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makeusqwirt OP t1_iszyqun wrote

I'm going to Dudley town tomorrow night, anyone been there?


CT_Cryptids t1_it0469j wrote

1.) DO NOT go to Dudleytown. It is private property and patrolled even more vigilantly than usual this time of year. If you go there, you risk being arrested for trespass.

2.) The Dudleytown myth is just that — a myth. The story was made up by a would-be historian in 1926 and has been accepted as “fact” ever since.

The Cornwall Historical Society has an excellent write up HERE.


makeusqwirt OP t1_it04ii2 wrote

Oh wow, thank you so much for the heads up, I will be making other plans for sure 👍


CT_Cryptids t1_it05oq0 wrote

My pleasure. It’s a fun campfire story but it has also caused a lot of headaches for the people who live near there for the past 20+ years.