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silasmoeckel t1_jdvjlul wrote

Massive swaths of vacant/underused property exist in cities and you have all the other infrastructure in place.

Stop trying to export urban problems to the burbs as a magical fix. We dont have the capacity to deal with this. I see the Hartford planners going uh look 17 children per class in little school they can absorb nearly half again as many students without needing much more that the existing teacher and aid. Sure 26 kids could fit but you quickly look like urban schools and start having urban problems.

I hear talk about spending billions to reroute highways in Hartford and put in parks. How about some low income detached homes or even condo like setups seems a lot more critical than OMG you can not easily walk from this neighborhood to the other.


Kolzig33189 t1_jdvn5vl wrote

You essentially made the same comment I was going to. Property (especially vacant property) already exists in a lot of our cities where it wouldn’t cost millions to run utilities to because they’re already there.


ValuableNorth7868 t1_jdvl8id wrote

Its not even a question of capacity, CT zoning requirements have a lust for McMansions rather than starter homes. The burbs are specifically blueprinted to not solve the housing problem.


kayakyakr t1_jdwh5wc wrote

Dunno why you're being downvoted for the truth of it.