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x6tance t1_je5yc1o wrote

No better feeling than knowing that Connecticut's high quality of life is subsidized by the military industrial complex and insurance companies


zodiacsignsaredumb t1_je6b4fs wrote

I imagine each state has some industry holding it up. All of which can be pretty seedy.


Malkor t1_je67kvv wrote

Shhh don't tell anyone!

There are opps all over this website.


Miles_vel_Day t1_jea82he wrote

Yeah, I'm a SE CT native and I love that it's so easy for people in my area to get a job that pays really well. It's just a shame that the work they do can't be put towards constructive rather than destructive purposes.

If we ever did cut Pentagon funding, we would definitely need a WPA-type program to scoop up the dislocated workers. At the end of the cold war the government did no such thing, and my hometown was devastated by EB layoffs. "Thankfully," eventually the country became paranoid enough again for the company to thrive, but I do hope that if that needle ever moves in the other direction then workers are given much more support.


Ziggy1433 t1_je63maz wrote

Yeah, CT has a big 'ol bullseye on it for the nukes.


adultdaycare81 t1_je66rww wrote

If it comes to that, I would rather get the direct hit than what comes after


Malkor t1_je68yl7 wrote

Such a weird thing to consider, but the initial blasts may be preferable to anything close to the experiences (with relatively "tiny" bombs mind you) people have had in the past.


LavaGriffin t1_je6lir3 wrote

Definitely would rather be dusted than microwaved slowly. But tactical nukes are even smaller than the tiny bombs, and would probably a better choice for military targets like EB. But who knows what will be used if the time comes....


pittiedaddy t1_je8kksh wrote

Between them, Sikorsky and Pratt, we always were. We had several Nike missile sites as well.


Miles_vel_Day t1_jea7bv6 wrote

I used to live right across the Thames from the Navy base in Quaker Hill, and then in downtown NL directly across from EB. I always appreciated that in any nuclear war I would've been one of the "instantly vaporized without even realizing it" people. Unfortunately, I've moved over to Middlesex so I'm definitely more in the "slow painful death" zone now.


SFD8-4-0 t1_jecveg0 wrote

I'd venture to say that Sikorski, Pratt, Hartford, Milestone, Bradley, Groton, and Yale all have bullseyes 🎯 on them. Don't worry, we'll all be vaporized if it comes to that.


2SLGBTQIA t1_je5wsm9 wrote

EB making up for the Sikorsky L big time


captainXdaithi t1_je5zqrh wrote

Sikorsky L? They just signed a multi-decade deal to build the King Stallion like 2 years ago… Also Sikorsky is in the running for the FARA program too, with the RaiderX.

Sikorsky is doing just fine. IMO the USA gave the Valor from Bell the nod because they need to make sure both manufacturers keep running. Cheaper to spread the contracts to both and keep both lines open, than to shutter a manufacturer and then lose all that institutional knowledge/expertise, and take years to ramp up again in a time of war.


Prestigious-Winter61 t1_je6i4t7 wrote

This is my understanding as well. We didn't get that contract, but we're still operating in a healthy space overall and we have a lot of maintenance work coming our way. Smarter move in the grand scheme of things.


mysticeetee t1_je6w4k9 wrote

My kid goes to daycare in SE CT and all of the good centers in the area have you sign a form to approve giving your kid potassium iodide in the event of something happening.


CTNotPC t1_je6npym wrote

Fuck it. It was a great run. At least is Spring.


ConfidentDot7097 t1_je9j8yf wrote

Worked there for 15 years after a 4 year stint in the Army. I never understood the culture of the company. It was really cool work. I learned many valueable job skills & took advantage of the education & job training benefits and great pay! Climbed the ladder to the top, then off to a 20 year State Job. CT has been very good to this NYC boy.


[deleted] t1_je62dj9 wrote



mjl42roll t1_je6b4to wrote

Or maybe just hire people in general. I’ve applied for multiple jobs, have had 2 interviews and was told that they have another job that I’m more suited for but I need to be on the look out for it. The funny part is that the jobs I’ve interviewed for, I know someone who worked at dollar tree for 10 years with a high school degree and got the job. I’m told that I don’t fit the job yet I have a degree which they say is preferred. Still haven’t heard back about my first interview which was about to be 2 months ago. At this point just tell me I didn’t get the job. The yard jobs are basically slave labor rates. It’s pretty funny and disgusting to be honest.

Edit: At this point I’ve memorized the questions they ask for the interview and have had the same interviewers. Maybe next time I’ll write up a script and read it word for word for them.


absurd-bird-turd t1_je6qzm9 wrote

What are you applying for? Currently eb is transitioning into full ship building productuon so unless youre applying for a ship yard job your chances of getting hired in a design and engineering position are rather low.


mjl42roll t1_je6v4na wrote

Oh I understand that, but why give me multiple interviews if it’s going to be a no at the end of the day and they’ve interviewed me already, that’s all. I went to college so that I didn’t have to crawl around a ship, not being a dick but you know what I mean. There’s other jobs around but I just thought since they “need” people I’d apply. I’ve applied for detailed planning, design, draftsmen etc. Maybe after they interview me 20 times they’ll get sick of it and give me something, will I stay around that long, we’ll see.


Wimminz90 t1_je9cw6t wrote

Sooo, I got hired into electrical design back in 2021. It took 4 months for them to offer me the interview and then another 5 months before I started. This is most people's experience with getting a job here minus some very select positions. We are doing the major hiring push, but, like was mentioned above the majority are in the yard. Unless you come with some serious experience and some rather specific experience at that, do not expect to come in as a designer, and even less so into detail planning. Most planners I know moved within the company. I too have a degree and didn't start at the bottom tier of the design tree, but, not very far from it.. raises come quick the first 3 years and no matter how much you think you learned going to school, you'll realize you don't know jack shit about designing the stuff we do.

My advice would be to apply for a draftsman-learner position to get your foot in the door. If you get in you can always move up ahead or schedule.


absurd-bird-turd t1_je6wjdy wrote

Electrical is the only design dept hiring. Rn. And for the life of me i cant tell who they choose to hire