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Usedtoknowsomeone45 t1_iqrydie wrote

Yeah instead of walking around with your friends and girlfriend, playing in the arcade, eating at the food court, seeing a movie....

Now you just order a shirt from Amazon sitting in your cum soaked underwear and microwaved hot pocket boxes and captain morgan bottles scattered on the floor, sending more tinder messages that go unread.

Life is so much better now.


BirdBearHareFishy t1_iqspyax wrote

Hey I’m from the mall times. I actually miss it. But now it’s fuckin depressing to go. 2/3 of the shops empty. Just sad. I grew up in the 80s. Malls were the bomb. Especially if they had a movie theater!


MessyRoom t1_iqvv6zx wrote

WeHa mall still poppin like crazy.

I guess it depends on location? Westfarms is close to a lot of things and right off the highway. Buckland just has the mall and other shoppes and there really isn’t anything around the same way WeHa has a lot around.

I think a mall closer to Hartford would be more profitable. Like somewhere in east Hartford instead of Clanchester


BirdBearHareFishy t1_iqsqk88 wrote

Also I don’t drink, so it’s a no for the captain Morgan for me, I hate hot pockets, I prefer taquitos, I got married before tinder was a thing so I’m afraid I missed that boat, and I’m a squirter for sure but not generally when I’m wearing my underwear because by that point my husband has already gotten me out of them. Hey, you brought it up 😂


blakeusa25 t1_iqu5hbk wrote

But when you do go out - you find the freeways full of trucks... not stop 24/7 ready to get you your box of cookies. In another 20 years it will only be trucks and mega warehouses. Its a hoax... its not better... only for a few greedy people at the top of the pyramid.