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lokitdwn OP t1_itvruzc wrote

These criminals should do jail time as well as the cash settlement


adam_west_ t1_itvrwry wrote

Let’s hope they spend it in ways that tangibly benefit all those who have been impacted by the scourge of opioid addiction, including the families and unintended victims of addiction


Lilcoqui17 t1_itws7ee wrote

How about we prosecute the Sacklers and seize their assets?


giant_toad42 t1_itzui9x wrote

When one sells enough street drugs to defend theirselves they keep some of the loot.


Nyrfan2017 t1_itwvzdp wrote

It should all be used for drug rehab facilities


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_itvuzsp wrote

>The state is set to receive approximately $300 million over the next 18 years

Present day value probably $160m or so? Not enough signal now to calculate it.

It's a great result in a hard fought case, and it's a big settlement overall as against the liable parties.

Edit: Wow only off by ten mil. Pdv is $150m assuming 4% return.


nickcliff t1_itxc00y wrote

Aaaaaand… they’ve spent it.


red_purple_red t1_iu047sb wrote

More gold-plated toilets for the Capitol building!


youmustbeanexpert t1_iube7b6 wrote

Sweet we should buy more drugs with the extra money.