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CarlinHicksCross t1_jebmiuc wrote

Rep. Craig Fishbein, R- Wallingford, said those DUI penalties did little to address roadway fatalities caused by impaired driving. 

“Unfortunately in many of these instances, somebody’s dead and you can’t bring them back,” Fishbein said. “So it’s not solace to me that, ‘Well they’re still going to get arrested for driving under the influence.’”

Well, the most problematic substance by a significant margin is alcohol, yet they don't give a shit about that here.

Just because you're decriminalizing personal amounts of mushrooms doesn't mean people will be buying them to drive on them now, lol. People who consume them now don't care about the legality regardless, and someone irresponsible enough to drive while under the influence of a psychedelic are going to do it regardless of the legal status of said drug. The entire point is to stop legally punishing people for possession of a substance that's less dangerous then many many others and has stated therapeutic effects. Republicans will never get behind this kind of stuff no matter how much it makes sense.


Aphroditaeum t1_jecepb2 wrote

Another useless Republican with a dumb ass uneducated opinion just for the sake of blocking something a democrat came up with.


Masty1985 t1_jeea78u wrote

The Dems do that shit all the time too.. it's time we set fire to both parties here in CT.


Raymuundo t1_jefpsog wrote

Nah I think it’s more nefarious than that. They get campaign money (D’s and R’s both) from the liquor stores and whatnot. This is why supermarkets couldn’t sell liquor. I feel for the mom and pop shops, but at the end of the day most people are going to continue their habits of purchasing from what’s convenient rather than price. To mention big pharma and whoever else has an interest in this stuff not getting legalized.

That being said, as another commenter below mentioned, it’s both whack ass parties. We could be making more tax revenue that could be kicked back to useful programs or lower our taxes (an insane idea that could actually work) but instead we have a bunch of rich people running the poor show. Sucks.


Educational-Tomato58 t1_jecna90 wrote

People who drive under the influence will do so regardless of the legality of a drug.


CarlinHicksCross t1_jeeibmx wrote

Exactly, it's also illegal to drink more than a drink or two and drive, yet huge portions of the population do it. It's also technically illegal to smoke and drive yet there's people who do it every single day. People gonna people.