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Badgercakes7 t1_je37mw6 wrote

Reply to comment by JTMoney33 in Norwich or New London? by [deleted]

Norwich is probably going to have more in the way of detached houses, though if you’re looking to rent an entire house not in an apartment complex in either town you’re gonna be paying an arm and a leg. New London has a better night life than Norwich, though Norwich is closer to the casinos if that’s your style. Ignore people that talk down on either of these two towns, they’re both pretty good places. If you come here sometimes you hear people talk about crime in those towns but it’s basically because there was some crime back in the 90s and now it’s just where minorities live so older folk assume it hasn’t changed.


duunnneee t1_je4il6c wrote

I grew up in Norwich and have friends in Norwich and my parents house has been broken into and robbed and my friend has had people snooping around their garage at night. The people that robbed my parents house were white actually and drug addicts, so we’re not saying it’s because minorities live there.