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phunky_1 OP t1_jbhiy0e wrote

The dude should be homeless, it is astonishing that someone can declare bankruptcy yet still get paid enough to live a rich lifestyle.


beanie0911 t1_jbhsyfv wrote

That’s because we live in a caste system, whether we like it or not. It matters who you are, not what you do.


1234nameuser t1_jbj6elq wrote

Lots of bankrupt small business owners still living in their own homes.


JohnBrownEye69 t1_jbif099 wrote

As a socialist, I believe housing is a human right.

But motherfuckers like this aren't humans so... Yeah. Agreed.


WhoInvitedMike t1_jbiwdh3 wrote

Idk what Jones's living arrangement is like, but I'd be very surprised to hear if it was subsistence housing. Roof, walls, toilet, privacy are human rights. Mansion? Nope-a-roo.


[deleted] t1_jbk7srr wrote



JohnBrownEye69 t1_jbkhndw wrote

It's impossible to justify the creations of a capitalist system with socialist explanations.

If we're talking about just a social safety net, and making sure every human being has housing provided as a human right, mcmansions are fine as long as everyone has access to some form of reasonable housing.

The only objection would be that mcmansions are generally wasteful and not built to last.


UhaRugger1 t1_jbhnnt9 wrote

I'm sure to him and his family he is "poor". Which is a really absurd thought but wouldn't be surprising.


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_jbhvm5l wrote

Trying not to pay more because they already have a debt to the company that supplies the snake oil supplements he sells

You know, the same company that’s owned by his dad and the same company that Alex himself owns a stake in. You cannot make this shit up. Can’t wait for this fat fuck to kick the bucket


stylish_aggie t1_jbjl3zp wrote

Why does this fuck get to ruin lives and get paid? Why? It's infuriating.


Nyrfan2017 t1_jbkmo0y wrote

Let him get 40,000 a year and try to manage like a good chunk of this country


EJWP t1_jbjpu71 wrote

Sure-ask for it. Then Bankruptcy mediation will reduce & court filing can attach wages until a base “standard of living” after taxes is allowed. If not met, JAIL!


USMC_Valhalla t1_jbkc1dd wrote

Good and he shouldn't pay a dime.


cforbinn t1_jbj2zkx wrote

I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for this. I agree he is a piece of shit, but does he deserve to lose his ability to care for his family. Does his family deserve to suffer for what he did? The difference between what he did and the consequences don’t match. He said words and maybe got richer off them, but him saying what he did, didn’t make the families he spoke about lose their ability to live.

Maybe they should find out how much he maybe off of sandy hook propaganda and make him pay that much to the families. I don’t know, doesn’t seem like the punishment matches the crime.


roo-ster t1_jbj4g4h wrote

> him saying what he did, didn’t make the families he spoke about lose their ability to live.

Wow. Some of the families (whose children were murdered!) had to move multiple times because Jones’ listeners were making death threats against them, because Jones fed them lies that incited anger.

I can’t imagined why you’re more concerned about Jones’ family than the innocent families that Jones deliberately hurt.


cforbinn t1_jbj62sj wrote

I’m just trying to look at this objectively. Even with them moving this still had the ability to make money.


roo-ster t1_jbjbkw9 wrote

To "look at this objectively" you need to be aware of the facts. Someone who receives death threats that force them to move SEVEN TIMES, isn't able to pursue a career and earn a regular living.

Regardless, the issue is that Jones knowingly and intentionally caused them harm. Jones isn't entitled to profit off of it, any more than bank robbers should be able to keep their loot.


cforbinn t1_jbjbtiz wrote

I agree, and I said before. He shouldn’t be allowed to profit off of it


coopdewoop t1_jbjao13 wrote

If you were looking at it objectively you would realize this abhorrent human being doesn't deserve a single speck of sympathy for the bullshit he's been peddling for OVER A DECADE that has hurt so many people. Fuck that. Dude deserves to be in prison or a cardboard box the rest of his life, OBJECTIVELY.


cforbinn t1_jbjbdp2 wrote

When considering a punishment, it seems logical that you need to take into consideration both parties, and future parties that may want to do this. He should not be made an example of. The punishment should be what is necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen again, but not greater than.

Edit: your statement can apply to any court case, any situation, and I hope you see that you are wrong for saying that.


coopdewoop t1_jbjc2g3 wrote

I think him living in a box for the rest of his life is a great example to ensure it doesn't happen again :)


cforbinn t1_jbjc4b3 wrote

I’m glad you aren’t a judge.


coopdewoop t1_jbjcg3m wrote

Question, did you know anyone that died in Sandy hook?


cforbinn t1_jbjcjhs wrote

No, but I know people who died at columbine.


coopdewoop t1_jbjcpj3 wrote

Well shit dog, then you can understand why wanting someone who literally sicked an army of impressionable cronies at the families who suffered should be rotting in prison. You know. OBJECTIVELY.


cforbinn t1_jbjd0wj wrote

I sure can, but I think it is incumbent on us all to be fair.


coopdewoop t1_jbjdbjw wrote

Objectivity in the law, in my opinion, is useless unless it also partially appeals to humanity. What is the point in objectivity if the circumstances of the situation aren't properly examined? I'm not saying behead the dude, but I think him being in prison for each year of suffering for each family he personally or otherwise harmed is pretty fucking objective.


jarhead06413 t1_jbk7u5u wrote

Exactly. I'll guarantee he has a solid 8A appeal based on the excessive fines doled out by the court in this case. The law is about justice, not vengeance. In civil cases, it's about redress, and some punitive... but never should be about "making an example" of someone.

To the loons who are sure to downvote me: go right ahead. I like my laws like I like my thinking; logic sans emotion. Wanting to attach emotion to every legal measure we have is exactly why we're in the mess we're in right now. The law should be fairly and equally meted out.


yachtmusic t1_jbj3zd7 wrote

Did you read the article? $520k a year plus bonuses is well beyond what he needs to care for his family.


cforbinn t1_jbj445t wrote

That’s my point. I agree with it. He is used to a lot more. Compensation is relative to lifestyle. He was a millionaire before, well above $520k a year. This is poor to him, but not to us. The alternative is, he gets nothing. I don’t agree with that.


govshutdown t1_jbj77nd wrote

This feels a lot like “he’s better than us”, which is just ridiculous.


cforbinn t1_jbj7dyi wrote

He isn’t, and I didn’t say that. Im trying not to look at this with feelings. Don’t use yours either.


yachtmusic t1_jbj8hqx wrote

I don’t see how anyone in CT cannot have feelings about this.


cforbinn t1_jbj94jb wrote

The court of law, and punishments rest of facts, and proving those facts alone. The constitution states excessive fines should not be imposed(8th amendment). It’s just my opinion, I’m not a lawyer, but doesn’t it seem like taking away all of someone’s livelihood violate the right to a fair punishment?


EarthExile t1_jbjf6rt wrote

Nope. Every prison sentence takes away your livelihood.


Jawaka99 t1_jbjc16t wrote

In child support cases for celebrities and rich couples mothers don't get what they need to raise a child, they get enough so they can continue to live the lifestyle they were used to.


yachtmusic t1_jbk9nm1 wrote

Do you really think he deserves to live the lifestyle he was accustomed to after all that he did?


Jawaka99 t1_jblm77b wrote

He spoke words. He didn't burn villages and/or rape the women.


govshutdown t1_jbjsk4i wrote

> enough so they can continue to live the lifestyle they were used to.

i hope everyone can acknowledge that is ridiculous... right?


Jawaka99 t1_jblmcwu wrote

Oh for sure. If you marry a millionaire and get divorced you shouldn't get half of it because you're used to the millionaire life.


EarthExile t1_jbjeznf wrote

Yes. He should lose the ability to provide for anyone including himself, until his debts are paid. That's what a deterrent is. What do you think happens to families when their provider goes to prison?

People need to see the wasteland that was made of Alex Jones' life and decide never to do what he did. That's the whole point.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_jbjqmum wrote

You could use the argument you made to explain why we should never jail anyone. Yes, he should lose the ability to care for his family. They should leave his sorry ass.


fuserx t1_jbkdz7t wrote

You're saying that his family would suffer with regards to the loss of his income?

It was Ill got an income from the get-go. If they stood by him and accepted money that they knew was from lies that were tearing people's lives apart, I have no sympathy for Alex Jones's family.