Please do put your stuff away, nice and tight, before the rest of us... that way when the inevitable spring blizzard hits we'll still be OK. Consider this "taking one for the team"


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdcfq35 wrote

Like seriously, it’s pretty warm out in the afternoon nowadays and it all just makes me more and more suspicious everyday 🤨


noonan1371 t1_jdcej0z wrote

Hold off till Memorial day weekend. This is New England and you never know what will happen.


BananaPants430 t1_jdd7p8x wrote

If we keep the snowblower in front of the mower in the shed until we need to start mowing the lawn, it will ensure that we don't get more snow this winter.

Putting that shit away NOW is just asking for an Easter snow squall.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdcf81z wrote

Memorial Day is may 29 which is almost June. I don’t think we get any snow right before June. I am only suspicious of the last week of march and the first week of April.


WhaleyWino235 t1_jdci4vb wrote

May 9th, 2020 we had a huge squall that dumped almost an inch of snow. I recorded and was really pissed off about it.


Miles_vel_Day t1_jdcukxq wrote

That was the day after my then-girlfriend's birthday, and I worked with her friends and family to set up a whole treasure hunt around Middlesex and New London counties, ending with a proposal (which she accepted and we have now been married for six months!)

I certainly remember being very surprised that I ended up having to do this event in a heavy coat, and I remember the flurries. Thanks for the nice memory. ☺️


WhaleyWino235 t1_jdcv6vt wrote

Well internet stranger, your happy memory just stopped my disdain for my memory! So happy to hear it! Congratulations! :)


mkt853 t1_jdcr11j wrote

It has snowed in 2 of the last 3 Mays. Last Mother's Day we had a quarter to half an inch of snow right down to the shoreline.


sfa7x t1_jdcctpy wrote

Ah shit, we're doomed now


Lyanroar t1_jde79zc wrote

I remember a couple of snowy Easters when I was growing up


NotoriousCFR t1_jdcqbo5 wrote

As Prince sang, Sometimes It Snows in April...

Anyone who's been around long enough to remember 1997 knows you can't really claim victory over winter until at least April 1. Snow is absolutely still possible later in April (here in the hills of Putnam/Dutchess Counties NY, I remember that we actually had a dusting on the ground in May of 2020...) but by that point overall temperatures/ground temperature is usually high enough that it all melts away pretty quickly if it even accumulates at all.

The two major snow dumps this month were already uncharacteristically late in the season. Winter started out mild mainly due to La Niña. La Niña is over now, hence a more "normal" winter rolling in at the eleventh hour. I wouldn't be surprised if Mother Nature has one more left in her.

Geographically dependent as well. If you're along the coast, honestly you're probably in the clear. In the mountains of NWCT I wouldn't be packing up snow gear until after Easter.


midmodmad t1_jde3l7d wrote

I put everything away on Tuesday. My fault now if it snows. If we do get snow it won’t be much and it will melt quickly. You heard it here first. Lol


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdea71d wrote

Hopefully the nature wasn’t waiting for you to Put your stuff away 😂


CiforDayZServer t1_jdewei2 wrote

Bruh, end of April is pretty much the only time we can say ‘winter is done’ mid May if you never want to be wrong… and I live on the sound where we d” barely even got the last two storms.


Funny_stuff554 OP t1_jdf22ux wrote

Hehe I think we had only one proper snow storm Last month? Like you can actually call that a snow storm but everything else was just pretty light stuff.


mynameisnotshamus t1_jdcbsqi wrote

Who are you asking? I’d like to know this person.


marjorymackintosh t1_jddctik wrote

The average last frost date for coastal CT is around April 15 and last frost date for rest of the state is April 30, so that means snow is possible through April for most of the state.


USAroAce t1_jdemzk2 wrote

I’m waiting for the inevitable 48” April Fools blizzard we will get to make up for all the lost snow


djln491 t1_jdcdmqx wrote

Never really needed to take it out in the first place


TimeTraveler3056 t1_jdcfq0r wrote

Im getting ready for spring HOWEVER I am not putting the snow shovels away. We know what that will do.


sgtpepper220 t1_jdcg6yp wrote

I don't think there is a certification process, but I doubt it. We'll probably get some April slush


daveashaw t1_jdcgo2o wrote

I keep the scraper/brush in the trunk of the car 365.


Blastoid84 t1_jdck1w3 wrote

I took the orange markers down but that may just have asked for trouble so who knows. When it's late April I'll put the snowblower in the shed.


rsjem79 t1_jdcmy9x wrote

Whenever someone brings this up, I'm reminded of the April Fools Day storm of 1997. The reason I remember it is that it began the night of March 31, and my house in northern Westchester County lost power 5 minutes before the NCAA college basketball championship game was about to start so I listened to the game on my Walkman.

We got a lot of heavy snow and ice in Westchester and along the CT coast, areas more to the north got upwards of 1-2 feet of snow.

So, no, we're not officially done with snow. I won't run the gas out of my snow blower until May.


Stuanchy_Kookabeara t1_jddc6pk wrote

I put the snowblower out in the shed the other day so I can guarantee a snowstorm in April


Crafty_Yak_1747 t1_jddj9mf wrote

I keep them handy until May in this state. CT is crafty.


Sai_Faqiren t1_jde4jt9 wrote

Snow was fun as a kid. Exciting even. Hell, I even enjoyed shoveling out my parents cars.

Not anymore. About a month ago was the first time frost nearly fucked me over. I was already running late and I get to my car and the glass was just completely frozen, looked like an ice cube.


_typhoid_mary t1_jdee38m wrote

The second you do put it away, it will snow. So for the love of fucking god dont touch your shovel or i will blame u for it


Sonakstyle t1_jdch521 wrote

We were done in November


Rickybobby3rd t1_jdci2ea wrote

Last year we got snow in spring so i would not be surprised.


solomons-marbles t1_jdcjhaj wrote

Hush! Never mock March & April in New England. Just quietly go about your business and if you happen to be enjoying springlike weather, soak it in calmly in solitude.


brownstone79 t1_jdcjsn8 wrote

I don’t give up on snow until after my birthday in early April. Not that I’m advocating for it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


thedude_CT t1_jdcmcpa wrote

No joke, snow forecasted in Bristol 3/29 and 4/3 according to Accuweather


Ds87878 t1_jdco63v wrote

I got two feet at my house accumulated this month alone.


darthduder666 t1_jdcp8ah wrote

Never forget April 1st 1997. Unless you we not alive. Just know nature has a way of getting us every so often.


blaze1234 t1_jdcpj3v wrote

it happens, power out for a week in 2016

not predictable


thebatfan5194 t1_jdctdz8 wrote

Not likely but I remember years where we had a random storm the first week or two of April


Miles_vel_Day t1_jdctt9a wrote

I mean we're probably okay, but just be ready for anything until tax day. Just three more weeks.


Diligent_Ad_2605 t1_jdcv0s0 wrote

everything is unpredictable in connecticut lmfaooo


SerTadGhostal t1_jdcvji0 wrote

Sure! It NEVER snows in April in Connecticut….


Hppycmpr1 t1_jdcwlq7 wrote

We have had some big snow storms in April. I usually figure we're safe from snow after April 15th (tax day), but it can still snow after that. Fortunately the snow melts quickly this time of year.


the-crotch t1_jdcy9cd wrote

"Officially"? Who do you believe is in charge of this?


GrammarLyfe t1_jdcz5x9 wrote

yeah let me check my snow radar machine. What kind of question is this


magica12 t1_jdd55h5 wrote

didnt we get a bit of snowfall in may like a year or so ago in hartford county?


Susbirder t1_jddbwxz wrote

"Officially" the word is "maybe."


metallusman t1_jddnjvv wrote

They are already talking about potential snow for Wednesday.


FitReputation9331 t1_jdduodq wrote

They'll change the weather again and it will be -20° outside next week. I'd wait til the first week of April.


scupking83 t1_jdefp96 wrote

I didn't use my snowblower once this season...


AlmeidaMoney t1_jdeovco wrote

Yes I am god.. I know.. we are officially done.. you can tuck away the long Johns lol 😂


painterlyjeans t1_jdf6gqi wrote

My dad always waited until the end of May. Hell I remember hitting wintery condition during in Boston one year.