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blondiemandie38 t1_jdcgj4l wrote

These comments are so gross. She’s a predator and took advantage of a literal kid after getting him drunk 🤮🤮


stinkstankstunkiii t1_jdcjt9p wrote

it's really a fkn example of why boys don't come forward when they are assaulted. Bc of assholes like them, saying their bs, laughing at it, saying it's not assault. Pisses me off.


Jackers83 t1_jdckci0 wrote

Yea, you’re definitely not wrong. It’s just a small slice of the prototypical masculine, strong ego, endlessly attempting to add notches of conquest to the sword hilt that is our life. It’s been ingrained in us guys since forever. It really has I think. Movies, tv shows, comics, video games. It’s working.


blondiemandie38 t1_jdcl2hr wrote

If the tables were turned, people would be rioting. Hope the victim isn’t reading any comments like some of these and taking care of himself, and I hope she does prison time.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jdco9ak wrote

They would not be rioting. This happens daily.


blondiemandie38 t1_jdcr0d8 wrote

True true. Poor choice of words. More so just meant the comment section would look very different


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_jdcqavq wrote

Seriously lol. “Grown man offers underage teenage girls alcohol at beach, lures one into the bathroom to sexually molest them”, people would be calling for the guy’s head


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jdctle4 wrote

No they wouldn't. It happens all the time. The only reason why headlines like these get your attention is because it's a woman doing it to males.

Men finally can point the finger and act like a saint.

I'm not saying what she did was right. It was a really wrong thing to do, period.


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_jdd22tr wrote

To assume that I only care because “Look, look, women bad also haha!” is possibly the most insulting thing I’ve ever read about myself on Reddit. Any other generalizations you would like to throw out?


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jddesbe wrote

Wow. I'm going to now assume you're a male then? Or associate as being one?

You, my dear neighbor, made a comment that was extremely generalized and grossly incorrect. My one snarky comment got yourself all insulted? To generalize that most of the men commenting on this isn't at least partially, deep down, a little relieved to finally share that "shame on" you spotlight with a female? Honestly, I would be at least a little bit and I wouldn't blame a single male that did. What do I take issue with is making comments that are grossly understating what a female has to deal with every single day and how they have been raised in this society and how they are dealt with.


Funny_stuff554 t1_jdepjc6 wrote

Just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean the comment section wouldn’t be different.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jderq4d wrote

The comment sections are generally what is made safe by the overriding group. Doesn’t mean it’s correct. Are we supposed to just let people spread propaganda and shrug our shoulders?


Funny_stuff554 t1_jdf0uue wrote

What are you even talking about? there would be more outcry if the victim was a girl


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jdf6sxb wrote

Explain that to me. Also, explain to me if the female was a male. And the victims remain male. I’m not seeing those huge stories that literally happen every 👏single👏day👏


Funny_stuff554 t1_jdf84hg wrote

If one thing happens more than the other doesn’t mean it’s worse. Most men don’t report sexual assault. I was touched by my baby sitter but I have never told anyone. This is the first time I am actually talking about it online because it’s Reddit and it’s anonymous in a sense that my pic and name is not on my profile. Most men just don’t report it because “You are a man so be a man”. I have also been asked for sex inappropriately at work and nobody knows it except for me and 2 of my coworkers who were there. So you 👏 don’t 👏 hear it 👏 everyday 👏 because most men don’t report it. There I explained it. Btw in my case both suspects were women not men.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jdfbdmf wrote

Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. I know more men that have be sexually assaulted than I would have imagined in my normal day to day life. It’s horrifying. I’ve talked (anonymously) with men that wanted a young girl. It’s scary how many people have been traumatized at an early age, regardless of being male or female. It’s something that shouldn’t be normalized. This awful behavior transcends male or female. My only point is that the happy band wagon of comments saying if it was a man doing it to girls we would all be mad. I’m mad regardless of genders. No one should victimize another for their own pleasure against someone else’s. Can’t we all stop throwing stones at each other on this topic and turn our attention to people (regardless of sex) that take advantage of children period?


Funny_stuff554 t1_jdfh571 wrote

I agree with you.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jdfi1b4 wrote

Thank you. This is obviously triggering for anyone that’s dealt with something like this. Doesn’t matter sex. It happens. Doesn’t mean it’s okay either way. I appreciate you.


Page-This t1_jdd5ndy wrote

>Men finally can point the finger and act like a saint.

You’d be a lot easier to agree with without this part…it reads pretty misandrist.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jddbnbe wrote

> misandrist

Oh no! I wouldn't want to hurt any feelings here.

Men don't point fingers, because they are saints.

Women overreact about everything. They're all crazy and sex hungry and on their periods, hunting down young men for prey!

Is that easier to read? Because it seems like this feed is full of that. We don't want to correct people when their speaking nonsense, it's just easier to hit the vote buttons.


Page-This t1_jddkrhx wrote

> We don't want to correct people when their speaking nonsense, it's just easier to hit the vote buttons.

This is a funny way to react to a comment that sought to correct some nonsense…but I guess I’ll vote for good measure too.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jddmq42 wrote

Wait? You were correcting something? When?


Page-This t1_jddnadh wrote

Careless or, perhaps, accidental misandry in your earlier comment.

But now I also feel the need to correct your misplaced anger…I’m just trying to help strengthen your argument by cleaning up distractions.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jddntaa wrote

Ohhhhhhhhhh, I'm angry? Well shoot.

Thanks for putting me in my place. Great job! A+


Page-This t1_jddo14z wrote

I get the sense you make your own life hard. Well, you do you.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jde9vl7 wrote

It's actually not hard at all...and yet you keep judging me. I'm angry, I am careless with my words, my life is hard. I appreciate your projections and/or your creativeness in all of this. I would possibly recommend some time meditating on what's so troubling for you. I find this quite curious.


netscorer1 t1_jdd2ycl wrote

There is a big difference. Males are physically much stronger then females. Even a teen after few beers should be able to resist assault of a skinny woman, no prob. But if he let it run the course, was it really an assault?


Page-This t1_jdd6d3t wrote

Yes. Physical dominance isn’t some prerequisite for doing something gross…there are all sorts of power dynamics. In this case, it was the age of the victim.

To illustrate, a minor who posts nude selfies of their own volition doesn’t absolve downloaders from child porn charges.


netscorer1 t1_jddbbkv wrote

A casual acquaintance at the beach and few beers shared together should not provide basis for power dynamics to develop and become a factor. Age difference makes it a statutory rape, but there’s a huge difference in a young girl being assaulted by a dominant male at the beach and a teen boy not fighting back when he has all the opportunity and necessary strength to defend himself.


Page-This t1_jddm804 wrote

Your initial statement is the context for this back and forth:

>But if he let it run the course, was it really an assault?

Yes, is the answer.

Muscles have nothing to do with it…but, of course, we know nothing of the boy’s muscles so it really is a waste of time to generalize on gender differences of perps/victims in terms of physical features.


maybe_little_pinch t1_jddfw4t wrote

Males often don’t fight back because they fear they will hurt their assailant and how it will be perceived.


the-crotch t1_jdcptl2 wrote

tbf, most of the comments are disgusted with her and the other ones are heavily downvoted


maybe_little_pinch t1_jddihab wrote

Always happens unless the woman is absolutely grotesque. The report could have included weapons, being tied down, etc.

For the record, both males and females can become sexually aroused during these events completely against their will. Males often report not fighting back for fear of hurting their assailant, not being believed, or being accused themselves.


gwidj t1_jdciqfc wrote

holy shit i went to school with her 💀


buddboy t1_jdco828 wrote

so is this news completely shocking or does it add up ?


gwidj t1_jdcv085 wrote

i didn’t know her that well. if i remember i think we had maybe 1 or 2 classes together? but it is pretty shocking since she didn’t seem like the type


buddboy t1_jdcx6lz wrote

well rarely does one "seem like the type" for this sort of crime. I was just wondering if she was like a bad egg or something


bunkerbash t1_jddv9ng wrote

I gotta say I think it depends. I worked with this bastard for a couple years and he 100% seemed like the type. The arrest went down after id left that company but when I saw the news I wasn’t shocked at all. He was aggressive, handsy, demeaning towards the women in the office, tried to encourage similar behavior from the other men in the office, and tried to turn everything into a sexual joke. Yuck


buddboy t1_jddvsdp wrote

true but he's not a neck beard which is what I think most people assume


RoundPlum t1_jdnhg2o wrote

That's insane. What the hell is wrong with people there's another case where there's an 83-year-old Rich socialite that was caught. Filming people for sexual gratification that lived in Greenwich. On the same page


joeya20001 t1_jddm0c3 wrote

So I guess it adds up since she didn’t seem like that type then?


buddboy t1_jddok1z wrote

i guess lol. I don't even know what type of answer I was expecting when I asked my question


stinkstankstunkiii t1_jdc3u7g wrote

hope she gets time in prison. Ppl need to be aware of women taking advantage of kids/teens,etc.


Ok_Repair_92 t1_jdc9xcv wrote

Yes people need to be aware. A crime really I was not aware of such women when I was a teenager. 😂


B1NG_P0T t1_jdcbohd wrote

This asshole: sexual assault and the lifetime of pain and trauma it can cause, LOL, amirite?


Ok_Repair_92 t1_jdcgw9x wrote

Like you would turn down a moderately attractive older woman in your teens.


blacklung990 t1_jdcn66z wrote

The fact that teenagers are less likely to see the issue is kind of a major part of the problem here. A lot of teenagers would fall for this, it's exploitative, and rape.


phantompenis2 t1_jdchbfq wrote

i turned down attractive women as a teen. not everyone just walks around with an erection, ready for any warm hole whatsoever to approach them


Ok_Repair_92 t1_jdcj9qu wrote

Stop shaming me asshole.


maybe_little_pinch t1_jddhres wrote

Stop advocating for pedophilia.

and before someone goes “ackshully it’s ephebophilia” that’s not any better shut the fuck it.


B1NG_P0T t1_jdcmz3l wrote

Lol, I'm a straight chick.

I get that if you're someone who not only clearly has a hard time getting laid but who is also fairly immature and lacks critical thinking skills as well as any semblance of empathy and decency, a situation like this might seem potentially appealing, but you might want to rethink siding with a sexual predator. Can't really think of any reason why someone would want to defend one, unless they were one themselves.


WhaleyWino235 t1_jdcrftn wrote

“WhErE wErE tHeSe TeAcHeRs WhEn I wAs In HiGhScHoOl?!?!” Fucking cringe.


stinkstankstunkiii t1_jdca3fu wrote

it's more common than most ppl think. Not something to laugh about either but go off sis


stinkstankstunkiii t1_jdca5g5 wrote

guess you're just over being a teenager, you're most definetly not a parent. smfh


Pancrat t1_jdck2in wrote

Happened at Cummings beach… bit on the nose


Darkling5499 t1_jdcekcd wrote

I'm curious if it's actual sexual assault, or the continued trend of the news refusing to say rape when its female teacher + male student.


the-crotch t1_jdcq510 wrote

Rape is a form of sexual assault, so it's accurate to call it that, just maybe not specific


BeyonceBurnerAccount t1_jdim44t wrote

And I would assume not being as specific is to try and protect the victim. The public doesn’t need to know exactly what the kid went through


jaydecay123 OP t1_jdcevxz wrote

There is no continued trend in the news. We literally provide information to the public straight from the police department. If police call it a "sexual assault" we call it a sexual assault.


Darkling5499 t1_jdcf5q5 wrote

There absolutely is. I can count on 1 hand how many times I've seen a female teacher sleeping with a male student reported as "rape" and not "sexual assault" or other non-rape terms.


jaydecay123 OP t1_jdcfbgw wrote

Then that's the information that police have given to the news outlet. In this case specifically, police have referenced the incident as 'sexual assault.'


Darkling5499 t1_jdcgewi wrote

That's fair, I will cede that in this case that may be entirely true, and not just "the usual".


BluenotesBb t1_jdcqjj7 wrote

That trend actually started with defense attorneys, they believe the word RAPE, prejudices jurors automatically against the perp. This is why it is nearly always called sexual assault. It's been going on for at least a decade and started with attorneys not the press.
And it's been done to female victims as well as male. It has nothing to do with gender just protecting the one accused.


handsonabirdbody t1_jddc4kx wrote

Can we have one post about a male sexual assault victim without comments saying “people would care if the victim was female!” Because no they don’t always! And do these commenters even care about this victim and other male victims? Or do they just want to complain about girls and women have it so much easier? Where is the actual concern for this poor kid? (Edited bc I hit post too soon)


Prudent-Ball2698 t1_jdcdtb1 wrote

Chances are they'll send her to classes for the shot, which never helps. Hope she sees her time in prison but I doubt she will


red_purple_red t1_jdcod92 wrote

Lol house arrest. In order for a man in her position to get that they'd need to be a billionaire with access to reams of blackmail info on rich and powerful individuals.


Extra_Mango_8547 t1_jdcu2hr wrote

And there is actual hard evidence like a video showing it happen by the females. Otherwise, it would just be another report that doesn't get taken seriously.


Arion185 t1_jddzs4b wrote

This will make zero news because she’s a woman. There is beginning to be an awful trend of adult woman getting a slap on the wrist for similar crimes.


puffytacoz t1_jderqpi wrote

Seems like we could eliminate two problems at once. Pair these women up with potential incel shooters. Problems solved, jail, and shooting avoided.


osrs_kwanoo t1_jdcv4f1 wrote

OP really likes posting News 12 links


No-Coast-Punk t1_jdcf4hm wrote

How long 'till the teacher shortage means a school district picks her up?


qtg t1_jdcjwq1 wrote



buddboy t1_jdcoedq wrote

Lots of this in this thread, I downvoted them all but am upvoting yours because I know its meant to be a sick joke lol


qtg t1_jdcp98e wrote

I honestly expected this South Park reference to be at the top of the comments


buddboy t1_jdcqufp wrote

I mean I would hope not again I don't like people making light of these kinds of things and the double standard and all that but it's such a good episode and I enjoy sick jokes


Avarice21 t1_jdccy7e wrote

Is she hot?


[deleted] t1_jdcdn64 wrote



Avarice21 t1_jdcf7pr wrote

Definitely not worth getting molested by.