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Viceversa10 t1_je77irp wrote

Man, if only they had laws about those guns being illegal. They never would have been brought here!

We need more laws! More restrictions!


DavidDVDdivaD t1_je7tud2 wrote

Uhhh, just to be clear, are you of the same mind about the 6350 bags of fentanyl? Criminals don't obey drug laws either so I guess we can do away with those laws too?


jelatinman t1_je80au1 wrote

OP was the guy who posted a thread encouraging New Milford to have armed guards at school. You know who he voted for.


Badgercakes7 t1_je90zw3 wrote

Something like 99% or more of all illegally trafficked firearms in the US a start off being purchased legally and enter the black market through one of several methods. By decreasing the number of firearms on the legal market through laws and restrictions, we decrease the number of firearms available to make their way into the illegal markets. So yes, you are in fact correct, with increased laws and restrictions on the purchase of firearms (especially federal laws rather than just state laws) we can make sure these guns would never have brought here!!


flatdanny t1_je9mmql wrote

Every time someone introduces facts inconvenient to the gun fetishists narrative, they clap their hands over their ears and down vote.

As if that will change the facts or make them go away

Such children.


Badgercakes7 t1_jeahwps wrote

It’s always a little jarring to see happen in a CT subreddit. We’re supposed to be better than this


Gooniefarm t1_je7hsob wrote

Most cops have a bigger arsenal than this. Why are they allowed to still buy banned weapons to keep at home?


No-Coast-Punk t1_je98aac wrote

Someone has to keep overweight Facebook busybodies safe


usernamedunbeentaken t1_je7rexx wrote

6,350 bags of fentanyl

String 'em up.


Neowwwwww t1_je975g0 wrote

What’s wild is everyone is talking about the guns, when that amount of Fentanyl would kill innocent people. While the guns would just be used for other dealers.


kingdom_tarts t1_je7i9au wrote

What is a caliber rifle?


BadDogEDN t1_je7v0r7 wrote

its a ruger 10/22, which is a complete joke. Excluding the magazines above 10 rounds, all but maybe the carbine is legal. Not to mention the reason the carbine would likely be illegal isn't the caliber, its that its too short with a adjustable stock, you can own a larger comparable version of the rifle.


1Enthusiast t1_je7wys0 wrote

None of them are legal for these 5 drug dealing persons…


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_je9vuva wrote

It doesn't matter. IF they do time, it will only be a few months.


HopefulCabinet5531 t1_jea27hj wrote

Fucked up I did 7 off a 10 year sentence for weed literally only weed they let me out a little earlier because the laws changed but still God dam I watched pedophiles get less time and people with dope go home at 50%


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_jea2n76 wrote

And now if you're busted in the city, they will literally come up with any excuse to drop the charges.


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_jea762y wrote

One guy got busted in Hartford last summer for sale of 2 stolen firearms and sale of narcotics. Plus he had warrants for shooting at his girlfriend's house. He was supposed to do 3 years. He's out, already.


Alert-Ad687 t1_je8jxpp wrote

How about the ghost guns (no serial number) and handguns with switches? Those don’t sound legal. They certainly aren’t legal for a drug user or seller to posses.


SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_je9wan3 wrote

The only part of this story that matters is the fentanyl and they didn't give a real weight on those 6,000 bags so this sounds like a small bust to pretend they are doing something...


TheValentinePianoman t1_jea3w1t wrote

Do you not know how much fentanyl you need to kill a human? What could fit on the end of a pencil is enough to kill a man. Any amount of fentanyl is a dangerous amount.


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_jeart51 wrote

The word fentanyl is used to describe any narcotic that is cut with fentanyl. So it most likely was not strait fentanyl.


SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_jea58tm wrote

Okay, but fentanyl is also everywhere so the only important story is if you bust the main supplier. When they arrest the people bringing it into the state, they will have made progress.


TheValentinePianoman t1_jea5r2l wrote

How do you know these aren't part of the group of people that bring it in? I think any fentanyl bust is a good one.


SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_jea6696 wrote

I know it's not the group bringing it in because they are bragging about guns instead of bragging about dealing a substantial blow to the fentanyl situation.


TheValentinePianoman t1_jea72xr wrote

Wouldn't that be proof of the exact opposite? Besides, they might not be yet higher up on the ladder but who knows? One of them might have the balls to snitch


SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_jea7u1i wrote

Maybe, my point is that they don't specify. There are a lot of fentanyl busts going on over the last few days across the country as part of a huge federal operation. If you look at all of those stories, the highlighted picture is a table full of drugs despite hundreds of guns also being seized. In this one case, they are highlighting the guns and not the drugs. So my guess is these guys are not very high up and that these are small fish.


TheValentinePianoman t1_jea893t wrote

And my question was how do you know. It seems like we're just running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail. I said any fentanyl bust is a good bust and if we are able to get information on those who are bringing it into the state, even better. We can both agree on that, right? If so, then this conversation is over


CarlinHicksCross t1_jebnp8m wrote

I mean, it hasn't done anything to impact the current amount of fentanyl flooding the country. 7k bags of fentanyl off the streets of hartford is a literal drop in the pan, lol. Country wide no matter how many busts and large scale drug operations we do, the overdose rate and addiction rates continue to soar, people continue to have unfettered access to fentanyl, and we continue to wage a useless war on drugs that's been nothing but an abject failure since the 70s.


Human_Ad_8442 t1_je78g1t wrote

Good round up these drug dealing animals.


RededHaid t1_je7b4kh wrote

What kind of operation, open heart? Doctor, there's an AK47 in the chest cavity and half a key in the duodenum!


IndicationOver OP t1_je75sng wrote

ghost guns, ghost rifle

bad buys, mentally unstable will always have guns no matter how strict ones state laws are


ImperialCobalt t1_je9mnpt wrote

This. Tightening general ownership laws just restricts the rights of law-abiding citizens. It's not as if your local drug dealer's gonna say "oh shit my bad didn't realize me owning this gun was illegal lemme put it back real quick"


TheValentinePianoman t1_jea4423 wrote

It is to punish those they catch, I've said it once and I'll say it again although I'll probably be downloaded again. Law abiding gun owners shouldn't have anything to fear


saqmuel15643 t1_jebgpi5 wrote

Man, everything here is illegal. So passing more gun laws would definitely help right??


EmEmAndEye t1_je9un69 wrote

Is that a real Luger on the bottom right, or a BB gun replica? The large knob on the butt looks strange to me. Almost like the cylinder screw knob of a BB gun.


The_ConnectiCunt t1_jea6h3h wrote

Such a shame. Now all those guns will go to waste.


Soggy_Affect6063 t1_je7murs wrote

Ok so we aren’t going to talk about the elephants in the room? I’ll wait for someone to point em out because there’s a bunch.


TimSplunkin t1_jea1sit wrote

What are they?


Soggy_Affect6063 t1_jea408x wrote

  • For starters, what the heck is even a “caliber rifle?”
  • That ar is basically an sbr because given the slide length of the hi point just underneath, that ain't no 12.1" barrel.
  • Is that a red dot mounted to the underside of the mlok handguard? That's sus as hell that an actual person mounted that. I hope I'm wrong and that's just forced perspective.
  • illegal mags and alleged auto sears once again. Great to see our gun control is working when these MFs have more firepower than the average cop let alone legal citizen defender. 🤦‍♂️
  • funny this is the first time I've seen a ruger 10/22 in a weapons confiscation ever. I wonder if this has anything to do with Lamont's proposed ban that includes semi-auto 22 firearms. 🤔
  • not a single auto switch is on any of those pistols