Submitted by zinnadean t3_127o81p in Connecticut

Hi CT,

I recently moved to FL and misplaced the registrations for my two cars. Unfortunately now I'm unable to register my cars at my new address.

What makes this complicated is I've already updated my drivers licenses to FL so I can't log in to the automated system to try and recover it.

I've emailed the DMV and I'm also waiting for a call back from them. I can't imagine I'm the first person to do this.


Any advice or help would be greatly appricatied.



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USAroAce t1_jefe5hx wrote

There is a way to do it by Mail. Form B-341 allows for a different mailing address and a $20 fee.


mkt853 t1_jef15za wrote

Do you mean title? Why would Florida care if your car is registered in CT?


zinnadean OP t1_jef4103 wrote

Nope. Registration.

According to FL that’s what’s needed, it’s more important than the title.

reprint registration

This is what I needed someone else sent it to me.


1234nameuser t1_jef658k wrote

Still makes no sense. Just tell them it was never driven or registered back in CT.

Proof of registration is not a prerequisite for registration unless you're trying to avoid sales tax without a title or something.


zinnadean OP t1_jef7wjc wrote


But according to the DMV down here, title is not enough to say I own the car.

I agree with everyone that it should just be a title


1234nameuser t1_jef8j42 wrote

Something definitely not right then, but all I can say is it's FL.

Avoid the public schools for obvious reasons.......


zinnadean OP t1_jefdsx8 wrote


We’re down here to be closer to family.

Long term I’m trying to get a job in the UK or Ireland. Get out of this shit hole.