Submitted by AsteriskDisasterisk t3_11tu661 in Connecticut

I'm looking to purchase a car in a few weeks, trying to stay under $6k. I'm not too picky as far as cars go, I've never owned anything newer than a 2010. I've only ever purchased vehicles from private sellers, and it seems (from the casual research I've been doing) that while prices have calmed down from the red hot highs of the past couple years, they're still up there. I've always read about these auctions, and I'm just hoping for some thoughts/advice/stories about the process in our state.

I'm also open to some dealership recommendations, I'm in the Manchester area but I don't mind driving for an honest, reputable business. Thanks in advance.



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FinnbarMcBride t1_jckse0z wrote

I know someone who has bought several cars at the state auction and has always been happy with them. That being said, he says that there are a lot of dealers there as well, so the bidding can be pretty competitive on the better vehicles


purpleflyingmonster t1_jclcskb wrote

Go a few times to just observe so you get the lay of the land and what cars are popular and how the bidding can go. Don’t buy the first time you go unless you have someone experienced with auctions with you.


Rlaf75 t1_jckug1y wrote

If you know what you're looking at it can be a good purchase. Dealers and cab drivers have been known to frequent the state auctions which can lead to high bids on not so good vehicles. That used to happen a lot when the state used Ford Crown Victoria's for there vehicles.


meesch_mosh t1_jckzhg3 wrote

Check out Canton Auto Exchange. Not sure what you’ll find in that price range though.


Extreme-Cupcake5929 t1_jcl51qn wrote

My Dad did this a few times years ago , each car seemed like a good deal , drove fine for a few days then some issue or another . The car I decided to take from him the gas pedal got stuck , scariest shit ever until I learned to be on the ready and throw it in neutral 🤦🏻‍♀️.

But good luck


IndicationOver t1_jcktuzr wrote

Are you a mechanic? This post sounds naive to me. Never anything newer than 2010, well it is 2023 now. You get what you pay for. Backup cameras are a great addition to modern cars also not to mention the better gas mileage.


auditorygraffiti t1_jckwm81 wrote

This post sounds to me like someone who may not have the money to drive a newer car, given that they want to stay under $6k. They know they’re getting what they pay for. It’s nice to be able to afford something with extras and low miles but that isn’t everyone’s reality.


I_Know_What_Happened t1_jckw905 wrote

You misread the post. They never said they are opposed to a newer car, just that they never owned one newer then 2010.