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ZoqY t1_jb3oke6 wrote

Odd I don’t watch fox news. Keep speaking out of your ass because violently “protesting police brutality” is no different than violently “protesting election fraud”. You see your own side and lack the ability to view other perspectives. Blm rioters are literally on camera saying they wanted to beat up every white person. You pick out nitpicked incidents like I can’t do the same for the left.


coastal_girl14 t1_jb3vdhq wrote

Why are you focused on BLACK Lives Matter? Why not any of the other protest movements? What is it about BLM that triggers you? How is it that you cannot differentiate between the violence of people who follow a lying, thieving, pretender who wanted to be president for life from people who have died at the hands of police, suffered from police brutality, and want equality under the law?

You don't have to answer, it's clear as day from "my side".


ZoqY t1_jb3wa13 wrote

What about making America great again triggers you? We can shout buzzwords all day if you can’t comprehend the double standard there’s no point in discussing further