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Flaky-Ninja-4731 t1_jctxqx5 wrote

Am I reading this right where it says 1 adult can get by on about $37k "living wage"?

That's a far cry from what I see people here demanding almost daily


Darrone t1_jcu22hc wrote

A big caveat here really should be "1 healthy adult".


Flaky-Ninja-4731 t1_jcufsqm wrote

I'm sure many people would add many other caveats on this amount to help justify their lifestyle and choices as well.


blaze1234 t1_jcuw4l7 wrote

historically accurate

now only applies with no vehicle, must have roommates and unhealthy eating

and ofc children change everything


TriStateGirl t1_jczp5iq wrote

They would need a rent for $1000 or less. New Haven, West Haven, and Waterbury have cheap options in New Haven County, but even then it's limited.