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Badgercakes7 t1_je90zw3 wrote

Something like 99% or more of all illegally trafficked firearms in the US a start off being purchased legally and enter the black market through one of several methods. By decreasing the number of firearms on the legal market through laws and restrictions, we decrease the number of firearms available to make their way into the illegal markets. So yes, you are in fact correct, with increased laws and restrictions on the purchase of firearms (especially federal laws rather than just state laws) we can make sure these guns would never have brought here!!


flatdanny t1_je9mmql wrote

Every time someone introduces facts inconvenient to the gun fetishists narrative, they clap their hands over their ears and down vote.

As if that will change the facts or make them go away

Such children.


Badgercakes7 t1_jeahwps wrote

It’s always a little jarring to see happen in a CT subreddit. We’re supposed to be better than this