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DarthLysergis t1_jcq6g9p wrote

It is not a problem, until it is a problem.

If you catch a cop at the wrong time, or you piss them off, a front plate becomes a ticket.

But for the most part it is overlooked.


Testy_MacTestry t1_jcq341e wrote

I haven't run a front plate since 2019.

I see people out there with expired temp tags, on their 5% tinted windshield, on a 05' Altima, going 90 in the breakdown lane on 84.

No one cares, observe Mad Max rules and drive accordingly.


WheredMyBrainsGo t1_jdzgy4h wrote

Yeah the cops here give actually 0 fucks about everything. If they pull someone over I usually assume that they were either going like 100 mph and swerving, the cop was just having a bad day and decided to take it out on someone, or their supervisor said that they need to meet their monthly quota so they have to do their job this week.


JustADudeBeingADood t1_jcqbz7f wrote

I don't understand why people don't get them. Why give cops any more ammunition against you? Best way to fly under the radar is to do the little things that take zero effort.


[deleted] t1_jcqh51q wrote

There are some cars where there's not a good spot to put it. This is mostly an issue with performance cars, however, and the people that own them have the disposable income to effectively ignore the law.


JustADudeBeingADood t1_jcrnfz6 wrote

Makes sense. But also, granted this is just my single day observation, I did go to the park today and see several CT cars with a black rectangle mount on the front but no actual plate.


[deleted] t1_jcro1s7 wrote

Oh that’s also a thing. Honestly I think it’s a stupid requirement, but I mount my plates anyway as the cops in my town are a bit overzealous. Others do it in light protest, and some just don’t give a shit.


[deleted] t1_jcukyag wrote



[deleted] t1_jcurw8f wrote

Doesn’t make much to me. It’s there for enforcement, not safety or anything else. If it were a safety thing I’d agree.


Creative-Teddy t1_jcq3f6y wrote

I believe it is a secondary offense. Meaning they have to have another reason to pull you over but you can still receive a ticket for no plate.


wwoliver04 t1_jctzyhb wrote

You have it backwards, they won’t ticket you for the plate but they will use it as justification to pull you over in the first place and try to find some other reason once you’re stopped (mainly to check for drinking or drugs)

I used to work for a local PD and that’s what they did all the time to justify pulling over someone who “looks suspicious”


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_jcq5y2e wrote

Perhaps but they’ll pull over cars for no legit reason and bs one on the spot


WheredMyBrainsGo t1_jdzh39w wrote

In my experience CT cops really don’t like to do their jobs so I doubt they would be looking for something like this to pull you over.


afapracing t1_jcrmrwy wrote

Keep it in your glove box. Tell the nice police person your car didn’t come with any holes from the dealer and you’re inept at figuring it out for yourself.


RededHaid t1_jcq6p12 wrote

There are cars from other states that don’t require them so a cop isn’t going to take action just because.


lublinj2 t1_jcqofvy wrote

Don’t drive like a moron and you should be fine. I’ve literally never used one and I’ve had a license for almost 20 years


TheDudeMaintains t1_jcr2krn wrote

I've never put a front plate on a vehicle that didn't have an existing mount. I've had a handful of roadside meet & greets over the years, and it's never been mentioned.


dasilva1227 t1_jcq3oao wrote

Haven’t had one since I got my car in 2016. Have been pulled over 3 times for speeding and none of the cops every mentioned it. Only time anyone ever said anything is when I tried to get into a state park for free during the summer lol


solomons-marbles t1_jcqablt wrote

Laser targets, reflective paint


mkt853 t1_jcr0ke6 wrote

Does that actually work? What would really be useful is something that prevents plates from being recorded by red light cameras or the cameras at tolls.


jgremlin_ t1_jcqx736 wrote

We just moved here from a rear plate only state a few months ago and boy I wish I had read this thread before I went out and spent a couple $100 on factory plate brackets that we didn't have and drilled holes in the front bumpers of our cars to mount them.


Upper_Blacksmith_522 t1_jcrhl59 wrote

I had my front plate on my dashboard for about ten years. Never had an issue, even when pulled over for speeding.


Successful-Rhubarb34 t1_jcry1v5 wrote

Some states require two, others only one. If you’re in a state that requires 2 and you only have the back one on you can get ticketed. Happened to a friend in Mass.


[deleted] t1_jcqe4ql wrote

Dont piss off the officer or do something really bad and you wont worry. Never heard of anyone getting a ticket. I had a 92 firebird for like 5 years daily driven no front plate . Have had multiple other cars/trucks no front plate. But im also in the boonies.


Chaotics_ t1_jcqkrpe wrote

Tow hook mount, I have one so I didn't have to drill holes in the bumper. Cheap and effective.


silasmoeckel t1_jcql31c wrote

Had a young trooper try and give me grief about no front plate. Older cop walked up and barked at him that you dont need one if you need to alter your car to put it there. This was 15 years ago at an easter DUI checkpoint getting onto 84 at like 4pm. It's was a grand prix where you had to break out part of the front bumper to mount a plate the dealer did not put it on when I bought it new in 2000.


bladerunner_203 t1_jcqoqdg wrote

Local cops don’t break balls because it was never a law before, just don’t go out of your way being a dick and you’ll be fine.


Shot-Canary8954 t1_jct5o8m wrote

I bought my car from another state so there wasn’t a place to put a front plate. I’m not gonna put holes in my bumper either so I’m not doing it.


WonderChopstix t1_jcthz3c wrote

For extra context. The law specifies that only any vehicle for which the DMV issues two plates must display both of them. The DMV doesn't always issue 2 plates. Usually though. So how does a cop know if you wear issued two? No clue. They probably don't. There was legislation a few years ago to remove the requirements. I dont think it passed but maybe I am not up to date here

Personally. I think with the popularity of ride share. It would be beneficial to have both. Probably unpopular opinion


CTrandomdude t1_jddgrvt wrote

Yes the cops know as it’s listed on the registration and every vehicle is issued two plates with very few exceptions. Motorcycles the most obvious.

Enforcement is erratic for sure.


WonderChopstix t1_jddgwln wrote

Oh it says it on your registration? I never looked. I'll check it out


[deleted] t1_jcq6qpu wrote

If you ever go out of state you'll need it, NY at least loves to ticket CT drivers for not having them.


t1ttysprinkle t1_jcqhjil wrote

Can’t. Not enforceable as the car isn’t registered in that state in this case.


[deleted] t1_jcqpkst wrote

Yes, you can. It's a common topic of discussion in high-end sports cars or classic car groups.

TL:DR if you aren't in compliance with your home state laws then you can be ticketed. You can even be ticketed if you come from a state that only issues 1 plate but you can win that one if you want to show up for the court date.