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buried_lede t1_jcufpir wrote

It is out of date. Lists rent less than $1000 for single person. That is virtually nonexistent

I guess they use HUD fair market rent calculations.


[deleted] t1_jcvj8q4 wrote



PMurBoobsDoesntWork t1_jctzuw5 wrote

I used this when I moved to Connecticut in 2018. I found it to be spot on for those categories at least for me. I don’t know if it has been updated lately, as things are more expensive now.

Of course, it works if you understand that this only includes those categories that are necessary just to survive.

You won’t be comfortable and you won’t have disposable income if you only earn that, but you’ll “survive”.


tom_echo t1_jctxyk3 wrote

Im actually surprised how low that is. Are they accounting for savings?


Flaky-Ninja-4731 t1_jctxqx5 wrote

Am I reading this right where it says 1 adult can get by on about $37k "living wage"?

That's a far cry from what I see people here demanding almost daily


Darrone t1_jcu22hc wrote

A big caveat here really should be "1 healthy adult".


Flaky-Ninja-4731 t1_jcufsqm wrote

I'm sure many people would add many other caveats on this amount to help justify their lifestyle and choices as well.


blaze1234 t1_jcuw4l7 wrote

historically accurate

now only applies with no vehicle, must have roommates and unhealthy eating

and ofc children change everything


TriStateGirl t1_jczp5iq wrote

They would need a rent for $1000 or less. New Haven, West Haven, and Waterbury have cheap options in New Haven County, but even then it's limited.


TriStateGirl t1_jczoyvc wrote

I really find this list out of touch. I posted awhile ago how someone can live on minimum wage. The issue is my imaginary person could only spend $900 to $1000 max on an apartment. Even at 17 something an hour that's all you could afford.

Most people want Milford and you need at least $1500 to $1700 usually.

West Haven, New Haven, and Waterbury have cheaper options, but it's not usually what people want.