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TCPottery t1_iu1ecl5 wrote

GOP has ruinous plans for this country.


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1fb4e wrote

The Democrats are actively destroying this country now


Pruedrive t1_iu1fv8m wrote

Yes how are they doing it? Please site your sources.

Edit: Actually let’s skip to the chase three day old troll account.. just get fucked. This is where our interaction probably would go to anyways.


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1ipbx wrote

Democrats, such nasty people


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1japn wrote

Edit a 6yr old account? Don't you have better things to do with time


Pruedrive t1_iu1k1wz wrote

Like creating sock puppet accounts to be a complete tool to people... nah, sounds sad and pathetic pally.


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1kdvz wrote

You don't like it? To bad


Pruedrive t1_iu1kiqy wrote

I mean I don’t give a shit... you are just sad and pathetic that’s all.


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1l2rc wrote

You go ahead and play with the sockpuppets,if you don't give a shit then why are you still here


Pruedrive t1_iu1lugx wrote

Because the sad pathetic losers such as yourself would have safe havens, which should never be the case.


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1ni1s wrote

Can you communicate with insulting people, don't you have pronouns to practice while riding a unicorn


Pruedrive t1_iu1no00 wrote

Yeah to people.. not shit head sockpuppets.


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1oay0 wrote

You sweat from a baboons balls, Shouldn't you and the boyfriend be playing good cop pillow bitter


TCPottery t1_iu26ra1 wrote

Truth insults people with no care for their fellow man.


AdHistorical7107 t1_iu1lvmy wrote

Do tell how...


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1novy wrote

Go outside and look around


CaptServo t1_iu215c8 wrote

So you don't have an answer.


lokitdwn OP t1_iu21jfi wrote

I already did, I'm sorry if it's not the answer you are looking for


CaptServo t1_iu22x91 wrote

Do you pay royalties to the third grader you got that from on a per use basis or is like a flat monthly fee deal?


CT_Patriot t1_iu1jy0x wrote

Boy, you're in for numerous downvoted and if you poke the snowflakes too hard, you'll get a warning from Reddit Mods/Admins.

They just don't except facts and live in an alternative world with rainbows and unicorns plus harming children as vulnerable as they are....


blkbkrider t1_iu1gi3n wrote

Yes, affordable energy, secure borders, peace, Jobs, low inflation...all horrible stuff.


phunky_1 t1_iu1sle4 wrote

Ah yes, the party that brought us the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are all about peace lol


waterford1955_2 t1_iu1om2c wrote

You forgot cutting Social Security and Medicare.


blkbkrider t1_iu1rig0 wrote

You forgot that is a democrat lie.

It's really eye opening that I get down votes for "affordable energy, secure borders, peace, Jobs, low inflation"

It lets us know where your head is at.


waterford1955_2 t1_iu1sysx wrote

Guess you didn't see Rick Scott's plan for Social Security. And what McCarthy said about using the debt ceiling. Or what the Republican Study Committee said about Social Security. So no, not a lie. They're coming for it.


blkbkrider t1_iu1vut1 wrote

Would you mind sourcing that for me? I can't find it. I did find the most recent Republican study comittee report (guidlines really) here and it says nothing at all about those cuts you mentioned.


blkbkrider t1_iu22ot3 wrote

>They consequently take aim mainly at cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

This is pure speculation by Forbes in their 18 month old article. The cite zero sources.

The WAPO article is more of the same. Debt ceiling threats have been going on for as long as I can remember. They always cave. both sides, always. The fact is that spending does need to be cut and social security is one area I think both tribes can agree, is off the table. We could eliminate a few worthless departments and all associated staff as a start.

Another thing to think about is the fact that democrats have been using that particular scare tactic for a very long time. It has never come true and most people now recognize it for what it is. Bull shit.

This one's good

>It’s true that Social Security needs to be reformed before the Social Security Trust Fund—the amount of money in reserves—runs out, which is projected to happen around 2034 due to declining birth rates after the baby boom period. If this were to happen, it would mean seniors would only receive roughly 77% of the benefits they’re due to get after that date. But there are ways to address that problem, such as by raising the payroll tax rate.

While it does need reform, there is no "trust fund" and there never has been. It's an accounting gimmick stuffed with IOU's. The simple math is at the end...there are not enough workers in todays workforce to cover the benefits. SO...big tax hike coming to cover it or they just keep printing more money until the whole thing just collapses.


waterford1955_2 t1_iu25fzz wrote

> It's an accounting gimmick stuffed with IOU's

You've just proved that you know nothing about the subject.


blkbkrider t1_iu26dzb wrote

You sure about that?

It's immaterial anyway.


waterford1955_2 t1_iu3yqx3 wrote

Those IOUs are Treasury Bonds. The most secure investment on the planet. Which is how it's been since the inception of the program.

So what do you think they mean when they say "entitlement reform"?


flatdanny t1_iu2axxz wrote

I dont speak for anyone else but my head is with the peaceful transfer of power after a lawful election.


CaptServo t1_iu22ok7 wrote

Any actual details to those plans, or just 'Trust us, we're gonna make it good' handwaving?


CT_Patriot t1_iu1hfg5 wrote

Don't even try ..too liberal morons live here.


waterford1955_2 t1_iu1oj55 wrote

They're telling you that they're coming after your Social Security and Medicare. Believe them.


Aphroditaeum t1_iu59e29 wrote

Republican Party : no policy shit bag terrorists .


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1eu2v wrote

The chances are good this seat flips, the 5th is the reddest district in the state. It only helps that hayes voted with Paul and Nancy 100% of the time


goddamnzilla t1_iu1g1c4 wrote

Yep. That's why I voted for her last time, and will again this time. I'm relieved to see so many Hayes signs around town.

The GOP is the party of sedition, willful ignorance, and oligarchy, among many other objectively terrible things.

I'd sure as shit hate to see Hayes unseated...


lokitdwn OP t1_iu1i2i5 wrote

I live in hayes home town and theres nothing but Logan signs everywhere, hayes is a god awful legislator and she should go back to teaching at least shes good at that, not single handedly saving the economy

Edit I don't hold it against you that you voted for hayes, we all make mistakes