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Itsmoney05 t1_jdzm6ap wrote

An hour and a half from Trumbull to stamford? That's ridiculous. What time do you leave?


Malkor t1_jdzuhl7 wrote

Probably ~7?

I used to leave at 6:30 from Shelton to get to Norwalk and 60 seconds later would change my ~50 minute ride to hell to a longer one.


Itsmoney05 t1_jdzvnv2 wrote

I do a similar commute and if I'm in the car at 7 I'm in Stamford in 50 minutes. I'd say they are either exaggerating or leaving around 730, which puts you right in the mess of things.


Damage1200 t1_jdzyq1z wrote

Between 7:10 and 7:15 and nah on average I get in between 8:30 and 8:45.

I have to go past downtown Stamford, so it's not high ridge road or something.