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Jawaka99 OP t1_jcvbqsu wrote

So many questions. What were 5 kids from the Derby area, with ages ranging from 8-17 doing driving in New York at 12:30am with no adults/parents present?


smkmn13 t1_jcve3vl wrote

Sounds like it was actually six kids - there was a 9 year old in the hatch who was able to make it out. How unbelievably sad.


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_jcwchtp wrote

They were from somewhere in NY. They were about 45 min from home. Maybe went out to see friends or family.


Betorah t1_jcwicxs wrote

They had been at a mall, according to the family. My guess is Woodbury Commons in Central Valley.


Betorah t1_jcwidm2 wrote

They had been at a mall, according to the family. My guess is Woodbury Commons in Central Valley.


Nexis4Jersey t1_jcy01ph wrote

Probably wasn't Woodbury as GPS would send you up 87 , 84 , 34 to Derby. The Parkway goes right past the Mall at Bay Plaza and near the Malls in White Plains.


harryhood10 t1_jczh7k6 wrote

Cross county mall in Yonkers would be most likely based on the location of the crash.


Single_T t1_jcwyl04 wrote

Out living life and being kids. As sad as it is accidents happen whether you're 17 or 71, and I don't think citing one example of things going wrong justifies the idea that kids shouldn't be allowed to be kids


Backpacker7385 t1_jcx0mm3 wrote

You think an 8 year old and a 9 year old (who was riding in the trunk) being driven around by a sixteen year old, after midnight with no adults, is “being kids”?

Kids need some supervision, or this happens.


Single_T t1_jcx2nif wrote

Yes I do. As someone who was once a kid, I can tell you with confidence that kids are stupid, and no amount of adult supervision will stop that. What they were doing was already illegal so changing the laws wont stop them, and if we keep trying harder to shut kids in they will just keeping new tide pod challenges to let their stupidity out.

Again it's very sad that it happened, but car crashes happen all the time whether you're 16 or 64. The only way to make them happen is to give kids more places worth going out to just be kids that give them less opportunities to get into situations like this.


Last-Instruction739 t1_jcxbpr4 wrote

Hey I was once a kid too!

Nice to finally find someone else who has a similar background.


Mycatreallyhatesyou t1_jcywu2b wrote

Adult supervision would have absolutely stopped an unlicensed 16 year old from driving a bunch of children around in the middle of the night. The most minuscule amount of supervision would have prevented this.


Single_T t1_jcz5tke wrote

That may be true but I think its an entirely unreasonable assumption to think that a 16 year old will always have adult supervision. For example, I could reasonably trust a 16 year old to babysit younger kids, and if they had a car I could also reasonably trust them to drive themselves to and from babysitting those kids depending on the situation. I dont think this is the place to continue having this discussion because it is a sensitive and tragic situation. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, and I am going to leave it at that


Mycatreallyhatesyou t1_jczhy90 wrote

Because you’re wrong. The kid didn’t have his license and shouldn’t have had access to a car to begin with.


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_jcvwn3c wrote

So many questions… for the parents.


Down_vote_david t1_jcyrbyc wrote

They should be in jail.


Professional_Bird_74 t1_jcz1r8x wrote

Except for one, they all perished.


Down_vote_david t1_jczfnk6 wrote

I'm referring to the parents. They should both be in jail for allowing one of their teenage kids to KNOWINGLY drive the other kids ages 8-17 when the kid didn't have a license. The father even admitted to knowing the 16 year old kid would drive around unlicensed and would drive the other kids as well...

Also, I'm not buying the story the mom said about the kids being at a mall? What mall is open at 10:00pm or later? They crashed at 12:20...what is an 8 year old and 9 year old (where there wasn't even room in the car for the 9 year old, they were in the trunk) doing awake at 12:00?

Also, how did the parents not know their kids were being driven around by a 16 year old with no license?


bunkerbash t1_jczz3at wrote

And the parents have already raised over $40,000 on gofundme… given their lack of parenting up to this point you gotta wonder if the donations will actually be used for funeral expenses.


purpleflagbook t1_jcz8seu wrote

What mall is open at 12:30am? Or close to that time? Why were 8/9/12 year olds out at that time with other teenagers and no adults present? not to mention the driver with no license.

None of the children were registered in school in derby either….sounds like their parents didn’t care what they did. How sad for those children who needed to be home in their beds. Rest In paradise. A sad day.


NPETravels t1_jd35xs4 wrote

The more info that comes out, the more questions I have. This is so incredibly sad. I can even begin to imagine what the surviving 9 year old saw in that car and the trauma he's going through.


Money-Measurement961 t1_jd3jpo7 wrote

I feel the same. Also they moved here in august and the kids never enrolled in school..


NPETravels t1_jd3q6p9 wrote

August? I missed that. The article in the NY Post made it seem like they just moved here a few weeks ago.


Money-Measurement961 t1_jd3qaez wrote

Yeah I’m part of the derby community page and the father posted to it late august asking how to enroll his kids because they just moved there. Also he was told how. Big red flag


NPETravels t1_jd3qayk wrote

Still even if a few weeks, I would think a priority would be making sure the kids are in school. What did they do during the day ?


gatogrande t1_jcy86u9 wrote

Shit parenting turns into unbelievable tragedy. So fuking sad


aproudginger t1_jcyoqyw wrote

This is what it is. The father knew his son had done this before and didn’t put a stop to it. Sad.


[deleted] t1_jcvtgy2 wrote



daveashaw t1_jcvvze0 wrote

I think it still does.


TheXantica t1_jcya9dn wrote

Yep still does, curfew until age 18 and passenger limits for the first year of holding a license


Immediate_Pilot_8429 t1_jcz6kp2 wrote

why were 8 and 11 year olds hanging out with teenagers?🤦‍♀️😞


AA206 t1_jdgicte wrote

Family member of the children has been trying to get the real story out and is being silenced by other family members. The parents were literally trafficking these children

Post by family member:

This has been the longest week. My cousins were involved ina horrific accident. Their parents pulled them out of school a few years ago, and been sending then to New Jersey and New York as unaccompanied minors to panhandle for money. This weekend. Their parents sent them to New Jersey from Connecticut to panhandle by themselves. They gave the unlicensed 16 year old the keys to a car rental, and put him and the 17 year old in charge of the smaller children and told them they can't come back until they met a certain quota. They asked to come home early but they didn't make enough money to satisfy the adults. It was around 12:20am when the car hit a boulder then a tree on the highway killing 5 out of the 6 children in the car. My family is trying to bury the story out of shame and embarrassment. They may get away with trafficking their children. The they raised over $60,000 on go fund me. They started the go fund me a few hours after they found out the kids died. They don't need the go fund me because their bodies burned in the car crash after the car caught on fire. They'll most likely hold a ceremony without a funeral home because a full funeral isn't required because the state already cremated their remains for free. Other family members are trying to keep me silent because they want a cut of the money. There's 5 other children in the home. Cps has yet to step in and do something about it.


Jawaka99 OP t1_jdhjalo wrote

Wow.. this is so f'd up...

Hopefully the one kid who survived can confirm this and get these "parents" arrested and in jail where they belong.